Count on Essence, and Discount all Peripherals

Sense of EssenceDon’t glorify the skins of the mango, but just peel out the skin, enter in and eat the pulp of the fruit. More often we live and fight fanatically for the territory of covers and peripheral things. Thereby we shut the door and remain dumb and blind to the gist of essence and essential things of life.

Essence is the seed; peripheral things are just the erratic or random expansion and expression of the essence. When we operate from the essence, our peripheral things too gain meaning and relation. But when we forgo the essence and tend to play merely with peripheral things blindly, we are bound to uproot the essence and life force.

Fanaticisms, parochialism, discrimination, false fight for supremacy are all rooted and rampant in our peripheral living. As long as our senses only can sense the peripheral things and can not sense the essence, we lead a deprived miserable life, a false life, a fanatic life. That is what we see around us. We claim supremacy of our own borrowed religion and sermons. As long as we dare not enter the essence, we blindly cling to the words, morals, scriptures, books, rituals just like a baby monkey so that we fall not. When we see the essence, when we see the ‘actual’, there is absolutely no place for the ritual, blind sermons and scriptures.

Not only in the name of religions, but in almost all domains of our daily life we find there a rampant peripheral style of living. Political ideologies, philosophical schools of thoughts, moral and ethical schools tend to move abundantly on a peripheral track; somewhere they go off the root of essence and living life force.

The essence and essential things of life are one and the same existentially and universally. Our thinkers, seers, religionists, scientists and all are just making their own attempt to express the same. But the paradox is that this essence transcends all the expressed expressions and it is most catastrophic to cling to the expressed expressions.

Essence is the centre of life. The whole circle out there around the point of the centre is the periphery. From the centre point we will have the whole spectrum of the view, we have everything and the whole world is ours. But if we forsake the centre and sit on a point of periphery, we will have only that patch of the periphery territory and we miss the whole lot of the rest of bigger world.

When one enters into the essence, one starts seeing even the opposites as related and complemented.

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15 Responses to Count on Essence, and Discount all Peripherals

  1. Rohit says:

    Thought provoking write up, not to become copycat and to operate from essence we need Personal Quality Time. It is missing in our so called modern world. Most of our time is taken away by TV, Newspaper and Internet. Why we are so crazy running behind infotainment and getting away from essence.

    To discount all peripherals we need to check how much personal quality time we are having and what we are imparting to the new generations which are coming up in our homes.


  2. Nevis says:

    Very interesting….! 🙂

  3. cafedog says:

    we have woven such an un- ellegant existence to this point in our modern world. At what point does it drive us to search for freedom from it. Thus far it seem to be the choice of an individual, when the time comes to say: “I have had enough! where is the essence, before this tangled existence came to strangle it.”

    May existence give us the gift to recognize our essense! May it condemn us to it.

    Beautiful post Sulochanosho.

  4. sulochanosho says:

    Thank you Rohit, Nevis and Cafedog for your views and sharing.

  5. Ashwin says:

    Ok. Right through the end of the article, I did not find any meaning for the Essence part. I am going to be brutally honest. I read through the comments on this post of yours ( and made some observations based on my experience with the subtle side of life.

    Kick your master out, The Fire in you matters, non-existing past or future…

    Much of it to me is word play… even sophistry, rife with catchy phrases to which many people nod vigorously even when they don’t understand a thing (note that I said ‘many’. Some people really can make sense out of anything… sometimes even from nothing!! I am not one).

    And though it seems you reject all kinds of identification with philosophical school of thoughts, most of your views (and those you endorse) are pretty much of the new age, impersonalist (read veiled atheism) ideas.

    But don’t get me wrong. You have put an effort to bring out a blog and bravely share your views and there WILL be people who agree and identify themselves with those views. Good Luck!

  6. sulochanosho says:

    Our life force moves unheeded of whether we agree to disagree or agree to agree.

  7. cafedog says:

    The philosophers of the West, all the way back to the Greek philosopher always had a problem.
    There is no way to communicate philosophy with language.

    This is really evident when looking at nihilism or existence. how can we talk about the nature of conceptualization, when every word we use is based on conceptualization?

