Godly Garbs to Grab: height of hypocrisy

Godly garbs to grab!The other day one my good friend tickled me that he wants to be a rapist! On the spur of the moment I told him, “To be a Rapist is million times better than to remain as an Apist!”  Leave apart a poor rapist, who may be innocent, may be a victim of the “repressed society”.

Our society is day and night raped, sucked and faked not by those small rapists, or petty thieves, but by the so called highly respected evolved (or established?) souls and netas. They use the ‘tantra mantra’ of Godly Garbs to grab anything that their rakshash self desires and aspires.

Gunning the ants and cats!What’s this “Godly Garbs”? Anything other than truth that is cunningly used to “grab” is Godly Garb: Peace of Mind, Nirvana, Heightened Orgasm, Moksha, Turia, Enlightenment; Tsunami Relief Work, Peace Mission, Feeding the Poor, Social Service, Orphanages, Salvation of Slum Dwellers; there are so many: these weapons are just used to throw mud in the eyes of the society.

Of course, I do understand and agree that there are a few exceptions to it. There are really so many unsung real heroes and may be a few sung heroes. That doesn’t mean that we should keep quiet and allow the respected hypocrites to flourish their agenda of ego and greed at the cost of the society. Please think twice, it’s so simple.

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7 Responses to Godly Garbs to Grab: height of hypocrisy

  1. Madhu says:

    Gurus and Prostitutes promise more or less similar goods.

    But the former provides abstract and intangible goods and the latter gauranteed and tangible results.

  2. sulochanosho says:

    Yes, rightly put! At least our prostitutes do concretely entertain the world. Our hypocrite Gurus neither entertain, nor enlighten; they just make the people a great force or farce of ‘escapists’.

  3. びっくり says:

    We Need it:
    Hmmm… more than a little disturbing. While there is all sorts of bad stuff going down in the world, that doesn’t lessen the fact that rape is a disgusting assault on another. It is not a crime because ’society is repressed’: it is a crime because it is violating another person’s safety and liberty.
    Good luck straightening out all the other problems, we need it.

  4. Cafe dog says:

    Abstract Ideas:
    Escapist heh. From which reality, and which subjective interpretation of reality do you subscribe.
    perhaps one day you’ll want to escape and join the more objective one the rest of us are in.
    You are one Magical thinker my friend.
    Unless you don’t believe in any free will no-one is a victm of society, Not rapist, Not Charlie Manson…
    Society is an abstract Idea, a discription of a collection of people, subject to one personal defdinition.
    Ideas don’t force people into action unless they are in denial or Apist themselves.

  5. sulochanosho says:

    Hi Cafe Dog, we appreceiate your views there. We are all little bit confused as to what is abstract or concrete. Some times, in the too much trance of overt things we tend to be blind at the loud and clear exploitations in the society that are happening under the holy garbs played by our so called few mighty and holy people.

  6. madhuraod says:

    Every word we use is an abstraction. We live in abstarct world.

  7. sulochanosho says:

    The other day I came across a good blog stuff on ‘priests and porno’.

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