Sexuality: A Triviality

Sexuality bites everybody,  was more so with the then US President Bill Clinton. The then ‘Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky Sex Scandal’ (way back in 1998) Sky is the Limitmay be a history now, but it speaks a lot even now, even now it’s more relevant in this emerging 21st century too. As you all know by now, I am a very crazy or lazy hard nut, at that time I  did shoot an e-mail (not female!) to: from my account and of course I received the formal acknowledgement against the receipt of the same from the White House. I don’t think the content of that email is far from the theme of this blog topic. There fore,  let me reproduce the text of that email here:

Mr. Bill Clinton:

For me it is terribly amazing to watch the way you have been managing the whole Monika Lewinsky affair! I swear! Congrats. You are bold and open. I admire you.

Sex is just a cup of tea! I don’t understand why a cup of tea dips the strongest man of the strongest country? I am the last person to blame you. this whole episode represents the replica of retarded cosciousness and growth of the humankind, amidst our boasting of super technology and attainment at the verge of entering into the 21st century. It is a clear case that outer transformation is shallow unless it is balanced with inner transformation.

In this vast saga of infinite consciousness and existence, our so called sex is just a tiny toy! Even on the eve of 21st century, human consciousness is not evolved, it is a painful paradox! We are just playing with toys and being trapped, just like kids!

Mr. President, when do we grow a little higher and taste a little bit of freedom and joy?

I thought your country is liberated from sex! In my country (India) the people are not liberated from sex, either. The only difference is, our people are suffering from extreme suppression, and your people are suffering from extreme expression. Both are clear slaves and hypocrites.

Indulgence or non-indulgence, the humankind is not Sins of Sex!going to be liberated from sex. No legion, no religion can help it. It is the “awareness’ that liberates the humankind from sex. Mr. President, just “meditate” a little bit. “Witness” a bit. And you come to know the stupidity of sex. Then and there the false curtain of sex falls down! And that’s going to be the greatest evolution of human consciousness, perfectly pitched to take a quantum jump into the 21st century.

Mr. Clinton, would you do something in this direction for the evolution of the consciousness of the humankind as a whole and taking them for the quantum jump? Because you are the right person.

Mr. Clinton, don’t worry even if you are going to be impeached, for I am sure you are going to reach Heaven and most beautiful lady angels are waiting for you at the door wide open!

Mr. President, please do something. I do help you. I do admire you!

With great regards,

Sw. Prem Aseem

So this was the exact copy of the email. Anyway,  sexuality is an elusive mystery, who’ll demystify it, who ‘ll unfold the mystery? 

Please understand, this blog is not intended for entertainment , but for an enquiry towards attaining enlightenment, rather than entanglement.
What is the sanity of our society visa vis sexuality? What’s the root cause of our perversions of sexuality; what’s the repercussions of the repression of sexuality? How do we attain the freedom of sexuality? These are some simple basic questions to ponder over. Let’s do a bit of enquiry: this is the billion dollar pointer answer that we can ponder over to arrive at rather than blowing up the balloon of this ‘Bill clinton Monika Lewinsky Scandal”!

Some Random Thoughts on Sexuality: let’s churn out some truth

There is no much difference between a civilized man and a gross pig, as long as he has no choice but to engross himself in gross sex.
— Anonymous

Intellectual sodomy, which comes from the refusal to be simple about plain matters, is as gross and abundant today as sexual perversion and they are nowise different from one another.
Edward Dahlberg [1900-1977, American Author, Critic]

The prostitute is not, as feminists claim, the victim of men but rather their conqueror, an outlaw who controls the sexual channel between nature and culture.
— Camille Paglia [1947-, American Author, Critic, Educator]

It’s very liberating to be naked in front of a hundred people, but there’s nothing sexual about lovemaking on a movie set.
Bill Paxton [1955-, American Actor, Director, Musician, Producer, Screenwriter]

Understand that SEXUALITY is as wide as the sea. Understand that your morality is not law. Understand that we are you. Understand that if we decide to have sex whether safe, safer, or unsafe, it is our decision and you have no rights in our lovemaking.
— Derek Jarman [1942-, British Filmmaker, Artist, Author]

It is essential that we realize once and for all that man is much more of a sex creature than a moral creature. The former is inherent, the other is grafted on.
Emma Goldman [1869-1940, American Anarchist]

It is a sign of a dull nature to occupy oneself deeply in matters that concern the body; for instance, to be over much occupied about exercise, about eating and drinking, about easing oneself, about sexual intercourse.
— Epictetus [50-120, Stoic Philosopher]

I can live without it all — love with its blood pump, sex with its messy hungers, men with their peacock strutting, their silly sexual baggage, their wet tongues in my ear.
Erica Jong [1942-, American Author]

Chastity does not mean abstention from sexual wrong; it means something flaming, like Joan of Arc.
— Gilbert K. Chesterton [1874-1936, British Author]

