UG: a Unique Guy

Spiritual Ashes U G Krishnamurti, popularly called and known as UG by his admirers is no more, but in a sense he is “more” now in this world, such is the power and penetration of his words and wits that he has left and impacted on the trackless track of this world. It just catches “fire” and nothing less or more. Eventhough through rotten traditional lense UG appeared to be a Useless Guy, in a clean lense UG is forever a Unique Guy. As a humble admirer, at least I felt like expressing these words, not for praising UG, but just for my conviction, for that crazy UG doesn’t want people to remember and worship him both when he is alive as well as dead.

The contemporaries JK, Osho , and UG are unique in their own way in hammering this mad world. May the breed of these Unique Guys live more on this beautiful earth.

The links:
UG Obituary: Final Remembering
UG Swan Song

An Artistic Sketch of UG:

Ikuru's artistic conquest of UG! This is the art work ‘lovingly’ created by IKURU, who I understand, is an attached as well as detached remote admirer of UG too. Remote in the sense, he never had a chance to meet UG physically, only once he spoke with UG on phone, it seems. That reflects in this UG painting that he has created here. Ikuru always loves and adds more humors amidst the so called tumorous journey of our life. I would like to add a note that this ‘art piece’ is not hosted here in appreciation or ‘worshipping’ of UG, but rather as an appreciation of human expression of art and beauty. May long live our ‘heart and art’!

P Sulochanan

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  1. Ikuru says:

    Im not saying that it’s right or wrong, there is no such thing, but the things we do affect us more than we like to think.

  2. coco says:

    Anyone know where we can get Mahesh’s book in the USA?

  3. Ikuru says:

    nah, thats the case, it has to be ordered from India for now it seems.

    yeay we finally reached another page!

    Here’s a bit of an interview;

  4. ikuru says:

    Good news. 😉
    Here is a UG documentary in the makings.

    • ugdocumentary says:

      Hi Ikuru –
      Thanks for stopping by the site for the documentary. I’ve visited this message board and blog often in the past, and have enjoyed the discussion.
      I am still working on the documentary, and plan to begin production in Europe this August, then moving onto India. I’ve been in the planning phase for a while now, but I’ll start to update the site more often as things develop. Thanks for your interest, and let’s be in touch.

      • sulochanosho says:

        Hi Matthew,

        We are really happy to hear about UG documentary venture from your end. Thank you Ikuru for bringing in Matthew and UG documentary information.

        Some interactions with resource persons and those who closely moved and lived with UG may be of some help in this regard. We may email personally to Matthew in this regard. All the best.

  5. Madhu says:

    Mr.Ikuru used to ridicule others for “selling out” themselves to UG and even he sarcastically commented on “selling UG Ice creams for enlightenment” but why is he now promoting UG relentlessly through this blog???????????????????

    • sulochanosho says:

      Madhu, makes there a valid value point, in a way it applies to all of us. The strange thing , as strange as UG, is: whether we are promoting UG or UG is prompting us or promoting us? Are we promoting ourselves in the name of promoting or demoting UG? It’s a difficult situation there to figure out.

      UG told his friends, ‘when I am dead, just dump my body on the heaps of garbage out there and wash off your hands. Never remember me’.

      But we are not ready for that, instead of washing off our hands, we want to bash on it.

  6. Madhu says:

    Sulochan and Matthew,

    Who else other than Mr and Mrs Chandrasekhar, who played host for UG for nearly three decades, can provide better info about UG.

    I think if the interview with Chandrasekhar is incorporated in the film it could span more than 5 to 6 hrs.

    Such a rich memories of UG they have. The couple are unassuming, simple, unpretending compassionate and lovely persons.

    They never seemed to “own” UG unlike many people in Krishnamurti Foundations (JK centers) in whom you can see unexhibited arrogance, pretentious compassion.

