Life is Here and Now


Life is a mysteryLife may be anything, but never our logics and calculations. Our religionists and spiritualists, scientists and social thinkers are exploring life in their own ways. But still by and large our life is quite elusive and evasive. This existence is functioning on a saga of infinite dimension. At the end of the day our answer is: ‘surrender and wonder’, for we don’t know anything for sure in this paradigm of existence. Whatever the humanity has explored so far is just a ‘compromise’: our utility world to live together without much harm and violence. We have explored things and made our life more comfortable and more civilized and lawful and with that we have added a good chunk of misery too – an inevitable inheritance.


In this context, whatever we say or share is never can be an absolute truth. All the wisdoms and gospel truths we share and shout may at the most be a relative truth, a contextual truth. May be true in a context, may be a hint or guide in a context, not necessarily true in a different or all contexts. Life is like that. It’s an EVER FLOWING FORCE.  Each moment and context is unique and different. Whatever told and defined by us or others in the past is in the context of those moments, we can never define the moments yet to come, nor can we define and confine this moment with the definition of dead and past definitions. Each moment of life is new and unique. Each moment of life is a NEW DEFINITION. Safe to say LIFE IS HERE AND NOW. Even if you try to search for the here and now: you are bound to miss the very next moment. This is the mystery of life. It’s simply a collateral blunder as good as death to live either in past or in future for LIFE IS ALWAYS HERE AND NOW. If we are ‘here and now’ totally, we need not feel afraid of dead ‘here-before’ or yet to occur ‘here-after’. Our ‘here and now’ is enough to answer our so called existing or non-existing ‘here-before’ as well as ‘here-after’ life. It answers our ‘death’ too. Yes, life is here and now.

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19 Responses to Life is Here and Now

  1. Ginger says:

    To Live My Life to the Fullest

    “…At the end of the day our answer is: ‘surrender and wonder’, for we don’t know anything for sure in this paradigm of existence.”

    As the saying goes, ‘the only certain thing in life is the uncertainty,’ I often wonder about the things that I don’t know, always trying to search for the answer, and for most of us, it’s the question of our existence and fearing of death. I was certain that I knew the answer to one and that is death, this is one of the certain things in my life, all of us, and that we all will die eventually, with this answer, I knew to live my life to the fullest. As far as my existence, I’m not too worried about that, as long as I know myself, I have the answer, I knew the reason of my existence.

  2. sulochanosho says:

    Yes Ginger, you have very aptly and rightly put it there: “to live my life the fullest”, and this is the answer for our many fears including the only certainty called “death” too.

  3. Sanjay M says:

    One person is being ambitious and aggressive and hardly ever resting but continuosly taking on new challenges. I am not talking about extremes but lets say he is also helpful to others and is generous in sharing what he earns with those whom he thinks they deserve and will use it to better their lives by their own efforts (rather than just live off it).

    Or is it to stay calm and reserved and live a quiet peaceful life, being helpful to those who are around oneself, and being generous only with time and love and words with those who come looking for him/her. Again I’m not talking about extremes like being lazy and complacent.

    So who is better living life to the fullest?

    sulochanosho adds:

    No guarantee! Both may go miserable. Or both may excel in their own way provided they go in a life-affirmative way. All are contributing in their own way, provided as Sanjay points out, that they do not take a blind extreme way. After all, on this earth no two things are alike. Even twins are poles apart. That’s the way of life.

    Be ‘quiet’, but that doesn’t mean ‘inactivity’. Be ‘active’ but that doesn’t mean ‘quietlessness’.

  4. Sanjay M says:

    For the first case, by ambitious and aggressive, lets assume he’s not getting restless and obsessive about it like most people in the rat race get into.

    Ok here’s a story I had received a long time ago, in an email:

    We need a shark! – A Motivational Story about Life Challenges

    Here is a story which had inspired me. It makes me think. Why should we be afraid of challenges? It is all there for a reason. One of it is to make us be better people. Or to prepare us for better future. Just like how our Prophet Muhammad was faced with tremendous tests throughout his life. But it was all for a reason. To prepare himself for he is to become a Prophet. Here is your story. Enjoy:

    The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But the waters close to Japan have not held many fish for decades. So to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats got bigger and went farther than ever.

    The farther the fishermen went, the longer it took to bring in the fish. If the return trip took more than a few days, the fish were not fresh.
    The Japanese did not like the taste.

