UG: a Unique Guy

Spiritual Ashes U G Krishnamurti, popularly called and known as UG by his admirers is no more, but in a sense he is “more” now in this world, such is the power and penetration of his words and wits that he has left and impacted on the trackless track of this world. It just catches “fire” and nothing less or more. Eventhough through rotten traditional lense UG appeared to be a Useless Guy, in a clean lense UG is forever a Unique Guy. As a humble admirer, at least I felt like expressing these words, not for praising UG, but just for my conviction, for that crazy UG doesn’t want people to remember and worship him both when he is alive as well as dead.

The contemporaries JK, Osho , and UG are unique in their own way in hammering this mad world. May the breed of these Unique Guys live more on this beautiful earth.

The links:
UG Obituary: Final Remembering
UG Swan Song

An Artistic Sketch of UG:

Ikuru's artistic conquest of UG! This is the art work ‘lovingly’ created by IKURU, who I understand, is an attached as well as detached remote admirer of UG too. Remote in the sense, he never had a chance to meet UG physically, only once he spoke with UG on phone, it seems. That reflects in this UG painting that he has created here. Ikuru always loves and adds more humors amidst the so called tumorous journey of our life. I would like to add a note that this ‘art piece’ is not hosted here in appreciation or ‘worshipping’ of UG, but rather as an appreciation of human expression of art and beauty. May long live our ‘heart and art’!

P Sulochanan

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My Friend U.G. Krishnamurti on

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Please note: Nothing is oneman’s work or mission. Please be part of this small ‘hammering’ mission and be part of the history. Your views may speak more than you assume in this mission. Do air and share your views/comments in these pages. Let’s do it together.

994 Responses to UG: a Unique Guy

  1. Madhu says:

    Ikuru, the dead corpse, U are surprised????

    For getting revealed by me???

    But I am not surprised when U started giving filthy comments as I knew what u are.

    With Best Compliments from a lively Jackass to the Dead Corpse.

  2. Madhu says:

    Hi Sulochan, U can remove my messages if I am stripping Ikuru too much.

    But that guy deserves that.

    In this process may be I and Ikuru are littering this valuable space very badly.

    Please remove my messages if you feel that they are polluting the atmosphere here.

    You need not edit the filthy comments of Ikuru on me as they expose him further and strip him further so that at some time he too can see his own filth and that starts some change in him.

  3. Jake R says:

    Sulochan, your attempts at refereeing this interesting discussion are funny at best. UG must be smiling.

  4. ikuru says:

    I rest my case.

  5. Madhu says:

    I do not rest and I need not rest !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sulochanosho says:

    I sincerely apologise

    Sentiment or no sentiment, we happen to come here and meet. Including me all are guests here. I got Ikuru, I got Madhu. I got many friends. I value all of you.

    If either Ikuru or Madhu got hurt in the heat of exchange of words, I sincerely apologise for that. Nothing is intentional. Even I dont mind deleting the hurting lines.

  7. Madhu says:

    Any new book on UG recently????

  8. Madhu says:

    To me UG is my Life Force !!!!!

    By UG, I mean UG’s teachings.

  9. Madhu says:

    When I looked back at the older messages, I found We were all interested in the books of UG especially the one written by Mahesh Bhatt about the last days of UG, there were also messages about tantra sex, meditation and some on UG’s interest in palm reading, nadi and astrology etc etc etc…………………..

    That shows we are not free from UG although we try to pretend in vain.

  10. sulochanosho says:

    Who knows, the very UG Syndrome is again bound to be another hindrance?

    UG used his best kind of worst and most abusive language so that people can never have a hang of him or his words but left with ‘themselves’ devoid of UG and the whole saga of holy spi(ri)ts. Has it happened? We need to introspect or ‘outrospect’.

  11. Praveen says:

    No UGs or PGs
    In spiritual studies … highest degree one can earn is UG …after that ..he wont need any PG .

    Long Live Ug … Long live UG thoughts 🙂

  12. Madhu says:

    Thank You Praveen !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your boundless admiration for UG and his effect on our thought process is really great !!!!!!!!!!

  13. Madhu says:

    My point is that there is no need to shy away from admiring UG and his teachings openly and wholeheartedly.

    If I admire UG openly or in closet, neither I lose anything nor I gain anything.

  14. Madhu says:

    UG emphasized on exploiting one’s talents to the maximum.

    I found that to be very useful suggestion from UG to people who are in despair and frustration.

    when I left my job on April 2008 without even thinking about where I would get my next meal from, this statement was my source of inspiration.

