A Philosopher’s Symmetry and Poetry

Remote PhilosophyI preach philosphy to the people
For philosophy alone is my breath and truth
I show them the right and bright path
I preach and make them reach a new height.

Cute Philosophy
But at the end of the day
In the hard night, it’s the sight
Of a remote girl’s breasts and buttocks
That takes me to a new real delight!

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13 Responses to A Philosopher’s Symmetry and Poetry

  1. sulochanosho says:

    Thanq Velvety, I thought many times as to post these lines here or not and finally posted. This veiled harder side is too hard to put it on the surface. I sometimes guess correctly or otherwise that 90% of the ills of our world can be washed off, if there is at least 30% matching between our ‘pretentions’ and ‘actions’.

  2. Madhu says:

    Sex and God spring from the same source.

    Sulochan, it is the real core topic as compared to the topics of other blogs created by you.

    The “breasts and the buttocks of that remote girl” is less remote to the TRUTH than the philosophies and the right paths I preach in the day.

    OK but, SEX is LIFE but SEX ALONE is not LIFE.

  3. Sanjay M says:

    ha ha ha LOL!!!

    One of my all time favorite quotes:

    benefits of philosophy:

    A philosopher knows exactly what to do in any situation, until it happens to him.

    Another quote I coincidentally got in a mail today…

    When on the bridge, the pilgrim says Rama, Rama, but afterwards, it’s Kama, Kama.
    – Hindu proverb

  4. Sanjay M says:

    Of all the literature I’ve come across, UG had one of the most candid and down to earth views on the topic!

  5. Sanjay M says:

    The strange case of Dr. Jekly and Mr. Hyde may not be so strange after all…

    This novel represents a concept in Western culture, that of the inner conflict of humanity’s sense of good and evil [3]. It has also been noted as “one of the best guidebooks of the Victorian era because of its piercing description of the fundamental dichotomy of the 19th century outward respectability and inward lust” as it had a tendency for social hypocrisy[4].


  6. Madhu says:

    “outward respectability and inward lust” very touching phrase.

    Every one of us has this interesting combination.

    I would like to read this book.

  7. Madhu says:

    The concepts of ‘divinity, sacredness, purity, sanctity etc….’ created the feeling of ‘guilt’ in the human mind and thereby weakened the man with fear and remorse. It is this weakness that is exploited by psychologists, psychriatists and spiritual gurus.

  8. sulochanosho says:

    Muktananda’s Moksha

    Incidentally, I remember a sarcastic story:

    One saint died a few years ago, Swami Muktananda. You must have heard his name; many of you may have seen him.

    But you don’t know what happened in paradise. One of his disciples was so miserable because his guru had died, he committed suicide. He wanted to go with the guru. He reached just a little late, but he reached. And what he saw – he could not believe his eyes! He saw Muktananda lying naked
    under a tree, and on top of him was an American actress, Marilyn Monroe, making love to Muktananda. He could not believe that Muktananda, who was always teaching celibacy…. In his book, CHIDVILAS – “Play of Consciousness”, he describes that his discipline of celibacy came to such a point that his prick would rise so high that it would touch his navel…. The disciple had read it. And what is Muktananda doing? Has he forgotten everything? But anyway, Muktananda is his master, so he has to pay his respects.He did not look at what was happening, he just touched Muktananda’s feet and said, “Baba, I think this must be the reward for all your virtues.”

    And Marilyn Monroe said, “You idiot! This is not the reward for this idiot, this is punishment for me!”

    Source : Osho Communism and Zen Fire, Zen Wind , Chapter: 5

  9. david says:

    This is a really great poem. To me, it seems to show how absolutely simple it is to get distracted.

  10. sulochanosho says:

    David, thanks for your encouraging words there, not that I can not bear dicouraging words too. As usual and as always, a set of our puritan and orthodox and more like a programmed robotic mind may always oppose the lines which are a bit beyond the set frame.

  11. Cafedog says:

    As Sanjay points out: the dichotomies of western culture. Good-Evil; essence -existence Inward outward duality.
    And it does very much come from Literature!. It is believed dualities in doctrine came from “Zarathustra” also “Zoroaster”, an important poet -philosopher who stated that:
    the world was in a struggle between to states: Truth and Lie.
    Their is lot written about him and how his doctrine spread across the Western world in a complicated fashion. but this is a little sample from Wiki on him:


  12. afteryouwakeup says:

    Exactly my way of thinking. Philosophy must be practical, it must be able to be used in everyday situations. And yet, it’s such a great level of enlightenment when you have a gorgeous woman in your hands. Life is so simple, so far away of perplexed philosophical thoughts.

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