    To solve this problem, fishing companies installed freezers on their boats.
    They would catch the fish and freeze them at sea. Freezers allowed the boats to go farther and stay longer. However, the Japanese could taste the difference between fresh and frozen and they did not like frozen fish.

    The frozen fish brought a lower price. So fishing companies installed fish tanks. They would catch the fish and stuff them in the tanks, fin to fin. After a little thrashing around, the fish stopped moving. They were tired and dull, but alive. Unfortunately, the Japanese could still taste the difference. Because the fish did not move for days, they lost their fresh-fish taste. The Japanese preferred the lively taste of fresh fish, not sluggish fish.

    So how did Japanese fishing companies solve this problem? How do they get fresh-tasting fish to Japan? If you were consulting the fish industry, what would you recommend?

    How Japanese Fish Stay Fresh:

    To keep the fish tasting fresh, the Japanese fishing companies still put the fish in the tanks. But now they add a small shark to each tank. The shark eats a few fish, but most of the fish arrive in a very lively state. The fish are challenged.
    Have you realized that some of us are also living in a pond but most of the time tired & dull, so we need a Shark in our life to keep us awake and moving? Basically in our lives Sharks are new challenges to keep us active and taste better…
    The more intelligent, persistent and competent you are, the more you enjoy a challenge.

    “If your challenges are the correct size, and if you are steadily conquering those challenges, you are Conqueror. You think of your challenges and get energized. You are excited to try new solutions. ”

    Apart from the sort of sadism involved I guess it’s a kind of challenges that makes a point about staying active to stay fresh.

    My question to readers (including sulochanosho, for I feel any good writer would be a reader of what one writes before subjecting it to others 😉 ) :
    are continuosly facing challenges needed to live life to the fullest?

  5. Sanjay M says:

    Also see this story… and as the original post says, this is in a different context… gives another perspective:

    I am already doing that!

    The Mexican fisherman, who is a great fisherman; he is able to get enough fish for his family and friends in just a couple of hours of work. An MBA sees this fisherman and tells how he can maximize profits and get a couple more boats into the water and bring in a large income by maximizing his fishing. The fisherman says to the MBA, ” and then what”? The MBA says, “you could then sell the company as an IPO and make millions and buy anything you want.” And the fisherman says, “and then what”? The MBA says, “you could retire and just fish for a couple of hours and enjoy life.” The fisherman says, “I am already doing that”.
    Sorce: Review of the 4 hour work week

  6. sulochanosho says:

    First of all let me thank or congratulate Sanjay that he has made us wake up with his true-to-life stories. Many and more times, it’s true that it’s ‘assigned challenges’ that may make our life thrilling and joyful. Quite often, so called passive peaceful stuff may turn us into a resigned and restrained life without much thrills or vibes.

    Life is so simple but it may not be so simple to understand! Basically, it’s because, LIFE IS MULTIDIMENSIONAL. Whenever one seer or wiseman says a thing about life, he’s just touching a small tiny side of the life. He may be true, but if we take the whole dimensions of life that saying may go wrong or ‘half-truth’. Seldom we fail to see life in totality. Manytimes, controversies and fighting of point of view may happen, because each one is seeing life from a different dimension or angle. Both are right or both are wrong- right when we view the specific context, wrong when we take the whole multidimensional context. Acceptance, mutual trust and respect may arise when both the persons can see and penetrate into this reality of “multifaceted dimensions of life”.

  7. Ginger says:

    Life is full of mystery and full of problem for us to solve, what’s considered a problem for one person might be a challenge for another. It’s all on how you look at it and how much fun you have solving life little mystery and how you overcome that obstacle. Personally I think that problem in our life is a good thing, at least it gives us challenge and test our ability to solve problems, at least we know that we are still breathing and living (some might have that adrenaline rush.) Let just hope that the problems that we are facing is not destroying our lives, giving up hope and the will to live.

    An expression that I’ve heard and really like, but not sure of the original source,

    “God created 2 ends to our bodies, one end is to stand on and the other is to think, success in life depends on which end we use the most.”