    I solely depended on my teaching/training skills and set up a training firm and now I am completely on my own with full blown recognition about the training activities of my firm named “UG Consultants”.

  15. sulochanosho says:

    Madhu, you might have noticed that our strange species called ‘Ikuru’ indulged there on the above forum link in a lot profound conversations in the context of UG, eventhough he (Ikuru) never had a chance to meet UG even once, unlike many of us. I sincerely trust that we can not take Ikuru on mere face value or face words. (Not that I am boosting or defending Ikuru)

    Some times, the courage is to accept the unacceptable too.

  16. Madhu says:

    Yes, that web site has many messages from our mutual friend Ikuru.

    He also made still more interesting comment in this website ” UG is nothing but ashes”.

    If he feels like that profoundly why the hell he was sending unending series of messages on other sites about UG by analyzing UG, by praising UG and by defending UG????????

    On the other hand he gives sermons to us about freeing oneself from UG and living on your own and singing your own song etc etc……

    That guy has not freed himself from his own fears but pretends in vain like a liberated soul.

  17. Madhu says:

    “you might have noticed that our strange species called ‘Ikuru’ indulged there on the above forum link in a lot profound conversations ”

    Profound conversations????????? Just like I and many others yap here in your website he also pumped some empty words and tried his luck there.

    “….in the context of UG, eventhough he (Ikuru) never had a chance to meet UG even once, unlike many of us”

    Meeting UG does not guarantee enlightenment and not meeting UG is not a big virtue or qualification.

    The point is we are all hit by some strange specimen on this planet called UG.

    We must admit that fact honestly without any pretensions.

  18. sai kiran nagineni says:

    I happen to see some videos of UG. Though some of his statements are thought provoking, it is more as a person i liked him. He being natural and not trying for any recognition. But some of his statements appeared to me silly or may be it is just my silly mind!

    Coming to the followers of UG, Are they really following UG? If anybody trying to follow the teachings of UG, then I do not think he/she is really following UG.

    UG represents no teaching. So no following!

  19. Madhu says:

    If you are a born murderer after hit upon by UG you become a perfect murderer.

    Your culture induced tendency to become like a perfected model like Jesus Christ will start fading away.

  20. […] UG Documentary Film Mission We may remember that our friend Ikuru not long ago did mention elsewhere in the pages here about Matthew Dougherty’s adventurous project of creating a unique documentary […]

  21. sulochanosho says:

    As well, Mr. Raj Goswamy has emailed the url of his cute site on UG:

    Good rare fire of UG words we may encounter there.

  22. sulochanosho says:

    Yes, porno is as common as popcorn, a funny link there:
    Who watches not Porno

  23. sulochanosho says:

    UG Goes Untamed:

    In a sense, UG is just like an erratic volcano, it can errupt any time. One can not predict UG, nor we can put UG into any static system or frame. UG always goes untamed.

  24. Madhu says:

    Nityananda’s Porno Puranas:
    The news of “sex purana” of Nityananda is now known to everyone.

    Another fraud in the world of spirituality.

    I think desire is something even God cannot win against it.

    • sulochanosho says:

      Yes, Madhu you are apt and right …this Nityananda’s nitya(daily) ananda (bliss) porno purana – that has been now beamed across Tamil Nadu regional TV channels the other day, since this guy hails from the holy land of Tiruvannamalai. – even this ‘Nityananda sex scandal’ was available on the YouTube to watch, but now it’s disappeared suddenly. Why video, now this guy himself disappeared for fear of public abuse and arrest.

      You may view this news link there: Swmi Nithyananda Lands in Sex Scandal

      Madhu and me had commented about this guy quite long back on the comment lines of this post. At that time many pious people might have looked at us with a skeptic eye: how come these guys talk low of such a person of high stature and enlightened master like Swami Pramahamsa Nityananda, a world famed revered spiritual guru, they call.

      We make it very clear: Our contention is only that why these Nityanandas need ‘godly garbs’ to have their bites of sex? Our prostitutes are more godly, even though they don’t pretend to be godly.

  25. madhu says:

    Where is ‘Nitty’ is hiding???

    Has he committed suicide?

    I want to know why he was using viagra before he made sex with the actress)

    Was he suffering from dysfunctional problem?

    Answers to these questions are more interesting than his teachings.

    Few years back I used to see hoardings and billboards showing Nitty Swami’s pictures with different poses. He was looking like a transsexual in those pics.

    In those videos the actress was shown giving him Viagra tablets before he started few minutes of his ‘Sadhana’ to attain bliss.