    • sulochanosho says:

      Just I received a mail from Mr Chandrasekhar, and I thought of sharing that here, particularly in the context of Matthew’s Documentary Film Project on UG:

      Dear Sulochan,

      “Thanks for forwarding the comments on UG Blog. Yes. I too heard about Matthew’s interest in making a documentary on UG. Sometime ago Julie wanted some DVDs to help him in his project and I had sent them to her. He is supposed to visit India sometime this year. Let us hope to see him soon. Today I had forwarded the book launch invitation to you. Mahesh is in Dubai presently. He is supposed to comeback by tomorrow. Shall keep you posted about the developments.”

  7. sulochanosho says:

    I left the following lines on Matthew’s site there:

    Hi Matthew:

    Many have had the privilege of meeting and listening to UG when he was alive. The strange thing about UG, it seems, is that he may not fit into any story or system. He was explosive, but equally elusive too. He demolishes not only others, in the next move he demolishes himself.

    It really thrills to hear that Matthew is venturing into creating a feature documentary on UG – that too this being his first documentary. It indeed gives a fresh perspective. UG gave total license or freedom to all to do anything with his ‘words’. I personally wish all success, support to Matthew in creating this documentary film on UG that spells the message to a larger audience in it’s own way.

    The best thing to convey, perhaps, is to skip idealizing and idolizing UG, which he never wanted. The ‘monster message’ should reach, UG is not there. Life is there.

  8. ikuru says:

    Madhu, I do what I do. Don’t really mind if I contradict my self in this matters. I probably used tho think different.

    The thing is I don’t think u have to be lucky in order to find what u need.

    UG message came to me at a point in my life where I needed it.

    If someone likes to make a movie about UG, then why not? I’m sure UG wouldn’t mind, maybe in the same way a lake or a storm wouldn’t mind if someone made a movie about that.

    If Mahesh feels he has to write a special book about UG, so be it, I’m sure UG wouldn’t mind.

    Will a movie about UG change anything?
    Probably not.

    Will it be entertaining or enjoyable to watch?
    It probably will.

    Matthew, I wish u good luck with your project and feel free to keep in touch.

  9. ikuru says:

    I do not think, UG needs promoting, whoever needs to hear it will hear it.

    Still I’m glad someone did film that stuff, whether it did me any good or not. I’m glad someone wrote things down and that I got a chance to read it.

    Self promotion or not, the “message” spread out, and that’s what matters, if anything.

    Some more quotes:

    “My interest is not to knock off what others have said [that is too easy], but to knock off what I am saying. More precisely, I am trying to stop what you are making out of what I am saying.”

    “I am not recommending anything; doing or not doing leads to the same end: misery. So doing nothing is no different from doing something.”

    “Anything I do to help would only add to your misery–that is all. By continuing to listen to me you merely heap one more misery upon those you already have.”

    “My motive for talking is quite different than you think.It is not that I am eager to help you understand, that I feel that I must help you. Not at all. I am only interested in making it crystal clear that there is nothing to understand.”

    “I am always emphasizing that somehow the truth has to dawn upon you that there is nothing to understand.”

    “If there is one [a person in the natural state], he won’t be hiding somewhere. He will be there shining like the star. You can’t keep such people under bushel.”

    “Your constant utilization of thought to give continuity to your separative self is ‘you’.There is nothing there inside you other than that.”

    “If, when this body is buried, the memories people have of me are also buried along with it , that will be the end of me.”

    – UG K

  10. ikuru says:

    Here is a nice text about UG.

    and an outtake:

    “There were times I thought, that maybe UG was just a clever man and was playing a game. He knew all the questions and how to throw them back at one. But then he used to hit one with some question or statement that turned one completely around. The power that came just blew one away. One was devastated and in awe of the intelligence that poured out of him. No, it was not just that he was clever, but there was something else that was going on. When one was with him, a power and intelligence came into being which destroyed everything in its path.”

  11. Madhu says:

    Looking at the responses of Ikuru, I feel that his own medicine worked well for him.

    “Madhu, I do what I do. Don’t really mind if I contradict my self in this matters”

    I hope you respect the same freedom in others too, especially in those who admire UG tremendously and exhibit their love and respect thro this blog.