Life is a sexually transmitted disease.
Guy Bellamy [Author]

What holds the world together, as I have learned from bitter experience, is sexual intercourse.
— Henry Miller [1891-1980, American Author]

The backseat produced the sexual revolution.
Jerry Rubin [1938-1994, American Activist, Author, Entrepreneur]

A man’s eroticism is a woman’s SEXUALITY.
— Karl Kraus [1874-1936, Austrian Satirist]

SEXUALITY poorly repressed unsettles some families; well repressed, it unsettles the whole world.
— Karl Kraus [1874-1936, Austrian Satirist]

Philosophy stands in the same relation to the study of the actual world as masturbation to sexual love.
— Karl Marx [1818-1883, German Political Theorist, Social Philosopher]

The great mass of women throughout history have been confined to the cultural level of animal life in providing the male with sexual outlet and exercising the animal functions of reproduction and care of the young.
— Kate Millet [1934-, American Feminist Author]

Of all possible sexual perversions, religion is the only one to have ever been scientifically systematized.
— Louis Aragon [1897-1982, French Poet]

Everyone probably thinks that I’m a raving nymphomaniac, that I have an insatiable sexual appetite, when the truth is I’d rather read a book.
— Madonna [1958-, American Musician, Singer, Actress,]

Punishing the prostitute promotes the rape of all women. When prostitution is a crime, the message conveyed is that women who are sexual are ”bad”, and therefore legitimate victims of sexual assault. Sex becomes a weapon to be used by men.
— Margo St. James

If repression has indeed been the fundamental link between power, knowledge, and SEXUALITY since the classical age, it stands to reason that we will not be able to free ourselves from it except at a considerable cost.
— Michel Foucault [1926-1984, French Essayist, Philosopher]

Of all the sexual aberrations, perhaps the most peculiar is chastity.
— Remy De Gourmont [1858-1915, French Novelist, Philosopher, Poet, Playwright]

SEXUALITY poorly repressed unsettles some families; well repressed, it unsettles the whole world.
— Karl Kraus [1874-1936, Austrian Satirist]

Philosophy stands in the same relation to the study of the actual world as masturbation to sexual love.
— Karl Marx [1818-1883, German Political Theorist, Social Philosopher]

The great mass of women throughout history have been confined to the cultural level of animal life in providing the male with sexual outlet and exercising the animal functions of reproduction and care of the young.
— Kate Millet [1934-, American Feminist Author]

Of all possible sexual perversions, religion is the only one to have ever been scientifically systematized.
— Louis Aragon [1897-1982, French Poet]

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48 Responses to Sexuality: A Triviality

  1. Madhu says:

    Sex binds and Love divides.

    sulochanosho adds: Indeed a strange bombshell as well as haiku from our friend!

  2. Madhu says:

    Celibacy is crime against nature. (over)Indulgence is the rape against the nature.

  3. Madhu says:

    Morality and Sex do not go together.

  4. Madhu says:

    permanent orgasm:
    God is the demand for permanent orgasm.

  5. Madhu says:

    Why no one interested in sex?
    Are all busy with techniques of enlightenment?

    sulochanosho adds: I was also thinking on the same lines. Many of us are by ‘default’ just highly respected hypocrites. We are badly and madly interested in sex – may be in our bedrooms, or in private – we are so shy of using the word ‘sex’, leave apart discussing/debating it in public!

  6. Etienne says:

    isn’t sex our genetic life purpose? And the reason why we die not long after becoming sterile?

  7. Madhu says:

    What’s that:
    “And the reason why we die not long after becoming sterile?

    – means?
    I did not get it.

  8. Etienne says:

    The Moment I get Older, I No More:
    I don’t think it’s absolutely scientifically proven, but I think that you really start to get older once you’ve passed your menopause or male menopause, because from an evolutionary standpoint you are not of any use any longer since you cannot pass on your genes, so you start to get older much more faster (maybe because you stop secreting hormones and a diversity of other causes like free radicals)

  9. Madhu says:

    Ok. Interesting thoughts indeed.

  10. sulochanosho says:

    Sex Expressed in hundred and one Beautiful Ways: No Aging
    The uniqueness of humankind is that he is both physiology and psychology and he is on a higher plane of intelligence. Expression of sex is not necessarily confined to reproductive act or joy of copulation: it ‘ll be expressed in hundred and one beautiful ways. Unfortunately, many of us think or prejudiced to think that the only agenda of our life is sex (i.e. expressing it through reproductive act or copulation joy) and once that faculty is disabled we feel or invite ourselves into a life of misery and non-use, which is simply deceptive. On the contrary and in a sense, real joy of life starts at 60. Many and beautiful examples are there if we turn the pages of old as well as current history. Aging is to the body, not for our spirit and awareness. The notion of confining our joy to a mere copulation and reproductive activity is a misperceived limiting act. Not that we should leave our gross bodily sexual joy; we can rise a little higher and involve ourselves in many more creative activities, which has no limitation. Let us grow up, not merely getting old. At least let us grow old gracefully. The joy of life is limitless, confining it to a mere physical sex is an act of imprisoning our arena of life. Our sex energy can be used in millions of modes and dimensions.
    The very root energy is sex energy, it gets transformed into various dimensions.Doing nothing, but still you are present and happy is not a small thing. The gifts of our life are infinite and countless.

