Scrap those Crap Psychologists and Psychiatrists

There is no second thought that the contribution of our psychologists and thinkers in their devout attempt to understand the life and behaviour of the humanity is great – whether it is Freud fries your Sex Libido Sigmund Freud’s (‘Sick Mind Fraud’) Psychoanalysis (‘sexoanalysis’) or Pavlov’s Conditioned Learning (‘dog’s saliva’) or Positive (‘pose’) Psychology or Existential (‘extinct’) Psychology or in terms many (e)merging current innovative psychological thinking (‘stinking’) theories. But all great things are not necessarily great when the paradigm of the flow of our life and existence is focussed in its totality – no one can stand there. Life is always beyond these defined theories and boundaries of ‘Psychology’. ‘Psychology’ can never touch LIFE. Our psychologists and psychotherapists are dangerously playing with the ‘lives’ of the humanity.

This great army of bookish, hawkish, rhetoric, repetitive and robotic psychologists in the name of ‘healing’ is always harming and fooling the life force and the humanity at large. Our outer psychologists and psychiatrists are so programmed and trained that they can never touch the subtle petals or layers of life – they are there profoundly programmed and stuck to play with the grosser layers of the lives of the people. Today the so called ‘psychology and psychiatry sermon-like junks’ are so much pumped in our daily life style that even a common man has forgotten to know that he has a biology and body there! It’s a dangerous situation there. First thing first – the simplest reality is that we are biology and body imbibing with tremendous force of intelligence and sensibility. Our body and biology are so unique that they never need to learn the so called ‘junk psychology’ from the mouths of psychologists and psychiatrists – it’s an insult and assault to our body force and life. Even the so called Biological Psychology floated by the psychologists, would tend to study the human beings in a robotic and so called scientific ‘lab rat’ way.

It may appear that our psychologists and psychotherapists are playing a very vital role in the maimed world there, but it is not so when conceived from a larger perspective of our life force and existence.

Today our psychology and psychiatry industries are so well founded and established that we can never escape from their iron clutches and claws. On the sidelines it is construed that the ‘psychology elements/ evils’ are in great demand by the politicians, the priests and the commercial establishments to tame and maim the minds of the people, in the larger run of harvesting the ‘vested/ twisted interest’.

We understand, U.G. Krishnamurti was very vocal, vociferous and aggressively inimical in rejecting this so called ivory tower ‘psychology stuff’ forced on the life. We do need a rethinking, just not to be carried away by many ‘profound junks’ that are unintentionally or otherwise floated on our life.

Our small dissenting voice here may appear amusing and abusing. But many similar voices are already there – things are bound to emerge. Randomly one or two links are given below in support of this singular minority view:

Why Psychiatry has Failed?
Dr. Tana Dineen: a renegade psychologist
Are We Manufacturing Victims? by Dr. Tana Dineen
Psychoanalysis & Sigmund Freud: A skeptic’s view of Psychoanalysis

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Please note: Nothing is oneman’s work or mission. Please be part of this small ‘hammering’ mission and be part of the history. Your views may speak more than you assume in this mission. Do air and share your views/comments in these pages. Let’s do it together.

19 Responses to Scrap those Crap Psychologists and Psychiatrists

  1. Madhu says:

    Interestingly animals do not have either psychological or sexual problems.

    They do not give damn for Freud or his descendants.

  2. Madhu says:

    ‘Mind is a myth’.
    ‘For me there is no such thing called Psyche’.
    ‘The brain is only a reactor and not a creator’.

    UG sweeps all the analysts of the brain aside and gives better value to the neurologists than the psychologists and psychiatrists.

  3. Madhu says:

    ‘Healing through Hypnotism’ is another junk stuff.

  4. Madhu says:

    The question:

    ‘What is normal (sane) and what is abnormal (insane)???’
    ‘Who is normal (sane) and who is abnormal (insane)???’

    has no answer.

  5. sulochanosho says:


    A Scientist dissects the Brain, an Addict eats the Brown Sugar, but both of them there miss the ‘Being’. Happiness absconds both of them for ‘happiness’ is neither in the brain, nor in the brown sugar.

  6. cafedog says:

    As someone who has been diagnosed with “bipolar disorder” in the U S i can tell you there is alot of crap in psychiatry today. However there are a few great thinkers that came out psychology in its history. Humanistic therapy and psychology focuses on the individual gaining greater self awareness so that his nature human intuition can find freedom from his ego ailments. Some of those are Carl Rogers, (who inspired reflective listening and emotional vocabulary) and Fritz and Laura Perls who created Gestalt therapy. I found freedom with Gestalt. Sadly the humanistic therapies have been pushed to the side today.

  7. sulochanosho says:

    Eccentric NoThoughts:

    “Religion has invented that wonderful thing called charity. It is the most vicious and vulgar thing that we have done. Nature has provided us with a bounty. But we are individually responsible for the inequities of the world.”

    “Thought is opposed fundamentally to the functioning of this living organism.”

    “The certainty that I have that there is no mind is something which cannot be transmitted to anybody, however hard I may try. You are not ready to accept this statement because the very thing which we are using to communicate is in jeopardy.”