    You can make films abt UG, make films and promote his teachings.

    I am not in your way. Sorry you have misunderstood me.

    I was simply wondering abt the way you used to ridicule others for showing their respect and love to UG.

  12. Ikuru says:

    Honestly, I never ever had any intentions to ridicule any one on this matters. If anything I might have tried to help if I have felt at times that someone, anyone been a little tio much in Love with UG or his ‘teaching’. Well according to My own minimal understanding. After all this is what UG was ‘teaching’ right? To throw him, our selves, and his teaching in the fire. I just try to do just that, and Will probably keep failing miserably just doing. Never meant any harm though. Sorry if it came out looking smart ass or hurtfull or anything like that. Each to his own pathetic understanding. We all have to row our boats. Or they will sink right? 😉 /D

  13. ikuru says:

    whether we label our “understanding” glorious or pathetic, doesn’t make a change.

    “there is nothing to understand”, so how can there be any form of understanding?

  14. madhu says:

    The time has arrived for us to stop playing with the words, do some action.

    I think we need to be driven to the point of utter hopelessness from which some action could erupt.

    Words are hallucinating and they create some hope which keeps us away from the heat of the problem.

  15. ikuru says:

    I totally agree. This forum serves a bit like a shelter, and a self confirmation. I will be posting something here and wait eagerly for responses. The responses are needed for the comment to be satisfying. We need an audience to feel good about ourselves, some one anyone, to mirror us in… An echo to feel good and smart and what not.

    Its all like a tennis match, an intellectual game, self confirmation and a play with words and ideas that keep us busy and entertained here, year after year…

    A great comfort to keep us company sooth the frustration…

    The frustration of what?

    Do we think we will reach enlightenment?

    Is that what we really want and crave?

    To Get what UG got?

  16. ikuru says:

    The “I” the continuous string of thought we call “self” needs the mirror to “remind” itself that it is “really there”… It need’s all kinds of food.

    To try and starve that is just another kind of food.

    So what can we do?

    Do I stand a greater chance if I stop typing about it?

    I doubt it.

    So no point in doing that.
    To avoid anything is just another form of Meditation.

  17. Madhu says:

    To look for how we can get our next meal is the greatest SADHANA or Meditation. Survival matters a lot !!!

    Whether you grab from others or steal from others or kill your neighbor and eat him up, it does not matter.

    There is an action when there is hunger in you.

    We are not hungry as we had consumed enough of spirituality or anti-spirituality.

  18. Madhu says:

    I want money not the money maxims of UG Krishnamurti !!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Madhu says:

    We have consumed enough of spirituality and anti-spirituality.

    Let us taste something different in our life.

  20. coco says:

    The Goblet of Truth, written by Billy Meier … first 4 chapters translated into English, ready for download.

    The ‹Goblet of Truth› which corresponds to the ‹teaching of truth›, the ‹teaching of spirit›, the ‹teaching of life›, makes it clear what the true face of Creation is with its laws and recommendations, giving rise to true love, peace, freedom and harmony. And the ‹teaching of the prophets›, from which the ‹Goblet of Truth› results, provides information
    about the creational laws and recommendations which appear in various forms and show that false religions,
    sects, philosophies and ideologies amount to the most evil thing that could ever be concocted, come what may. However, this malignance has been practiced since time immemorial and remains so in the present day, determining the might of religions, sects. ideologies, philosophies as well as politics, which – down the ages – have exerted huge constraints on human beings in order to control them. All in all, they have kept human beings in bondage to ensure
    their blind belief and obedience to the political, social, religious, sectarian, ideological and philosophical pressure that is exerted on them.

  21. coco says:

    From the above ‘Goblet of Truth’ … on the subject of reincarnation, death,…

    146) Remember the teaching of the proclaimers, the prophets, and hold fast to that what they have given to you, and listen to their teaching of the real truth so that you understand that you have to elevate yourselves to the truth and obey yourselves in this truth so that you set yourselves free from unknowing, do not impose any belief on yourselves and turn to knowledge of the truth in order to attain wisdom and true love.