  11. Etienne says:

    Our Life is a poetry!
    okay….really poetic.
    sulochanosho adds: Our life is always a living poetry! But sooner or later we make it a ‘dead prose’.

  12. Madhu says:

    Stuck with Reproductive Sex: No Way Out?
    Sex is just for reproduction and continuity of life. Nothing else.
    But we already have turned into a pleasure movement and there is no way back. Even the “joy of life” is an extension this pleasure.
    So enjoy sex and if U don’t feel enough then go for the non-existent permanent happiness called “God” or “Bliss” or “Self Realization”.
    We are stuck and we cannot do anything else. There is no choice or freedom of action here for you and me.
    sulochanosho adds: The Paradoxical Truth/Practicality is this: If we really totally involve in Sex, we soon dissolve ourselves from the stupidity of sexuality; the stupid fantacy, story, sensation covers and all will just disappear: only pure straight sex remains and your pornography will be torn apart into pieces and ashes. Otherwise I hang myself, if it doesn’t happen. We are not dare enough to stare into the sex directly. We dont want to part with the sex toy joy. We are affraid of missing it, for we miss the charm and joy of life. The practicality/reality is that as long as we are stuck in this toy joy, we miss the other million folds of subtle or loud joy of our precious life on this earth; we are by default gifted with ‘that’, only if we empty our cup of misperceived joystuff.

  13. Etienne says:

    I think sex is important as it is a basic drive in everyone’s life, and unless you free yourself from it as in the case of U.G with tantric sex or what else, I prefer being somewhat a slave to it rather than being hypocrite and ignoring my sexual drive which is indeed the same than animals and the proof that we are the very same.

  14. Madhu says:

    Sex is just for reproduction and continuity of life. Nothing else.

    But we already have turned into a pleasure movement and there is no way back. Even the “joy of life” is an extension this pleasure.

    So enjoy sex and if U don’t feel enough then go for the non-existent permanent happiness called “God” or “Bliss” or “Self Realization”.

    We are stuck and we cannot do anything else. There is no choice or freedom of action here for you and me.

  15. Madhu says:

    Celibacy is crime against nature.

  16. Etienne says:

    I really lean toward new hedonism recently, to tell the truth.

  17. madhu says:

    What is wrong with Hedonism???

  18. Etienne says:

    Excess Value!
    nothing, is just that when it gets to too much excess, it makes seemingly makes your life worthless and meaningless (even more meaningless since I think there is no a priori meaning in life). I’m talking about excessive hedonism, which I don’t know if you do, but I find it depreciates the value of things, of experience, of everything. The kind of feeling you get when you eat an entire box of chocolate cookies or 1L of ice cream, or 1 kg of candies, or when you get drunk 3 days in a row, or when you make love 3 times in a day, or even when you repeat the same words 10 times or so.

  19. madhu says:

    Indulge, who knows you may get IT!
    What makes us to indulge more?
    What is wrong in excessive indulging? May be some sort of enlightenment come from it. So just go ahead with it.

  20. madhu says:

    Buddha’s swelling Desire and Dilemma: Answer?
    Imagine that ten years after his enlightenment suddenly Buddha had sexual desires swelling up in him and he was in dilemma about whther he should keep up his dharma or he should satiate his desires.
    what is your sincere suggestion/advice to him?

  21. sulochanosho says:

    Fixing the Sex for Buddhas:
    It’s a strange hypothetical question from our friend Madhu! I don’t know, under what intent he’s asking this question. Of course, there are morer than one ways of answereing it. No answer is the real answer. But still to throw some triggering stuff, perhaps my answer may be like this:

    “Hey, Buddha, if your enlightenment and dharma prevents you from satiating your swelled up sexual desire, then go back and throw away your enlightenment and dharma into the dustbin and start living your life; for desire is not sin, but suppression of your desire is. Of course, you alone know how to satiate your desire, and I don’t wish to interfere into it!”

    [Please note, my system was off the net quite for long and hence I could not respond or post my views faster; please bear with and I am sorry for that.]

  22. madhu says:

    Hungry Monks and Pontiffs:
    I really pity the monks, pontiffs, priests and swamijis etc.
    That was meant for them.
    sulochanosho adds:

    I have no other way but to say that the backyards of these so called monks, priests, pontiffs and swamijis are full of sex, murder, homo, and all kinds of perverted things beyond imagination. Only a very few such incidents marginally go reported in the media. Otherwise all such things are amagingly managed to cover it up without a trace, under the holy garb!