    “Thought is something dead and can never touch anything living. It cannot capture life, contain it, and give expression to it. The moment it tries to touch life, it is destroyed by the living quality of life.”
    – UG

    Randomly slected from the source:
    Thought is Your Enemy: Mind-Shattering Conversations with the Man called U.G.

  8. sulochanosho says:

    When Cafedog syas “I found freedom with Gestalt”,
    I understand it’s coming from his first-hand experience. I appreciate it. I do sense there is some ‘salt’ in Gestalt. There they are more ‘holistic’, they move on a ‘here and now’ paradigm and they do not split ‘body and mind’.

    Perls maintains that we do not have a body but rather: “We are a body, we are somebody”.

    Perls also explicitly states that the “mental-physical” or “mind-body” split is a totally artificial one, and that to concentrate one either term in the dichotomy is to preserve neurosis, not to cure it. . .

    However, many good things when it tends to come through made thoughts and models, it loses some life force.

  9. sulochanosho says:

    Zen’s Notion:

    It is a Zen notion that mind and body are not one, not two, but between one and two!

  10. cafedog says:

    and in Perls and goodmans book: “Id, Ego, and Hunger” they speak of developing a personal “middle mode” which is between the id (body) and ego (mind construct).

    If we explore the Spatial distances between us or an environment (the spaces we created with our mind) we must use are full body as they are. (senses, emotion,thinking) we gain awareness of the very abstract nature of the world we created. This gestalt exploration, or “phenomenology” is a slow process. the freedoms we gain must just come. “trying” to become free, or effort foce, comes from the abstracts of the mind.

    Nothing comes quickly.

  11. cafedog says:

    i must always be aware of “Existential Crisis”. If try to control the world, or how the world acts, i have stepped out of my phenomenon, my holistic environment. This because my thinking mind wants to change my abstract world… When this happens i become angry or i feel pain. thus holistic feeling can be a guide, as i become more aware…
    The paradox is e that any time i act on a value, do what “feels” right, I must do so and accept that there are consequences….In the end we all must make “leaps of faith” in creating an ethical existence… I just accept the fact that “leaps of faith”, the mind, or anything i construct, is a slow timeless part of awareness, that comes from my physical existensce.

    Pain is beautiful, joy is beautiful. they are the same material, the same journey.

  12. saranblog says:

    hiii..your blog is nice.. i have blog rolled u.Hope u Blogs are and

  13. alcoholism and bipolar disorder

    alcoholism and bipolar disorder

  14. sulochanosho says:

    Hi Saran, your both the blogs saranblog and
    rarepics contain good and interesting reading/ viewing stuff. Thanks. I do keep visiting them once in a while.

  15. antiponsgarden says:

    that is what i call kicking the baby out with the washwater!
    friends can be great healers,but they can be helping to broom the dust under the carpet too,labeled..unseen!(well lousy coachs can do the same!)avoiding shadows in common feel cosy, but can be a costly mistake!one part of beeing a good therapist is beeing able to frustrate too!to be able to survive the great creativity tricks of “keeping things untouched”(one by the way,can be reinforcing the weak ego with “spiritualy” good sounding sophism!another,playing the hierachical accredited betterknower” )no thing is not nothing!finding out needs courage+is such a worthly adventure!syste

    beeing utterly upset myself upon the middleclass postmodern calming pill,un-therapy behavior or the most mainstream “well adapted”status quo franchise clergy,knowing the all scene very well ,in+out+from all sides.i would say…you might get the therapist fitting your expectations,if you are lazyminded …you end in trouble…it needs a good portion of healthy intuition to care that much for yourself that you dont end as victim of the system..i´s tuff…but real!…+they are few outthere who have resit pleasing the “game”!…looks up+whistle!

  16. sulochanosho says:

    Hi Christopherij, thanks for your simple pat that makes us great too!

  17. chris says:

    I am the “consumer”. not the consumed:

    “it needs a good portion of healthy intuition to care that much for yourself that you dont end as victim of the system.”

    This is a problem here in the U.S healthcare “system” and mental health system.

    Its also more than that: are myths created from all sides.
    The doctor is Supposed to” take care of you”. The educated professonial “knows whats best for you.” Their is a prescription drug to cure you.

    all myths.

    In my opinion, a doctor, therapist or psychiatrist is a professional that i pay for his educated opinion, advise, or service.
    — I never give away complete control to them, and if they are my docs i respect their opinions and judgment, and expect that they make human error.
    despite dismissing and being dismised by many doctors over the years, I think that i have had better success with the U.S system, than the average person.
    I am the “consumer”. not the consumed.

  18. sulochanosho says:

    In the context of ‘living’ life, UG somewhere tells:

    All the scientific, theological and psychological explanations have no meaning at all. Suppose you should tell the psychologists that the very foundation of your psychological thinking is meaningless, he will throw me out, calling me a lunatic or something. But that is so. And it is taking very deep roots; it is becoming a menace. We need a psychologist and a psychiatrist – that I am not disputing – for a mental case. But it is taking deep roots everywhere, like a religion. The psychiatrists is the modern counterpart of a priest now but he himself needs a psychiatrist – he himself.
    – UG

    *The above passage is sourced from the newly published book (2011), ‘The Biology of Enlightement’, edited by Mukunda Rao [Link]

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