    147) The dwelling of the impalpable (other world) is only for the consistency of the spirit, however not for the person, because this is extinguished after dying in order to give energy and power to a new person who will be born when the spirit body (spirit form) once again returns in a body of people of your kind (human body); therefore do not call for death in order to find in it a release from earthly anguish, because death extinguishes the person for all time and it can never again be made living.

    148) And death shall never be called upon in the hope that an existence at the side of a god or in a paradise (realm of gods and tin gods) might be a joyful life, because such teachings have no truth and are only the delusions of the brain of false priests, proclaimers and prophets who have misled you into senselessness because they obtain advantages, relevance and benefits from it.

  22. coco says:

    one more quote fm above book

    “And there is no god, no one god, and there is no tin god, no one tin god, who is favourable and benevolent, because god and tin god are inventions and lies and delusions of the brain of people of your kind (the human brain) and are of no use in any good way whatsoever, except in evil for enslaving the people of your kind (human beings) through the mendacity of the priests serving god and tin gods, through whom their believers are subjugated and exploited.”

  23. Madhu says:

    UG’s Laws of Transformation:

    1)There is no such thing as Transformation.

    2)There is no need for you to get transformed other than what you are.

    3) There is nothing (inside you) which can get transformed radically or otherwise.

    • sulochanosho says:

      Yes indeed, those laws may mean the flaws of our business gurus. The Gurus should pack off their ‘enlightenment’ business instantly and allow the prostitutes to do their business for at least they give something ‘concretely’ to the customers.

    • coco says:

      UG also says,

      if you had the courage (or however he phrases it), you could knock off everything he (UG) says.

  24. Madhu says:

    A courageous person does not run away from himself and hence is not interested in transforming himself other than what he is.

    • coco says:

      Are you the same person you were as a child, as a teenager, as a young adult? Is your understanding, your wisdom the same as in all those previous incarnations of yours, in this life? Is there not, in you, a constant accumulation/refinement, transformation of wisdom/understanding going on all the time?

  25. Madhu says:

    The whole transformation from child to adult and the so called evolved wisdom associated with aging is all part of genetic programming of every individual.

    If I may quote UG ” You are already programmed and plugged. You do not need to do any damn thing (to change yourself)” (from the book ‘mind is a myth’)

    Even “Sadhana” is a part of genetic makeup of human beings.

    We cannot but struggle to change other than what we are.

    May be UG can say “Search must come to an end” but I cannot say.

    I cannot but search for the answers though I quote UG by saying “No transformation is required”.

    It is an unstoppable momentum.

    • coco says:

      I disagree with you calling our accumulation of wisdom simply ‘genetic programming’. That absolves us of any self-responsibility for our lot in life and ability to change it, or the free will to do so. We may as well believe in a god and leave our fate up to it.

      Saying ‘no transformation is required’ is misleading. Our relative unknowing must continually be transformed. There is no end to the accumulation of wisdom. The end is a living death.

      “However, those amongst you who are unknowing in all things of the teaching of truth, truly, you have gone
      far astray, so you are persisting in your unknowing of the truth and carrying out non-right, so you cannot forgive yourselves and neither may you guide yourselves to the right way.

      Truly, if you are unfair ones (irresponsible ones) and non-righteous ones (conscienceless ones) and ones without virtue, then you are walking on the path of the shadow world (hell) which destroys you in your inner and burns you up in its flames.

      Bringing the joyful message of truth to those amongst you who are knowing or unknowing and are connected
      to the truth or are not connected to it and who do good or bad deeds means love and joy, which should
      belong to all of you so that gardens of consonance (harmony) blossom in you and rivers of wisdom flow; and whenever you give from the fruits of your garden knowledge) and from the waters of your rivers (wisdom) to people of your kind (human beings), you will say that you are passing on that what you have been taught by the wise ones and the prophets in accordance with the laws of the primal power (Creation), therefore you pass it on in the same way as it was given to you; and this leads to you finding yourselves as people of your kind (human beings) and becoming companions in order to care for your being yourself (being human) in purity and to dwell therein.”