  23. madhu says:

    Fixing Sex for Buddhas: one more step to simplify!
    My suggestion would be:

    “Hey Buddy!!! Don’t bother abt Dharma as it can take care of itself. Take care of U and ur burning desires”
    In the end I would give him the best call girl’s number.

  24. sulochanosho says:

    The following line of words of U G Krishnmurti appeals me very much and it appears to be the only bare reality:

    Sex is only for reproduction, but you have turned that into a pleasure movement. What else is sex for other than reproduction?
    – UG

  25. Madhu says:

    But the worst of sex movement is the the Tantric sex or what ever you call it through which one wants to obtain enlightenment.

  26. Madhu says:

    You have not freed from thought. And so you have not freed from sex.

    Any method to free urself from thought is fortifying the thought structure and so where is the way out?

  27. Cafe dog says:

    Denial is not Real:

    My advise to the Budda, ‘He’s been in Denial ( i don’t mean De river in Egypt.)’
    I have a body why would I totally deny it?

  28. Cafe dog says:

    Cats and Guns
    I love the painting of bill and Madonna above, But I had to steal the picture of the Cat and the gun.
    and I love Cats. (too funny)

  29. sulochanosho says:

    Tainted Tantra:
    Some of our friends mentioned about “tantra” somewhere in these pages. I am prejudiced or not, I have a very tremendous respect for TANTRA. Just like Osho, another most misunderstood and badly perceived concept is: “tantra”. Osho whispers the delicate fabric of Tantra in the following words:

    For most, the sex act is a release. So when you move in it you are in a hurry. You just want a release….Overflowing energy creates tensions, excitement. You feel something has to be done. When the energy is released, you feel weak. You may take this weakness as relaxation. Because the excitement is no more, the overflowing energy is no more, you can relax. But this relaxation is a negative reaction….at a very great cost. And this relaxation can only be physical. It cannot go deeper and cannot become spiritual…. There are two parts to the sex act—the beginning and the end. Remain with the beginning. The beginning part is more relaxed, warm…..Forget the end completely…..Do not seek ejaculation; forget it completely.

    Feel the other’s body, feel the other’s energy flowing towards you and be merged in it, melt in it. It will come…..A man feels that something has gone wrong if there is no ejaculation…. Nothing has gone wrong! And do not feel that you have missed something; you have not missed. In the beginning it will be felt as if you are missing something, because the excitement and the peak will not be there. Before the valley comes you will feel that you are missing something, but this is just an old habit. Within a period, within a month or three weeks, the valley will start appearing, and when the valley appears you will forget your peaks. No peak is worth this. But you have to wait, and do not force it and do not control it. Just relax….It is good, helpful, if you breath deeply, not fast but slow, breathing very easily—being at ease. Don’t talk….feel what is happening. …Float effortlessly. Then only will the valley appear, and once the valley appears you are transcended.

    Once you feel and realize the valley, the relaxed orgasm, it is already transcendence. Then sex is not there. It has become a meditation—a samadhi. Tantra says…use nature itself to transcend. Don’t fight; accept nature in order to transcend it. Tantra says no strain is needed; be relaxed with the other. In that relaxed moment the other disappears and your energy can flow up, but it flows up only when you are in a valley. It flows down when you are at a peak… If you are controlling it, sooner or later you will be hurried to finish….You are not going somewhere. It is just a play; there is no goal. Nothing is to be reached, so why hurry?… If you are in a hurry, then timelessness cannot be felt….This unhurriedness is basic to create the valley; otherwise the peak will be created.

    Remain in the moment going nowhere, and melt. Warmth, love, should be made a situation for two persons to melt into each other. That is why, if there is no love, the sex act is a hurried act. … You are exploiting each other, not merging into each other.

    If you are not in a hurry to finish the act, the act, by and by, becomes less and less sexual and more spiritual. Sex organs also melt into each other. A deep, silent communion happens between two body energies….It becomes an ecstasy, a samadhi, cosmic consciousness. And if you can know this, if you can feel and realize this, your sexual mind will become non-sexual!

    Tantra will say, understand sex, do not try to channel it….First understand it, and through understanding the path will be revealed. You are not to force your energies on that path. Through understanding you come to know the law, just like in science. …You come to understand a law; a natural mystery is revealed. Once the natural mystery is revealed, you can use the energy creatively. Without your knowing the inherent law, all efforts are doomed. So tantra says, understand the animal, because in the animal is hidden the potential for your future…..Tantra says that in your body is the whole cosmos in miniature.
    Bliss never happens through effort. Effort is always tension-creating; it gives anguish. Effort is always ugly because you are forcing something. Understanding is not an effort; it is beautiful, it is a spontaneous happening.

