Religions: Godly Garbages

We are sorry, if we are hurting the religious sentiments there. The other side of the hidden roaring reality is always there smiling at us. No veils or evils can seal it for that is the only living force.

No Garbages!

Religions are just a bunch of dead relics and bones worth for a big bonfire there in celebration of our life and humanity here and now. More violence and wars are waged in the name of religions and blind faiths. Religions and regulations are there only to tame and contain the stray dogs and stray people in the name of civilized society and culture. The anchors of religions and regulations are in the unholy hands of priests and politicians. The societies and masses are framed that way. It may serve the utilitarian purpose and agenda and nothing more than that.

But the paradox is that this existence and life force neither knows what all these religions and regulations are about, nor it cares those chains and checks. Our life is an ever living, reviving, renewing dynamic force; all the past sermons, scriptures, wisdoms, religions, prophets, saviours, messiahs and all such things are just ‘dead corpses’ before our life force and flow. Such is the beauty and dynamism of this life force and existence.

Life is never in the dead pages of the religious relics and books. The whole world may glorify and sanctify the so called holy books of religions and sermons. But that is just an act not less than that of a suicide venture and an explicit insult to the life force. It keeps the humanity buried in the chunk of dead debris or godly garbages eternally. It shuts the door to see oneself in an here and now flow. In the paradigm of this existence and life force, there are fewer things to learn and more things to unlearn.

Ha Relics of Religions and Bones!

All the so called hypes and sermons that are not in our very living life force are a farce of biggest calamity and misery on this earth. A small thing that is alive in our life force is more real and flowering than a mountain of holy dead debris buried out there.

Can’t we read our own LIFE here, instead of escaping and reading the dead printed, perverted, churned out books or relics out there to find solutions for our false salvations? Escape or live life, choice is ours.

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29 Responses to Religions: Godly Garbages

  1. hughstan says:

    Good post.

    Entirely agree. The only difference, though there may not be any, is that when you talk of life force, apparently considering it to be a singular and individual human entity, I think of life force as representing a considered intervention by a totality of lifeforce in which individual life force is part..

  2. sulochanosho says:

    Thank you hughstan, you have refined the things there and you are aptly true there.

  3. Pheras says:

    I assume that this the ultimate purpose of religions at large. Most religions state that you may not argue with its teachings, nor question them. This results in making religion establishing an effect similar to the glass ceiling effect: You may only choose to follow religion, but you may not question it. This very premise defies the purpose that religions actually preach for (which is to reach a higher level of consciousness), because in religion, you are only allowed to receive whatever is handed to you, but you may not look further, or delve deeper for further explanations or answers. Of course, this whole concept was fabricated in order to protect religions from being disposed. Because knowledge is power, and the first step to acquiring knowledge is questioning. And questions eventually lead to conclusions, which is that religions are ultimately rubbish.

    But what I truly hate, is how religions contain chapters of loop holes covered by typical cliche statements. A good example is how the Church in the Middle Ages dismissed knowledge and education as tools of “promiscuity of the mind”. Because promiscuity of the mind eventually leads to “promiscuity” of the soul.

    I will definitely check out your blog for more posts. It is refreshing to see somebody who is willing to explore beyond the limits that religion tries to dictate on us.

  4. sulochanosho says:

    Pheras, your apt words here speak ‘what it is’. There’s much more substance and force in your words there. I am happy. a line of similar thinking is there to align.

    I randomly went thru your good blog too, on a fast mode. Many striking, triggering thoughts are there. I do come back leisurely and visit there.

  5. Madhu says:

    A religion must be an individual affair. No authority or organization or political power should have a say in it.

    The moment an authority enters in what is considered to be an individual choice, what Pheras has indicated will follow.

  6. Sanjay M says:

    I don’t think any founder of any religion really was interested in founding a religion, it was more the followers. I bet the last thing Jesus would’ve wanted is to establish a closed circle of society called Christianity where only you need to become a club member (i.e. convert to the religion ) to gain whatever priviledges. Nor did Buddha ever want anyone to label themselves as Buddhists.

    Not that I advocate any because I wholeheartedly agree with Madhu when he says a religion must be an individual affair… but if there is one religion, if it can be called that, which does not talk about accepting everything is Buddhism. For example in the Kalama Sutta, Buddha encourages everyone to question, to doubt, to see for themselves without blindly believing, and – unique in the history of religions – to question even what he himself has said until they are sure for themselves! There is a saying that the Dharma is like processing gold, first it has to be burnt, hammered through questions and honest inquiry, before it can be extracted and then can be moulded into any ornament for oneself!

    One thing I feel is that its not that religion is the cause for all the violence, if not for religion there would’ve been something else. We see that even within the same religion, there is trouble amongst different castes and the tragedy is that this is even with so-called educated elite people. Religion is merely another escape – yet another outward occupation of the mind as an excuse from taking the daring journey inwards.

    Osho makes an amazing statement in his dying days – that ‘its not that history is repeating itself, its the blindness of man, his ignorance, that is repeating itself again and again!’