  26. Madhu says:

    We are trapped!

    Our search or struggle or “sadhana” for a way out is a vain effort!

    But this verbal or intellectual understanding does not knock me out from this momentum!

    So, what can be done?

    • coco says:

      We are not trapped. Our search or struggle is not in vain unless we do not learn from experience and doom ourselves to continually repeat the same mistakes expecting a different result each time.

      Einstein: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


      “Now, those who drink out of the river of untruth are deepening themselves in (in bondage to) the lie, but those who drink from the wellspring of truth promise to lead their present existence in righteousness (conscientiousness) and equitableness (fairness); and the righteous (conscientious people) and the equitable ones (fair ones/responsible ones) and all those who are knowing in the truth have great power against all attacks by the unknowing and inequitable ones (unfair ones/irresponsible ones), because they know with certainty that they will lead a joyful and a good life through the truth; and therefore those who are knowing in the truth as a small group will achieve victory over all large groups of the inequitable ones (unfair ones/irresponsible ones)
      and the unknowing ones in the peaceful struggle for the real truth, because the prosperousness of the truth is on the side of the stalwarts.

      And when the knowing ones of the truth advance and encounter the hordes of those without equitableness
      (unfair ones/irresponsible ones) and those who are unknowing of the truth, then they pour out their steadfastness over the unknowing ones and the ones without equitableness (unfair ones/irresponsible ones) reinforce their stance and strive to bring the teaching of truth, the teaching of spirit, the teaching of life against the gaping unknowingness and inequity (unfairness) of the people.

      And those who are knowing in the truth do not put the unknowing ones and the ones without equitableness
      (irresponsible ones/unfair ones) to flight with the teaching of truth, the teaching of spirit, the teaching of life, because if these do not want to hear the truth then the ones who are knowing in the truth do the same as the prophets and continue to teach undaunted, by means of which the truth will become evident to the unknowing ones and those who are without equitableness (irresponsible ones/unfair ones) at a time (sooner or later); therefore the teaching of truth is given and taught to them so that they may recognise it as true at a time (sooner or later) and turn to it; and if it were the case that the prophets held themselves back in the explanation of their teaching, then you would also be held back in your learning; but so that it does not happen that one holds back another, you have been given free will so you may decide for yourselves what you want to do or not do; and if this were not the case, then Earth would be filled with great disorder, and there would not be any greatness of heart amongst you and the peoples, if you get along peacefully with one another.”

  27. sulochanosho says:

    We may interpret things endlessly either way. We may win over, we may knock down somebody’s words either way. But LIFE obscures all those things and it goes ‘on its own way’. The more we define, the more it defeats us. Life is always ‘as it is’, it’s not ‘as it should be’.

    UG spoke at different point of times about that ‘natural state’. UG’s tit-bit but at once titanic words captured in the following book may give some taste of that:

    The Natural State
    In the Words of U.G. Krishnamurti
    Compiled and Edited By Peter Maverick

    This book, an anthology of U.G.’s conversations, taken from many sources, offers some of the most startling and penetrating of U.G.’s words in short, easy to read paragraphs. The selections link together various statements of U.G.’s in a way that creates a sense of cohesiveness. The overall effect of the book can stun the reader into a recognition of the futility of many of his deepest-held convictions about life. Even if one is familiar with U.G.’s way of seeing things, this book offers a comprehensive overview that provides a useful clarification. If you have newly discovered U.G through this book, be prepared to experience something so unusual that it cannot be placed in any category of human thought.
    –From the Introduction by Larry Morris

    Randomly somewhere I found UG saying:

    Whatever you do in the pursuit of truth or reality takes you away from your own very natural state in which you always are. It’s not something you can acquire, attain or accomplish as a result of your effort. All that you do makes it impossible for what already is there to express itself. That is why I call this your natural state. You’re always in that state. What prevents what is there from expressing itself in its own way is the search. The search is always in the wrong direction, so all that you consider very profound, all that you consider sacred, is a contamination in that consciousness. You may not [Laughs] like the word contamination but all that you consider sacred, holy and profound is a contamination. There’s nothing that you can do, it’s not in your hands. This is something which I can’t give because you have it. It is ridiculous to ask for a thing which you already have. There isn’t anything to get from anybody. You have what I have. I say you are there.