    There is no need to use sex only in reproduction. In every creation sex is used….A great musician is creating music. No father can feel so much fulfilled as a musician feels when great music is created, and no son can give so much happiness to any parent as a great piece of music can give to the musician….Because he is creating on higher realms, nature relieves him of lower creation; the energy has moved higher. Tantra says, do not fight with the energy, allow the energy to move higher. And there are many realms of higher movement and many dimensions. Osho

  30. Cafe dog says:

    Excellent point. And very difficult for alot of people to understand.
    effort and “trying” are tension builders. In Western Culture it is often taught to “try”.
    This often leads to Anxiety and even unneccary Misey, Rage, depression and destructive actions.
    I had a tough time “trying” to understanding Bhudistic, Cha’n, and Zen writings when I was young.
    what you talk about can only be understand by expierience. full emotive/sensual/concious expierience.
    If I blog it or explane it to someone., they will interlectualize it. and often misunderstand it.
    discovery, play, creating are so much Human then the alienating nature of interlectual trying of effort.
    You are now on my Blog Roll.
    (if it looks like i’ve been picking fights with you, its because I want to here whats on your mine)

  31. sulochanosho says:

    Hi Cafe Dog (the name Dog sounds great – not the word, God!), good to note that you are taking interest in our pages of maddening and hammering stuffs under the “tough crazy spiritual quest”. Just randomly and in a fast mode I made a fast-track run into your blog postings. Yours is really amazing, salty, sweety, and hoty too! Good hard and soft stuffs sprinkled with poetry, philosophy, mysticism, minds and myths. Great! I do leisurely go thru the same again and post some views there too, soon.

    One thing: U say: In Western Culture it is often taught “to try” I have to say, why western world, here in our own world too the same. Except some outward differences in terms of localized ‘soil and culture’, the whole world and the whole humanity normally would tend to think and stink in the same setreotyped pipeline. There is obsolutely no difference. Terminology may differ, clothes may differ, looks may differs, sounds may differ, but the inner “stereotyped stuff” carried from the time immemorial is one and the same.

    The “crazy stuff” we utter and exchnage here in these pages are not the normal way our people’s life here also. The whole humanity knowingly or more rightly unknowingly carry the burden of borrowed dead stuff of knowledge and logic and intelligent jumbo on their heads and shoulders and we can not see the very natural or real or spontaneous side of our life. The people around the world may definitely dub a few wise fools like us as antisocial, antispiritual, becoz what we utter like barking Dogs would appear as crazy and crap for them!

  32. Madhu says:

    Prematured Guessing or Prematured Ejaculation?
    Sex is so automatic act why deliberate science about it in the name of sex?
    “Forget Ejaculation and just be in the state of it” is the one which cretaed the demand for permanent state of bliss or happiness or God.
    Ther sex is pain for body and pleasure for the individual.
    May be Osho suffered with premature ejaculation problems and he wanted to prolong the state of uninterrupted […] and dreamt for sex with no ejaculation.

    sulochanosho adds:
    We all will have prematured guessing and gassing problem, rather than the prematured ejaculation problem! Tantra is not something today’s creation from somebody. It’s as ancient. It’s recognized that Sex ‘ll have three purposes: (1) Reproduction (2) pleasure (3) liberation. The Tantra system believes in the third purpose, i.e. ‘liberation’. It’s totally a wrong understanding that tantra stands for sexual orgy. Sex is just one side among the multitudes of Tantra. Of course, in the name of ‘tantra’ many ‘abuses’ are happening, that’s a different issue. Our views may differ, it’s ok. The reality remains the same irrespective of what way we perceice and judge and impose.

    An unprejudiced study and understanding on the Tantra system is needed, rather than passing our imagined views – either pro view or against view – which is more appropriate for probing the tantra. I have a strong desire to explore the reality and beauty of this long existing Tantra system, rather than indulging in immatured, self-declaring hypes and highs. Many times we utter utter non-senses – but that wont affect the sky for that matter, rather it represents what we are.

  33. Madhu says:

    Sex is pain for the organism but pleasure for us.
    Why should we teach the organism about tantrik sex?
    It does not give damn for it.
    The only liberation the body is interested is rejecting the pain of sensations while making sex. It achieves that liberation naturally and automatically through ejaculation because the body cannot take any sensation beyond its natural duration.
    Thought controlling the ejaculation, for what ever the funny reason man is interested, is destroying the naive intelligence.
    I am not against prolonged sex for prolonged pleasure. But if tantrik sex can provide that, well, it is no way different than applying ointment for the sex organs to numb the organs b4 sex.

    sulochanosho adds:

    Strange grand points there! I dont understand these “natural and pain to body” stuff buffs. For mothers giving birth to a baby is most painful to body. That means they should not go for pregnancy and should not give birth to a child!! What is “natural”! Then why did we human beings learn alphabets and read books and surf this net like nuts? Is it natural, if we compare with the Nature and animal kingdom out there! We can experience the so called “pleasure” because of the sensation of pain. Imagine, till the last minute of our death just non-stop happiness or pleasure and absolutely no pain at all: that joy goes crap! We just can not play with this “Nature”, “Pain to Body” stuff in each and every context.