    Now I respect sex more than these swamis who preach abstinence, celibacy and demean the importance of desire in life.

    Desire has more power than God.

    Even God is a byproduct of desire and fulfillment.

  26. sulochanosho says:

    There is a deadly disease called: GAIDS (Godly Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome). All our Nithyanandas and Mythyanandas, Gurus and Godmen are suffering from this deadly disease. Now God alone can save them, but the serious pain is that they are fooling the gullible people with their ‘divine falsity’. It’s high time our simple people to be aware and beware of these GAIDS guys.

  27. […] Gurus and Massage Parlours (2) Hybrid Gurus (3) Paramahamsa Nithyanada on Bill Boards in Bangalore (4) Enlightenment: […]

  28. Tej says:

    This Nithy dude has lifted UG’s declutched state, rebranded it as “Unclutched State” and is selling it for $$$!

  29. Tej says:

    Just noticed that Julie T has come up with two websites with some original stuff on UG.

    • Marlon says:

      I did read the whole content of her sites, and there’s a chapter in which she mentions that UG once told her that she should be with her family and not ‘following’ him around the world because he is bad for her, spiritually, ‘karmically’, as if he was a kind of evil influence. And in many other passages he clearly talks as if all that he denied was right, and there was a couple of times when he said clearly that he also was a con man, conning everybody as ‘those fellows’ who sent him wanted him to do. And now, considering this photo of him holding the devil tarot card – [Link] – doesn’t it sounds as if he was really a kind of ‘devil’s tool’? People’s opinions are welcome.

      • Madhu says:

        Angel is no good, devil is no evil:

        what did the so called ‘angels’ have so far done good for you and me??

        He did ward off Julie many times as he did not want anybody to have any control over him, over his relations with others and over his activities.

        He was never influenced by powerful people or by the good doers around him in the pretext of helping him.

        Any good doer who consciously thinks that he is doing for others is a dangerous person and is to be kept away.

        UG IS the devil’s tool. What is wrong in that???

        The devil thought that there are many competitors for him in the form of spiritual leaders across the world and devil thought that the spiritual and political leaders were becoming very clever and more devious than the himself.

        So the devil became jealous of them and he sent UG to debunk the spirituality and detoxify people from the teachings of spiritual leaders who were more harm making than the devilhimself.

        UG’s message to the common people like you and me is:

        “come to Devil as he is safer than the pedophile priests, money minting spiritual leaders, corrupt politicians, destructive creators such as scientists, artists corrupted by ideologies etc etc….”

  30. sulochanosho says:

    Thanks Tej, for the links on UG.

  31. Madhu says:

    UG Krishnamurti: Unique Early Talk (Video/Audio) Link there:

    • Marlon says:

      Yes, I understand. Thank you.

      But, when you state that he is the devil’s tool, are you only using the term philosophically in order to illustrate that explanation or are you telling it based on factual knowledge, any passage of his life, for example?


      • Madhu says:

        Marlon says.”But, when you state that he is the devil’s tool, are you only using the term philosophically in order to illustrate that explanation”

        Yes True.

        But those who created God are the ones who created the Devil.

  32. Ikuru says:

    if u aint doing it u dont really want it

  33. sulochanosho says:

    Will Atheists go to Hell?
    A gud reading and discussion there: Peculiar Pilgrim

  34. Marlon says:

    Why is UG holding the devil tarot card?

    See there: [Link]

    Was UG a kind of ‘devil’s tool’?

  35. Sukrilla says:

    Madhu thinks he is the right arm of UG on Earth. (LOL) “UG IS the devil’s tool”…. (ROTFL) UG used to blast Satan the same way he blasted God and everything. Everything is created by thought. There’s nothing anywhere but in our imagination. UG was simply turning the enemy – thought – against itself.

    • Georgiy says:

      One thing that makes me question this whole thing is why does it say everywhere that when Valentine witnessed the death of U.G. for 49 minutes, she said when she touched him, he felt as cold as a block of ice… My question is how does a body get so cold when it takes a body in average room temperature to go down 1 degree every hour. So if he was dead for 49 minutes, that makes it less then a degree difference..She should not have been able to tell much difference..So is the story over-exaggerated to convince people? If that is the reason, then his “followers” didn’t listen to his “teachings” or “non teachings” too well..So that somewhat raised some red flags for me..

  36. Madhu says:

    Sukrilla: “Madhu thinks he is the right arm of UG on Earth. (LOL)”

    Thank you Boss.

    But the point is that you have NOT understood even a tiny bit of what I meant in my response to Marlon’s message.