    Read more on the following link:

    Of course, we respect and interact with different views. But LIFE remains the same, irrespective of what we say.

    • coco says:

      S, don’t get me wrong; I am a big fan of UG’s. I met him once, a year before he died. I’ve read all things UG on the web, seen all his vids, listened to many of his audios.. I liked the guy. I agree, he was in a natural state, as are cats, dogs, animals in nature; as opposed to humans, full of imposed, erroneous beliefs & thinking.

      It is up to each of us humans to see the lies imposed upon us, whether it is from our family, culture, society, religious perveyors, deluded gurus, politicians, anyone… That is most certainly in each of our hands. It is the lies that are contaminating our consciousness and therefore our lives.

  28. Madhu says:

    Einstein: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    You think that there are different results????????

    They are all same with different colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is how we are enticed with different solutions, different gods, different beliefs. But the end result is the same

    • coco says:

      Madhu, you must be referring to the pursuit of enlightenment, god, liberation, etc; as put forth by hucksters & con men. Of course their lies & deceptions will yield similar results of different colors, as you say.

      However, when you are looking for your local bank, you do not keep taking wrong turns to get there. You correct your mistakes(wrong turns) & the result is eventual success (you find the bank).

      You no longer follow conmen & liars promising heaven because you have tried it and have seen the fruitlessness of it.`

  29. Madhu says:

    “Truly, if you are unfair ones (irresponsible ones) and non-righteous ones (conscienceless ones) and ones without virtue, then you are walking on the path of the shadow world (hell) which destroys you in your inner and burns you up in its flames.”

    You have not come out of this kind of medieval religious thinking and yet you talk about the need of transformation.

    Why are you condemning the “hell”?????. After all it is also a part of life.

    You want to get transformed and live everlastingly at the center of heaven. I would rather prefer to eat the forbidden fruit and live in the hell. A dangerous place like hell is a more interesting and lively place than everlastingly blissful or joyful place called heaven.

    Any how the body rejects the constant sensation of joy or happiness. Pain or pleasure it moans.

    I do not say that we should rest and lie down without any responsibility for ourselves and our families . In fact we cannot do that. The scheme of life will never allow us to be “non active”.

    Movement is what all that is there. But the duality of right movement and wrong movement, right action and wrong action or heaven and hell like these opposites are confusing us and thus arresting the fresh movement of life.

    We, unfair ones and non-righteous one make this world beautiful and not the spiritual people.

    • coco says:

      That is not medieval religious thinking at all. It is the religious hijackers who have twisted such words & intertwined them with confusing beliefs to be submissive to their gods & powerful churches, mosques, synagogues, etc.

      Hell is the result of our thoughts, feelings, actions … we are responsible for any living hells for ourselves and imposed upon others, and we are responsible for correcting them; not any god, religious belief or just plain luck.

      You are bragging that you are ‘unfair’ and ‘non-righteous’; exactly how are you unfair and non-righteous to your self or your fellow human?

  30. Madhu says:

    “We, unfair ones and non-righteous ones make this world more beautiful and interesting place, not the spiritual people or perfect humans.”

    • coco says:

      Madhu, this statement is twisted because those you refer to as ‘spiritual people’ or ‘perfect humans’ are truly not spiritual nor perfect.

  31. Madhu says:

    Survival is the only thing that should matter to each of us and the rest is irrelevant and hence creates misery.