    Our “tantra” is not as trivial as balming and numbing, It has a very respected ancient origin, not manufactured by the modern day greed mongers. If we don’t understand or don’t want to understand, that’s a different issue. In modern days there is a tremendous misuse of “tantra” in terms of “commercialization”. “mad orgies”, “money making” and such other things. But that doesn’t nullify the sanctity of ‘tantra’.

    Some so called highly evolved and enlightened souls ‘ll have a “natural” arrogance of dubbing everything on this earth “rubbish”! Finally they too go rubbish and the world and people remain and continue. New journey continues.

  34. Cafe dog says:

    Freud saw the male side of of orgasm, as the eleviation of stress. Some scientist speculate that female orgasm has”no evolutionary purpose”
    why the obsession with goals. why during sex one not be in the instant, with no worries of time, and be thinking on the ending?
    and where on the web is there good reading on Tantrik sex, for someone, like me, who is a novice at these readings?

    sulochanosho adds:

    Your word, “be in the instant” is the million dollar wisdom and truth! That’s all life. Truth never comes from those who claim that they know, but who say that they are novice! Please understand, I am not at all exaggerating, rather I am hitting the exact point in my humble way.

  35. sulochanosho says:

    A good point there. Indeed Freud’s revelation of Sex libido and psychoanalysis stands as a milestone contribution in the evolution of understanding and history of human thoughts. I perceive, Freud’s stress is on ‘repercussion of repression of sex’, where as Tantra’s stress is on ‘expression of sex and celebration of life’.

    Hi Cafe Dog, we too are novice as far as ‘tantra’ is considered, even though we are living in the land where ‘tantra’ was born long long ago!

    What to do, that’s the reality. Any way there are quite a good number of Websites on ‘tantra’, but only a few are authentic to some extent at least for good information. Many sites exist just on a ‘sell product’ basis in the name of ‘tantra’ sensation. Any way randomly some links on ‘tantra’ are listed on this blogsite on the first page (right column). But we can not recommend any one. Especially in the west “tantra” stuff is being squeezed in a best “marketing” style.

    There are so many reasons for lack of athentic literature on ‘tantra’. Of course, of late from the west many first hand good studies are done on the significance and sanctity of ‘tantra’ practice. Traditionally, tantra heritage was passed in a mouth to moth way (verbal or oral way!).

    Reliable authentic literaure is scarce. Eventhough available, they are written in kind of ‘code decode or symbolic’ secret way.

  36. sulochanosho says:

    Some random glimpses of TANTRA:

    Tantra Maxims: “One must rise by that by which one falls” and “the very poison that kills becomes the elixir of life when used by the wise.”

    “In the Tantra, the manner of approach is not that of Nay but of Yea … the world attitude is affirmative … Man [sic] must approach through and by means of nature, not by rejection of nature”.

    “There are no dirty bodies – only dirty minds.”
    – Becca Tzigany

    “Tantra teaches reverence for the body; love, respect and gratitude for the body. Tantra trusts in your body. Tantra trusts in your senses.
    Tantra trusts in your energy. Tantra trusts in you – completely.
    Tantra is freedom from all mind constructs, from all mind games; freedom from all structures. Tantra is liberation.” – Osho

  37. sulochanosho says:

    A Passage:

    What was amazing to me is that many of the 20th Century sexual discoveries are the same techniques Tantra has taught for 2000 years. For example the G-spot is nothing more than the Sacred Spot of Tantra and the newest CAT (Clitoral Alignment Technique) is also this old. But with our societys sexual repression, it has taken us much longer to learn about our sexuality than in ancient days. [ Read More … ]

  38. Madhu says:

    sulochanosho adds:
    “Strange grand points there! I dont understand these “natural and pain to body” stuff buffs. For mothers giving birth to a baby is most painful to body. That means they should not go for pregnancy and should not give birth to a child!!”

    Hi Sulochan, I did not say that because it is pain for the body it must be stopped. I am saying :: what we experience as bliss and joy and all that is infact painful sensation for the body and the body in order to protect it self it rejects the sensation through ejaculation. However it is painful for the body, the organism will have to make sex in order to reproduce. Birth is pain and any thing creative is associated with pain(not psychological pain but physiological).