    I do not know why you guys are trying to equate UG either with positive or negative forces.

    UG kicked out God from his system and so the evil also.

  37. Sukrilla says:

    Sorry, Madhu. Now I understand.

    “But those who created God are the ones who created the Devil.”

    Perfect. A complete, total wash out, no sides, nothing to remain, because it’s all the same, not different poles of the same thing, but exactly the same thing. Then nothing to anything. Thank you. We were saying the same thing, hehe.

    UG was the only one. Sorry Oshos, Jiddus and the likes, UG really tasted it because UG really told it as it is, and it has nothing to do with those things.

    Thank you.

  38. sulochanosho says:

    Love for Life:

    Madhu’s comment made elsewhere is reproduced here. Because, it touches a very pertinent point of life. The following is the full text of the comment made by Madhu on

    Have you ever met UG?

    All those things you described about UG’s expressions are total outcome of your ignorance about UG personality.

    I am damn sure that you never saw UG in person. Any how it does not matter whether you saw him or not.

    Some part of your description about UG comes under the heavy influence of J Krishnamurti on your consciousness.

    When I started reading J Krishnamurti, I was 16 year old. It is the age normally the young people would have romantic thoughts and fanciful dreams. I remember cycling more than 15Km many times to read JK’s books available scarcely only in certain libraries. The cost of those books were unaffordable. Yet, I could quote every line of the JK’s masterpiece “Commentaries on Living” , especially its volume 2 was my favorite.

    But J Krishnamurti took me to a different wonderland. Watching sunset and listening to the non-existent and imaginary silence had become an important part of my daily routine.

    It took 12 full years for me to realize that I was no different from young people who are fantasizing about their girlfriends with romantic thoughts. My JK kind of spiritual thoughts are no different from romantic thoughts of a young boy/girl.

    When I realized about JK’s influence was on me, I was in Rishi Valley.

    I was utterly disgusted with the battle between the JK’s loyalist in me and the natural me.

    With more than 12 years of my experience with JK’s teaching and my deep thoughts about his philosophy and my futile efforts to lead an ideal life on the lines of JK’s teachings, I can understand every one in the inebriated state under the influence of JK’s teachings. I do not criticize them nor laugh at them nor heckle at them.

    JK’s teachings if it really had affected you, it would instill a perfect order inside you.

    We adore that order. We respect that order. We even become afraid of drifting an inch from that order.

    But that order takes away the very essence of life.

    That perfect order instilled by JK (or his kinda of spiritual leaders) becomes a curse in your life.

    To know life and taste it, you need to drift away from that order and thus may have to commit mistakes and do experiments as if it is not your life.

    It requires lot of courage and guts to disband the freezing and paralyzing order, instilled by some great and tall philosophers, in which we have taken shelter and feel that we are different from others.

    But there is a different kind of order amidst chaos and anarchy.

    We are afraid of meeting those chaos. Those who choose to swim across those chaotic currents of life can find the order of life, which no book, no organization, no philosopher, no spiritual leader, no political ideologue can provide you.

    What you could see in UG was exactly such chaotic expression of life.

    Your conditioning to lead a safe and perfectly ordered life would have made you to feel UG to be distasteful.

    But those who loved LIFE would have definitely admired UG and his expressions.”

    Best Regards
    Madhusudhana Rao.D

  39. TheEndOfUGKrishnamurti says:

    This man is one of the most evil pernicious persons ever to incarnate on this planet masquerading as some wise sage..his is in fact an EXTREMELY MALEVOLENT reptoid alien intelligence that has infiltrated human consciousness at virtually every level and should be COMPLETELY extirpated if we as a species of HUMAN BEINGS are to survive and thrive..his discarnate spirit doles around and possesses vulnerable souls and subsequently intimidates them deceives them feeds off them and is intent on their total destruction… misguided fools think it’s enlightenment
    Unfortunately desperate people have fallen for his spiel instead of rigorusly following their own built-in inner guidance system with ego intact and aligned with it’s Source and rejecting all teachers including him…every reference of him and his teaching should IMO be utterly destroyed and deleted if we as a species are to survive & thrive.Ironically these were his last dying wishes!

    • Georgiy says:

      One thing that makes me question this whole thing is why does it say everywhere that when Valentine witnessed the death of U.G. for 49 minutes, she said when she touched him, he felt as cold as a block of ice… My question is how does a body get so cold when it takes a body in average room temperature to go down 1 degree every hour. So if he was dead for 49 minutes, that makes it less then a degree difference..She should not have been able to tell much difference..So is the story over-exaggerated to convince people? If that is the reason, then his “followers” didn’t listen to his “teachings” or “non teachings” too well..So that somewhat raised some red flags for me..