  7. Sanjay M says:

    Caste is one of the bricks, language etc could be another one as well. Here’s a related excerpt from H2G2…

    The Universe, as has been observed before, is an unsettlingly big place, a fact which for the sake of a quiet life most people tend to ignore.

    Many would happily move to somewhere rather smaller of their own devising, and this is what most beings in fact do.

    For instance, in one corner of the Eastern Galactic Arm lies the large forest planet Oglaroon, the entire ”intelligent” population of which lives permanently in one fairly small and crowded nut tree. In which tree they are born, live, fall in love, carve tiny speculative articles in the bark on the meaning of life, the futility of death and the importance of birth control, fight a few extremely minor wars, and eventually die strapped to the underside of some of the less accessible outer branches. In fact the only Oglaroonians who ever leave their tree are those who are hurled out of it for the heinous crime of wondering whether any of the other trees might be capable of supporting life at all, or indeed whether the other trees are anything other than illusions brought on by eating too many Oglanuts.

    Exotic though this behaviour may seem, there is no life form in the Galaxy which is not in some way guilty of the same thing…

    The Irony of Caste:

  8. Sanjay M says:

    Lyrics of a Song from John Lennon:
    (his story is quite interesting including his journey to India)…

    Title: John Lennon – Imagine lyrics

    Artist: John Lennon

    Print: John Lennon – Imagine Lyrics print version

    Imagine there’s no Heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace

    You may say that I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world

    You may say that I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one

  9. sulochanosho says:

    Fitting lines of John Lennon there!

    Sanjay has thrown here very ‘salty’ excerpts, thank you.

    I did go thru the ‘Irony of Caste’ on Sanjay’s blog there; it shows an amazing live picture of caste virus there, real Basavanna, the 12th century revolutionary reformer, [read in Wikipedia] and false worshipping establishment, social dilemma, hypocricy and so on there.

  10. Lao Ren Cha says:

    If you persist in deluding yourself that it is religions that “…are just a bunch of dead relics and bones worth [sic] for a big bonfire there in celebration of our life and humanity here and now,” then you are the same as any religious follower, because you are compelled to mesmerize yourself with your own addictive fantasies.

    All “knowledge” — philosophy, science, art, medicine, history, mathematics, etc. — comprises nothing but dead relics. All thought is a dead relic. All words are dead relics. Your “identity” is a dead relic. Your “memories” and opinions and beliefs are dead relics. YOU are a dead relic, and you — the dead relic — are in love with hundreds and millions of other dead relics.

    Understand this and be quiet — about “religion,” and about whatever other bogus notions you robotically convert into scapegoats for your own dead pleasure.

    sulochanosho adds:

    Thank you, Lao Ren Cha! Ha, a good thought there! We luv not only assenting but dissenting views too.

  11. sulochanosho says:

    “YOU are a dead relic….”: that’s what it is. Be totally dead, and the life starts!

  12. sulochanosho says:

    Life does’t know any bounds. In fact life does’t know anything. Life is just it is. Life is YOU, not your confined religions or sermons.

  13. Madhu says:

    I want to worship the age old coconut tree with its majesty and grandeur in the backyard of my house.


    I want to worship a stone I found while I was waliking to the top of a hillock in my village. I was mesmerised by the beauty of it and I see God in it.

    Why do I need to ask for the permission from the authorities of Buddhism or Christianity or Hinduism to do so??????

    It is my private affair. Whether my worshiop of a tree or a stone falls in line with the principles of any religion or not, I don’t care. I do not give damn to what religions or religious authorities say about it.

  14. sulochanosho says:

    Frozen Carcasses:

    Enough of borrowing from the frozen carcasses of religions. Are we not alive?! Have we not blessed and bestowed with bones and brain with inbuilt intelligences and life-force? Has not the existence blessed us with ‘eyes’ to ‘see’ directly? Why eating the carcasses? ENOUGH OF ASSAULTING AND INSULTING OUR LIFE. I am sure the younger generation, yet to be born new babies see it directly from their being. They don’t need carcasses, only if we deep-rooted perverted entities may not pollute them and pump them with poisons like frozen sermons, religions and relics.

  15. sulochanosho says:

    The perversion of this mankind is that quite often we are interested in substitutes and prostitutes, not in our SELF.

  16. sulochanosho says:

    All the so called DEFINITIONS created by the mankind are just the strokes of chains, and they at best may help the mankind remain choked.

  17. Rohit Sharma says:

    Thanks for visiting my page… 🙂
    I like your thoughtful post… Your punch line appealed me..
    “Religions are just a bunch of dead relics and bones worth for a big bonfire there in celebration of our life and humanity here and now.”

    On the other hand the need of religion for masses can’t be denied. All populace may not possess decision making IQ, they need sumthing to follow. At least for me this phenomenon in evolution keeps me in discipline.

  18. sulochanosho says:

    Rohit Sharma’s saying, “All populace may not possess decision making IQ, they need sumthing to follow”, is more significant in more than one ways.