    • coco says:

      ‘should’ matter? Who says so? Yeah I know; UG said something like that … so what .. that statement is irrelevant to life as it actually is, not as it ‘should be’ according to UG, God, anyone… Maybe UG lived those words, but why should he be a model for the rest of humanity? Didn’t he also say to have no models? Didn’t he follow up one statement with a following one to knock off his first statement?

      Anyway, I couldn’t disagree more that the rest is irrelevant and creates misery. As UG said, we all must draw our own lines for what we need from this life.

  32. sulochanosho says:

    Incidentally, a good quote there:

    “Of course there is no formula for success except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.”
    – Aristotle

  33. Madhu says:

    Forget about UG.

    I am interested only in my survival and nothing else.

    Make money and live happy.

    What else you are interested???

    Enlightenment, Kundalini, God and Heaven ????????

    Transfer your bank balance to my account and seek enlightenment !!!

    Good Luck to you.

    I am not interested in enlightenment but in selling enlightenment !!!!!!!!!

    ” A two -week course for getting enlightenment. Hurry !!!

    Register soon !!!!!

    Get enlightened for just 9999 dollars!!!!!!!!!!”

  34. Madhu says:

    How does UG’s statement “Thought is your enemy” matter to us when we use and abuse thoughts throughout our life?

    Of course UG did not mean the thought needed for our survival.

    On what basis we assume that we are UGites???

    May be it is the game of our mind to escape from the damage UG incurs to our edifice of the belief system.

    • sulochanosho says:

      Yes, Madhu, to play another thought: ‘Thought is neither our enemy nor our friend. Thought is just thought.’ There’s no end in our thought game. We not only starve for foods, but we starve for thoughts too. To end all the games, UG perhaps simply says, ‘Thought is your enemy’. Nowhere seen any end to our thought game there.
      Many times we dont see the things straight as they are but as perverted or diverted thanks to our already well ordained thoughts.

  35. sulochanosho says:

    Some strange sermons from UG there:

    Q: How do you distinguish the living from the dead? You say that we are dead.
    U.G.: Any question that comes from anybody is born out of death, not out of a living thing.

    You are living the lives of your thoughts. All thoughts are dead, it doesn’t matter whose thoughts, whether those of Shankara, of Ramanuja, or of the hundreds of sages, saints and saviors we have had and perhaps have still. It is useless to try to nderstand that. How can you capture it?

    If there is any such thing as silence—chaotic or otherwise, living or dead—it will begin to express itself. When it expresses itself, you are not there. So you will never know the nature of that silence at all. What you call silence is not silence at all.

    Thoughts are there; they will be there all the time. Thoughts will disappear only when you become a dead corpse—let me use these two words—dead corpse.

  36. ikuru says:

    Do keep dissecting the remains of UG. It’s like birds pecking on a corpse.

    This experience is our own responsibility.
    We Are the Ones We ‘been Waiting for.

  37. Madhu says:

    UG is like an earthquake.

    He blasts and you are left with the rubble around you.

    If you have not got the hang of what he is or was saying you again become busy in constructing another new and stronger edifice around you.

    But if you get the gist of what he is or was saying you start listening to the deep silence amidst that rubble around you.

  38. ikuru says:

    UG is nothing but ashes.

  39. Madhu says:

    “UG is nothing but ashes” : Even this phrase is the dead one.

    If it is alive in us, we wont hang around here writing hundreds of messages.

  40. ikuru says:

    UG has nothing to do with this.

  41. sulochanosho says:

    Everything is dead and gone. Everything is now, new and renewed. Even when he was alive, UG used to say, ‘UG is not there’.

  42. sulochanosho says:

    A strange haiku there, from Cioran’s book The Trouble With Being Born (translated by Richard Howard):

    We have lost, being born,
    as much as we shall lose, dying.

  43. sulochanosho says:

    UG is no ‘Mosquito Mind’
    UG always stands for freedom and expression. He has the salt of guts to declare that his books or words need no copyright – anybody can grab and grub it. After all words are mere dead woods. Life is is is.

