Wisdom Stored is Wisdom Frozen

Actionwise!Wisdom stored is as good as a frozen body out there devoid of life. No plastic flower is a substitute for a vibrant live flower. The dynamism of life force is that it flows, revives, renews on its own in an ever emerging spectrum of new moments and spontaneous actions. No two moments are the same. Birth and death are happening every moment. One emerged moment is purged only to give way to a next emerging moment. Life force traverses and transcends on the wheels of moments. Life is always now, here, and nowhere. That’s the way of life. That’s the way this existential world moves and lives. No imparted knowledge or wisdoms, no preached enlightenments or sermons, no founded religions or scriptures are of any relevance there. When considered in the light of this move of the life force, by their very nature all our so called stored religions and scriptures, knowledge and such devised systems can only remain good enough to produce defined second hand humans, robotic might and utility society. Not wrong with that and that’s the way the utilitarian world is run and ruled.

In fact our very over-obsession with the borrowed knowledge, borrowed experiences and wisdoms would tend to create a rock like stumbling block in us, perfectly preventing us from ‘seeing’ the very face of this existential life force; perfectly preventing us from ‘living’ in the very flow of this life force.

Action alone speaks Our so called good citizens of the society are not necessarily the good citizens of the life force. Our good citizens of the society and culture are cultivated. On the contrary good citizens of the life force are less cultivated and more facilitated. Our stored and borrowed truths and sermons are just can only be as good as dead and they can never touch the life force. The dynamism of the life force is in the spontaneous wisdom that arises in our here and now life-affirmed actions.

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8 Responses to Wisdom Stored is Wisdom Frozen

  1. imabbb says:

    The dynamism of the life force is in the spontaneous wisdom that arises in our here and now life-affirmed actions.

    Great post. I would like to add another thought. The dynamism of the life force is made possible in part by the existence of time.

    Dynamism, or change, is possible only within the framework of time. In addition to the present, there must have been a past before the spontaneous wisdom had emerged, and a future in which the wisdom is known. This, I believe, is the purpose of earthly existence; time brings change, change brings growth, and growth brings maturity. Let me explain.

    If it is the case that God is perfect and never changes, then it follows that he exists in an eternity in which there is no time because time inevitably brings change. Now suppose that God decides to create people and further decides to grant us free will. In order for us to be able to exercise our free will and go on to learn, grow, mature and experience spontaneous wisdom as a result of the choices we make, time would have to exist.

    Assuming that the spiritual realm is timeless, God would have to create an environment in which time did exist. Voila! The physical universe is born, and we into it.

    There are a lot of assumtions in this, but it is an intersting idea, yes?

  2. sulochanosho says:

    There’s indeed a pragmatic dynamism and wisdom in what imabbb
    says there. There are, as poited out, plenty of scope for multitudes of assumptions. The foremost may be to assume our own life now. Thank you imabbb for your quite pragmatic as well as profound points there, which are worth to be pondered over.

  3. Rohit Sharma says:

    Great writing…


    My wisdom tells me that the dynamism of spontaneous wisdom are the tiny packets thoughtons (like photons) which gets accumulated in an area (so called brain).

    These signals in eternity are ‘created due to’ and ‘regulated by’ our actions. It is a gradual phenomenon which we can not easily comprehend. Once we start visualising this dimension. We start enjoying the metaphysical world.

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  5. destinationinfinity says:

    Nice post. But knowledge in its very essence is very much borrowed. So are experiences and wisdoms. This being an obstacle to the life force is understandable. But to realize the life force in its purest form, I guess only the new borns could qualify, if that is the criterion.

  6. Nice post it was really useful…

  7. sulochanosho says:

    Thanks, @destinationinfinity for your views and expression.
    Yes in a sense new borns are qualified to have the unadulterated life force, but the adults are more qualified to have it only if they dare to open their ‘eyes’ and ‘see’ it – it’s so simple. But simple things are not always ‘that simple’!

    Thanks, @Dilip Prakash for your views and expressions. Do keep sharing your views.

  8. saranblog says:

    cool buddy..ur blog is too technical and informative..nice review

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