    But some how, there’s going on a vicious circle like the Mass vs Class people. Our masses are systematically tamed and pruned so by a few bunches of privileged class people. It’s going on. Our masses are far more capable and potential. Let us facilitate their actualization rather than blindly “imposing” or “forcing” religions and sermons on them.

    It’s always the wisdom of the masses that counts more and nobody can stop that, once it emerges.

  19. Sanjay M says:

    interesting video… 🙂

  20. sulochanosho says:

    Enlightenment: Nithyananda’s Play Toy:

    Thank you Sanjay, for providing the video clip there.

    There one, Mr. Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda is repeating and rehearsing the good old enlightenment stuff just like a dressed up parrot or decorated robot. He is referring enlightenment in terms of marketing, techniques, churning mills and achievements. To give techniques to produce enlightenment is the most unenlightened and ugly act on this earth. He is blissfully ignorant there in reducing enlightenment from ‘being’ to ‘becoming’.

    The simple sense is that: you can not borrow wisdom from the storage bank and operate. That holds good only in our mundane world of utility and functionality; never in the domain of existentiality and life force.

    I have great respect for Buddha and his teachings, but that will never prevent me from asserting that no buried or stored sutra is an answer to the ever reviving dynamic flow of the existential life force. No dead and past sutras, however great they may be, can touch this here and now life force. Truth lives from moment to moment in the here and now flow of life, and to define or confine it in terms of any glorified past sutras or sermons is at best a mockery and futile attempt.

    I am not questioning this Mr. Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s intension- he may have a good and great intention. But, many times it’s our good and great intension that kills more. I can only say, “Oh Existence, excuse us for we know not what we are doing”.

    Instead of sitting on his golden throne and throwing holy sermons on the gullible people, let this Mr.Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda, if he is so earnest and noblest, give his so called enlightenment technique to Mr. President Bush; if this technique makes the US President enlightened, then that can bring a great deal of relief and peace on this earth and more follows. Go ahead Mr Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Good Luck!

    Search this very LIFE of you, never the dead debris.

  21. imabbb says:

    The whole world may glorify and sanctify the so called holy books of religions and sermons. But that is just an act not less than that of a suicide venture and an explicit insult to the life force.

    I couldn’t agree more, especially the part about people glorifying the holy books of religion. When people mindlessly delegate their entire belief system to the pages of an old book (or the words of a religious leader) they insult the creator. Why? Because if God created us in his own image (with intelligence, curiosity, reason, and capacity for logic), then he himself must possess these traits. Furthermore, it follows that he must value them as well.

    How disappointing it must be to the creator when someone pushes these wonderful gifts aside to blindly follow the written or oral words of mere mortals, disregarding the tools that God himself provided to examine the world and discern the truth.

    Here is a thought to ponder. Religious people generally think that accepting their creed differentiates them from others, those they call unbelievers, infidels, pagans, heretics and the like. I agree! Unfortunately, I think they have it backwards.

    Perhaps God created religion to find out who among us would be willing to shirk the moral obligation to diligently seek him personally. Perhaps God wanted to see who would have the courage to reject religion and question the status quo (much the same way Jesus was reported to have done when he refuted the Pharisees). It is possible, even likely, that God gave us the gifts of intelligence, curiosity, reason, and the capacity for logic so that each of us would find genuine faith and not accept the pale, man-made imitation of faith that we call religion.

    One can choose to blindly be lead by others. As for me, I choose to use my God-given gifts to question what has been handed to me by others before I swallow it whole out of fear or laziness or lack of confidence in my own divinity. If there is a day of judgment and I stand before God to account for my life, at least I will be able to look him in the eye and say, “I may have been right, I may have been wrong, but at least I didn’t take the easy way out. If nothing else, I tried to find the real you.”

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  23. sulochanosho says:

    Rhetoric Religionists:

    If some ants piss out, these so called religionists hiss out like a cobra. So shallow and hallow is their belief system; leave apart they don’t have any being state there for they know not what it is.

  24. sulochanosho says:

    The other day I came across the following beautiful quotes:

    ‘I don’t believe in an afterlife, so I don’t have to spend my whole life fearing hell, or fearing heaven even more. For whatever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven would be even worse.’
    Isaac Asimov

    ‘A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.’
    Thomas Jefferson

    ‘When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called Religion.’
    Robert M. Pirsig

    These quotes I found on: LINK

    Another interesting link on a book entitled, God is not Great

  25. bloggersiva says:

    Hi, sulochanosho, its not easy for all to write this kind of blogs, those who have had experienced this much of experience will be a modern saint, or a writter, or a reader or at least a love failure man/woman. hence i agree all your word, its true… highly sounded…

    well go ahead, inform your blogs every time which i would like to do with much interesting….

  26. sulochanosho says:

    I stumbled upon a good post on our religions:

  27. sulochanosho says:

    There Bill Maher says,

    “Religion is mankind’s invention to deal with his neurological disorder.”

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