  40. I salute to “TheEndOfUGKrishnamurti ” as he seems to be genuinely affected by UG and his teachings.

    Get rid of UG or any other spiritual leader and directly rely on your direct experience is the essence of pure life.

    UG through out his life preached the same and here is finally a guy with force and vigour dismisses every teaching and specifically UG’s teaching as he is affected more and seriously by it and proclaims freedom for himself.

    So far we have heard the UG’s barking but now here is a man who is bitten by UG.

    Bravo man.

    Hope he had not replaced UG with some Ku Klux Clan’s ideology.

    UG said that he would be the first one to salute any person who could debunk every statement of his provided that person is not relying on any other spiritual teachings or spiritual texts and relying only his direct experience.

    His said “you should debunk me because what I am saying is false in you. It does not interest me if you try to debunk me by relying on Gita, or Sankara or Upanishads or Buddha”

    I really like the punch, force and energy of TheEndOfUGKrishnamurti’s statements.

    Coming to whether UG’s teachings have negative influence or positive influence, constructive or destructive effect on us, it has to be understood and decided by each individual rather than by the hysterical voice of someone who is ‘bitten’ by UG’s teachings.

  41. sulochanosho says:

    The holy preachings and teachings have already polluted this planet beyond repair down the lines for centuries. May UG bark some Unholy God there.

  42. Mahesh Bhatt Butted:

    Mahesh Bhatt was ripped apart! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sulochanosho says:

      There, it’s a rare verbal/oral rhetoric of Pritish Nandy to dub Mahesh Bhatt a ‘Badshah of Bullshit’ or Sultan of Sham. Eventhough there’s a pinch of ‘salt’ and truth in it, it’s really a great ‘oral orgy’ there! Everybody needs to learn and rise above. Thanks, Madhu for hunting this rare piece there.

  43. It is disgusting to see that Dr.Zakir Naik being hailed as national treasure by Mr.Mahesh Bhatt.

    I think Dr.Zakir Naik is a big bullshit, so is Sri Sri Ravishankar and so is Jayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.

    Why cannot we brush aside all of these religious powers who have no other business other than preaching religion and scriptures.

    I believe that Religion, like sexual preference is an individual affair.

    • sulochanosho says:

      Yes, we should have a bit of ‘guts’ and ‘salts’ to say ‘junk’ as junk. Diplomacy devil is a virus that poisons the society. Bravo to UG, he minced no words, even from his dying bed he did no holy preaching, but fucking hard reality and tearing apart the whole knowledge perversions, holy perversions and holy hypocrisies.

  44. ugmadhu says:

    I too was and am UG freak.

    I attributed everything in my life to UG and that is out of my reverence.

    But the truth is there is some uniqueness in in each one of us and at the end of the day that is the true saviour and the real hero.

    But our culture, religions and gurudoms have neglected this aspect (of individuality and uniqueness) and created role models and icons (Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi etc etc).

    Perhaps UG is the only one who showed this to us and advised us to rely more on ourselves individually.

    What is the use if we make another icon out of UG and replace the ones planted in our minds by the culture and our society.

    Like, It took long many years to remove JK out of my mind and I am now struggling with the image of UG and am frantically searching for something which is to be called as ‘my own’.

    The only real and true tribute to UG is to start searching for our uniqueness and rely lesser and lesser on others including UG.

    It sends shivers down my spine even to think on these lines and let go UG out of me but the reality is very harsh.

    The (paradoxical) fact is that the more I am on my own and let go of UG, the more I understand UG, the more he makes sense to me, the more I appreciate and admire him and finally the more I respect him.

    UG’s teachings remain abstract and inconsistent as long as we allow them into our psyche without questioning and validating.

  45. sulochanosho says:

    Toiling massess have no respect and respite; only looting masters have the day there.

  46. RadKrish says:

    Hi Sulochan,

    I would like to have a copy of the book: “The Little Book of Questions – Compiled and edited by Mahesh Bhatt.”

    I understand that this book is out of print.

    In Internet, I’m unable to locate the PDF version. Do you have the PDF version?


    • sulochanosho says:

      i too hunted d net, this book is not available for free download, it seems.
      THE LITTLE BOOK OF QUESTIONS: Compliled and edited by Mahesh Bhatt and Published by Penguin Books India (P) Ltd, 11 Community Centre, Panschasheel Park, New Delhi 110017. 2000.

  47. webpage says:

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