  39. Madhu says:

    Why should we give tremondous importance to anything that of ancient. Ancient techniques, ancient heritage, ancient texts, ancient civilization etc. Let everything of ‘ancient’ past perish and have its natural death. Why do we have to revive it and invest tremondous hope in it. May be all those of ancient past could be utterly wrong and they have pushed the mankind into this sort of mess and misery.

    sulochanosho adds:
    The context or intent is that: we need to do some “good cherry picking”, it’s secondary whether it is ancient or recent, whether it’s respected or tainted. With one blind stroke of brush we just can not dub all ancient or recent things “rubbish”! That’s self suicidal. The gospel truth that “there is nothing to be freed from”, and in the same breath yelling out that ‘mankind is in a mess and misery’ and so on are the best examples of double talks. Mess and misery are in our mind and nowhere. We invite it and fight it in vain.

  40. sulochanosho says:

    Sexuality was a quite a rage in India a millenia ago. A land of Kama Sutra! Then there was a decadence which saw the society get more and more conserative with Moslem and Xian invaders.
    All praises and abuses should go to the credit of Osho, who took courage and guts to talk “sex” in spirituality in a society which was in deep shit of conservative mindset. No doubt the conservative mind dubbed him ‘sex guru’! Osho opened a new door and a new freedom in the world of spirituality. After all, life is to open up, not to pretend hypocrisy. Misuses do happen and did happen in the name of Osho’s ‘teachings’, but that’s part of the game. Hypocrisy has to fall down, repression rottens the life. Life is expression and celebration. Tantra’s intent is not mere indulgence but transcendence. Tantra is life affirmative.

  41. Madhu says:

    Both supression and glorifying the sex is the cause for many sexual problems.
    I still maintain that there is nothing to be “freed from”. It actually means that all those techniques like meditation and choiceless awareness and all that to free oneself is pure unadultrated nonsense. First thing we cannot get out of this situation which does not mean there is no misery or mess.

    Yes, the miesery is there but will you be free from all this? that why in one of the messages, I questioned point blankly ” who is the damned guy here who freed from fear, sex, pleasure and sorrow ……”

    So there is no movement called “freedom from ” is required. So live with the misery and enjoy the misery.

    We don’t require “Art of listening” ,”Art of seeing” and “Art of Dying” and (worst of all) Art of Living etc….. . But what we must know is the “Art of Enjoying the misery or the reality we have around ourselves” That is the only art which mankind requires. To know that all the other arts prescribed by those masters must go. they are blocking us to find our way of enjoying the misery.

    If some one says to me ” free urself from fear as it is the cause of ur misery” then immediately I want to ask “have U freed?”. I am not saying everything is hunkydory. If that statement is quite blockade for you guys to understand my other messages I am posting here, OK,I can withdraw that statement without bothering about what others feel about me. Because there is no way of “freeing from the misery” , enjoy the misery.

    There is nothing to be freed from anything. If U can, “Good Luck”

    sulochanosho adds:

    In our utility domain of living certain techniques and methods or learning may help or benefit. But the ultimate “life flowering” process is in nobody’s hands, except your OWN HANDS, even ‘those hands’ may be a hindrance!

  42. sulochanosho says:

    ‘Nothing to free from’, ‘live in misery – no other way’ – these kind of stuffs and blanket statements are most blind and blank. These kind of revelations uttered by our seers and masters should not be swallowed like a blind and dumb lamb – it doesn’t make any sense in the realm of our daily life.

  43. sulochanosho says:

    Pain and pleasure are the inseparable two sides of the life force, on our ordinary plain realm. There is no pleasure without pain, there is no pain without pleasure. If we indulge and use our senses for 10 minutes of pleasure, it will equally reciprocate to us to undergo equal duration of pain too. This seems the strange law of existence. I have observed many of our so called indulged sensual pleasures would bounce back with equal measures of opposite sensual pains and misery. I have experienced these happenings in many of my ‘acts’ in my life. This may be a kind of ‘law of compensation’, that our existence plays!

  44. Cafe dog says:

    I would also agree that most percieved opposites, are not seperate
    pain/pleasure good/bad.
    I will use my own glib staightment as an example:
    “life can be both serious and absurd often at the same time.”
    I would not be talking about seriousness
    or absurdity as seperate enities…
    I would be talking about on subject in my example, “life”
    where there are two poles(total seriouness and total absurdity) where everything falls between…

    So pain and pleasure could be talked about not seperate sensations
    or seprate categories…
    but simply as Sensing…
    the sensing can be anywhere between the scales of full pain and full pleasure…
    the description of sensing simply falls fluidly as varing degrees on a scale between what is painful and what is pleasureful
    too poles(the extremes) on the subject of sensing.

    The thinking brain wishes to differentiate or break subjects into categories…
    stupid brain!

    sulochanosho adds:

    Yes, our friend CafeDog has put the pain/plasure stuff in his own but quite understandable style!

  45. Madhu says:

    “‘Nothing to free from’, ‘live in misery – no other way’ – these kind of stuffs and blanket statements are most blind and blank. These kind of revelations uttered by our seers and masters should not be swallowed like a blind and dumb lamb – it doesn’t make any sense in the realm of our daily life.”