    UG always loves some one making fun of him or even blasting him, apart from he blasting himself. UG is not a ‘mosquito mind’ to feel hurt or insulted.

  44. ikuru says:

    if u want to be all u can be, if u want to reach your full potential, than u need to forget about UG, stop moaning about UG, what UG said etc. That is all I am saying. We are here, this is it.

    We are here and this is it.
    To keep using UG as a Puppet or a phrase book is ridiculous.

    Start using your own wisdom.
    UG was never here to begin with.
    To keep quoting him now is just a waste of time.
    We are the ones filling this thread. If we dont take responsebilety for our own life expirience, than we are indeed wasting our life and taking up space shielding behind what?
    UG? Wtf is UG?
    Bring on your own thoughts. the essense of this, it has nothing to do with “him” it is YOU, you are the one who is really there, your knowledge counts for whatever its worth.
    God bless his soul but UG is dead. “he” could not help us to begin with and He can not help us now.
    Stop playing games and stop what your saying.
    We are the ones we been waiting for.

    Its not the thinking but the doing, that is what matters in life.
    What are you doing?
    Where are you hiding?
    Who are you hiding?
    Doing is everything.
    Live your potential.
    Live your life.
    And make your life a life worth living.
    Stop using UG as a filter stop keeping him alive or u end up fooling ur self.
    YOU and your life experience is all that matters in the end.
    UG is nothing.

  45. Madhu says:

    “Stop Sermoning and Start Living” – Madhu

  46. ikuru says:

    “Stop acting like a ******* Jackass and start living”

  47. Madhu says:

    Jackass has better brains than the confused dunderheaded moron called Ikuru who feels that he alone can write on UG and gets jittered like an epileptic patient when someone mentions the name of UG in the messages.

    This guy used to change his names and posted messages, and also provided links to some idiotic prophesies of some drug addicts of MAYA civilization, and had cut and pasted the UG quotes on one side and resented others for admiring UG or messaging on UG.

    He is the one who talks of living your life on your own.

    He is not frustrated but he is mentally ill.

    Frustration has certain quality of life in it.

    Frustration can lead to some action but not mental illness of Ikuru which perhaps has no cure.

    Ikuru must not only be kicked out of this forum but must be sent to a mental asylum.

  48. Madhu says:

    A “f***ing Jackass” is an expression of life and is involved in action.

    It is much livelier than a dead corpse like U giving long lifeless sermons about freeing oneself from UG.

    If you free urself from UG, U go to some other moron or U become slave to ur own experiences.

    UG is part of our experiences and our consciousness and U do not try to delude urself by projecting urself as a freed soul.

    No one here is using UG as a filter. U need not worry about it.

    Instead take care of ur confusion and ur lack of ability to stand alone.

    Ur obsession with UG has turned into some kind of mental ailment and perhaps that is why the name of UG creates jitters you and you emphasize and over emphasize to free from UG but U haven’t freed urself from UG and U can never be free.

  49. ikuru says:

    Hahahahaha :D. Finally we reveal our true Identity. Im glad to hear u feel that way! 😉 At least u came out of the closet with mocking me, jackass. 😉

  50. sulochanosho says:

    I always want and wish that Madhu and Ikuru to remain as good friends, less like fierce foes. Ikuru comes in a non-sentiment straight approach; and Madhu comes in a bit of strong sentiment that UG elements have deeply entered into him. Still let us not indulge into personal level attacks and insults, which we often tend to indulge into. I respect both Ikuru and Madhu, they both are right in their own unique way. My helpless request to them: abuse as much as you want, including me, but be ‘friends’.

    But one thing let me express that: reading UG books and listening to UG alive or sitting with UG alive are never one and the same. You may wonder, I might have read very least of UG books. Whatever sensed or pierced in me was when I sat physically with that live UG. A tape or a UG book will never do that job, it seems. Entered is entered – even you may not be ‘knowing’ it. (A tape or a book has a different role.)

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