    I think it’s something to think about, some of us might need to do some serious soul searching. I hope that we don’t use the end to stand, just for standing, why standing in one place. I think god intended for us to use that end to walk, to run, and while we are at it, use the other end to think. I think those that are successful in life would use one end to walk, the other end to think, then eyes looking for opportunities, mouth engaging in conversation, networking if you want to call it, and ears to listen to others because they might have fresh ideas that you might not think of. But then again, everyone recipe in life is different, but at bottom, we should do what makes us happy because I measure my success by my happiness. 😉

  8. Sanjay M says:

    — Life is full of mystery and full of problem for us to solve, what’s considered a problem for one person might be a challenge for another.

    Yeah this reminds me of Richard Bach’s quote…

    “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts”

  9. Cafedog says:

    We are in the here and now even in our emotional experience. For example:
    one might feel guilt or anger for something in the past, or feel anxious or fear for something in the future.
    The thinking mind might see these past or present “somethings” as a true objects. the reality is that we have these Feelings TOWARDS the past and future, from the present moment. The actual experience of these feelings in the here the now.
    the mind- body experience in the instant of here and now, is the gage of truth we have, even though that truth is never Absolutely knowable.
    –good post!

    sulochanosho adds:

    Cafedog makes again some intriguing and iteresting point there, instant insight!

  10. Madhu says:

    It is impossible to experience or to know the “here and now”.

    So it is a myth.

    sulochanosho adds:

    … and so is the myth. This myth too is a myth! There’s no end! (please, told in a lighter sense!)

  11. Madhu says:

    Actually you are precisely and seriously right, Sulochan.

    There is no end to the chain of myth follwoing myth.

  12. Cafedog says:

    Is it possible to experience the there, then or future? Can one experience where he is not ? Can one know the past of the future? or where he is not, I say they are myth, as ALL knowledge is myth. But our very decision to acknowledge, reject, accept is within our full body experiencing…
    If i cannot experience the here and now… which is the instantaneous active being of me? what can i experience?

  13. Madhu says:

    “If i cannot experience the here and now… which is the instantaneous active being of me?”

    The throbbing pulse, the beat of the heart and the compression and the expansion of ur lungs etc, etc…… are the only activities that ur/my instantaneous activities.

    Any thing we experience thro the knowledge has nothing to do with the “here and now”.

    Unfortunately, we cannot experience anything without the aprior knowledge put in our knowledge bank.

    It is that knowledge bank which acts as a generator of varities of experiences.

  14. Madhu says:

    Why there is a demand in us to experience anything?
    What prompts us to do so?

  15. sulochanosho says:

    Animals out there in the Jungle don’t require an Oxford Dictionary to Refer to:

    It’s very true, our so called experiencing is always censored, mixed, influenced and intercepted by various factors like our culture, environment, our reading and listening, our knowledge bank, our book bank, our conditioning and teachings and so many stuffs that are churned out day in and day out, on an unending cycle. That way, our so called ‘expereinces’ are just ‘perversions’ or some sort of ‘conversions’. U G Krishnamurti has dealt with this ‘experiencing’ stuff in a very stabbing way. ‘Experiencing’ may mean different things for different people. In a sense whatever we experience is not at all ‘pure or straight’! It’s has a good mixture of our various wanted/unwanted outer or inner ingredients in it. Ultimately experiencing may end in experiencing the non-experience! Absolutely speaking, the demand to experience makes our experience more perverted and converted.
    Experiencing has different shades and layers. Many times we trap ourselves in ‘word plays’. Our animals there in the jungle may not have this problem; they may not have much filtered experiencing for they need not watch TV, they need not refer to Oxford Dictionaries or Encyclopedias, they need not read such great books and thoughts of the stalwarts. There the experiencing is more spontaneous and straight! They never think and sink in terms of knowing, not knowing, past, present, future, guilt, god, heaven, hell, salvation and so many value chains and holy sermons!

  16. Madhu says:

    It is the frame that makes or forms the picture.

    sulochanosho adds:

    The vested and wasted powers of the society are just interested in that:
    “taming and framing wahtever that is beautiful, spontaneous, powerful and natural”!

  17. Madhu says:

    Knowledge blocks the action that can happen “here and now”.

  18. sulochanosho says:

    Life by nature is a state of ‘isness’. But the greedy mankind has reduced the life into a flat state of ‘business’.

  19. cafedog says:


    The businessman desires, with greed, to be more than what he is.
    His business is to consume and bloat until he can no longer see what he truly is.

    sulochanosho adds

    Cafedog’s, enticing earthly poetical lines there!

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