    In actuality those phrases make more meaning than those which create fasle hopes and hallucinations with spiritual undertones and overtones.

    sulochanosho adds:

    True, but the problem with mankind or ourselves is that we always cling to ‘words’, rather than singing and pinging our own LIFE. So knowingly or unknowingly we enter from one crap phrase or phase to another set of grand new phrase or phase – from one old cage to a new brand gold cage. Are we ready to go ‘in’ the LIFE and stop and shun playing with phrasing and rephrasing and rephrasing, for truth can not live in dead empty words or phrases however great it may appear so but in our daily LIFE and experiences.

  46. sulochanosho says:

    Sack your Sex if you have Guts, or else Shut Up:

    Somewhere in the above commentlines Madhu says:
    ‘The only liberation the body is interested is rejecting the pain of sensations while making sex. It achieves that liberation naturally and automatically through ejaculation…’

    UG more than once says: ‘sex is for reproduction, but man has turned it into a pleasure movement’. And I totally agree with this reality. Our all activites in our life are going on the same fashion.This statement represents the very foundation or essence on which all his utterances move too. This very statement very implicitly as well as explicitly construes that the humanity may need to be liberated or freed from this wrong notion of identifying sex as ‘pleasure movement’ tamasha. Has anybody the ‘guts’ to recognize this ‘point’ that UG utters? We simply do parroting that ‘there is nothing to free from’. It’s a very serious issue. Many people take UG’s sayings according to their own whims and fancies.

    The very necessity to utter that ‘there is nothing to free from’ implies that there is something to free from, necessarily. That’s why I always say, ‘if we eat words on its face value, never it makes any sense or meaning’.

    Madhu talks about ejaculation. Ejaculation is simple reproduction biology, because sex meant exactly for reproduction and in that sex act man passes his sperm for the procreation process. That’s it. But how many who listen to UG accept that sex is only for ‘procreation’? The whole humanity is glorifying sex as if the only pleasure and bliss of life – as if we miss life without sex. Reproduction is happening just incidentally, otherwise mankind is doing sex just out of his misery and pleasure hunt. At least ‘tantra’ – based on a very noble and down to earth approach, throws an alternative way of throwing out this ‘pleasure hunt addiction’ and liberating humankind from the false notion.

    If Madhu thinks that ‘Tantra’ is for the so called extended pleasure, I am sorry, he is in his own misunderstood and don’t want to be understood world.

    Where as in our counterpart ‘animal world’ they need not liberate or free from, because they don’t think in terms of past, present or future. They don’t have any sense of ‘tense’ (past tense, present tense, future tense) and so they don’t have the so called ‘tension’. Eventhough struggles, pains, pleasures are there, they never ‘label’ it. And they never bother or complain about it. They don’t carry any so called ‘dead memory’. Their life movements are based on their inbuilt ‘instinct’. So we find more naturality and spontaneity in them. They never carry the so calleed notion of happiness, unhappiness in their heads. They can have sex only for reproduction push and they have a specific season for this. Anytime, they can not do, unlike a man that he can do in midnight and in a toilet or in a train bogey, on any time, on any season under any pretext; eventhogh his body is not really ready for that he can artificially stimulate it thru mind, food or drugs or just thinking and imagining. But then animals can have sex with their own mother or sister. They dont have a concept or holy concept called relation in terms of daughter, mother, father etc. Strange world and but true and more prfound. Ha! Hundred times a man needs to be liberated from his ‘sex misery’!

    One more thing I would like to add that the existence has deliberately packaged the sex act with ‘pleasure movement’. Otherwise, who will do this mad dead circus! If there is no pleasure in it, nobody does it and humanity ends there. Except ‘the reproduction pleasure package’, sex is a mere body circus, nothing more, nothing less. It’s our corrupted crazy mind that carries the wrong notion of ‘pleasure hunt’ in sex. Otherwise absolutely there is no place for this kind of crazy sex in the simple sane world. Pornography disappears without a trace, if we can stare directly into our sex act even once.

    UG, you are right, ‘man has turned his mere reproductive act as a big pleasure treasure’ and that is the very misery of this world. Nothing else is there. ‘Sex is for pleasure’ is the only business of this world. All false things and monuments will crumble down, if we undo this ‘pleasure hunt stunt’ of this world. If we liberate this, almost all miseries of the world we are suffering from are vanished. Are we ready for that. NO! That’s why UG told, ‘die in misery’!

  47. sulochanosho says:

    God and sex go together. If God goes sex goes, too.
    – U.G. Krishnamurti

  48. Madhu says:

    Only when we would give “SEX” its original and deserved status, we establish the right living for us.

    How does SEX is an obstacle for the right way of life? I mean how sex comes in your way when you would want to do good and be good?

    I do not know but I am definite that SEX deserves its lost position.

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