    So when dealing with the teachings of the likes of U.G, or Einstein or Heidegger, or the Perls or even Nietsche — its hard to find the best fit words.

    simple example. I can tell you about meditation all i want, but its up to you to discover what meditation is (and isnt). It done by your experience. my words are never adequate enough to describe experience.

    Why use words ? To inspire you or others to experience and discover, test whats right or wrong for your self. To share new ideas for others to “take with a grain of salt”.

  8. sulochanosho says:

    Really cafedog has put in there a sensible attempt to unlock the so called riddle of words we play with.

    Perhaps at least some sensible thing left there is to penetrate and sense the sense and essence hidden behind the words thrown there, rather than clinging to the mere peripheral words. An individual is always unique and he/she has abundant freedom in that sense.

    The so called encyclopedias, text-books which precisely define and bind the words and things are no answer to this ‘ever thriving life force’. No body is a master there. You are the master unto yourself.

  9. Ashwin says:

    “So when dealing with the teachings of the likes of U.G, or Einstein or Heidegger, or the Perls or even Nietsche — its hard to find the best fit words.”

    If its hard to find the best fit words, then the question also arises as to how one understands the volumes of written works correctly, as the authors actually meant it to be understood. If it is indeed not the case, such ‘knowledge’ is lost with the person writing those words in the first place… be it U.G, Einstein or whoever. Even your experiences based on the gained knowledge may not be what is intended.

    What one experiences is one’s own… need not be the same for another, as in my case. But that does not preclude the role that can be played by a ‘guide’ or ‘master’ or whatever name that is.

    “An individual is always unique and he/she has abundant freedom in that sense.”

    This is a statement which at best can be attributed and attested by each person to themselves alone.

    Reality, on the other hand, is far different.

  10. sulochanosho says:

    The device called Words is just one of the best available ‘means’ to reach the ‘end’. But the means themselves are not the ends. Paradoxically, sometimes the means themselves turn out to be a thorn or obstacle in reaching the goal or end. Means has a mere indicative role. Through our forefinger we point out at the moon high in the sky, for the child to see it. Once the child sees the moon on his own, the role of the forefinger is no more there. It also doesn’t mean that forefinger is the only way to see the moon. Nor the child can worship the finger and forget the moon. That’s the way of existence. Today there are thousands of religions and sects. Are they really so different and opposite? May be peripherally. Essence remains the same. Not only that, in the name and game of peripheral things, essence and life is bunked.

    Any way, thank you Ashwin for adding some churning and introspection there.

  11. Ashwin says:

    Might have chosen a better example than the finger and moon. I guess I see the problem with people. They tend to glorify the finger rather than the moon, when they ought to remain grateful towards the finger but not lose sight of the moon.

    But, though the essence might be the same in all religions… claiming that it can be understood, or even discovered, by self effort without guidance, or is kind of a stretch in belief and logic. Treating such a person(s) who guided us as being in a ‘indicative role’ is something which amounts to ingratitude and arrogance.

    I will be more specific in my contention: Define Essence. Can it be directly experienced, logically analyzed or verified by historical evidence?

  12. sulochanosho says:

    To expect gratitude is the greatest calamity of human mind and kind. This existence just functions. Rather a true sage or seer remains more grateful to the other person that somebody was there to listen to him, somebody cared to listen to him, somebody gave a space to operate his ego or sermons or wisdom, whatever it may be. For me expecting gratitude is the meanest attitude and that’s why the humanity is suffering, wars are waged. Our stinking, thinking mind has no bounds, it can pretend to prove/ disprove anything on this earth. The existence doesn’t know or care a bit of what is this knowledge and logic business.

    Trying and struggling to define and proving things are the peripheral things and our life on the contrary doesn’t care a bit of it. There are good number of scholarly dictionaries to provide the refined, profound definitions of the words. Living our life is the essence and that is foremost.

  13. sulochanosho says:

    Once you see the ‘moon’, then no more there exists separate entity called ‘moon’ or ‘you’ or ‘finger’. That’s the end of the game. But some how one has to undergo the games and journeys. It sounds pardoxical.

  14. Ashwin says:

    “To expect gratitude…” – Umm… read my comment again. I never said that we should expect it. I said we should show from our side to whoever has helped us. I still haven’t gotten what you mean by “Life” (from your perspective) or “Essence”.

    Your statement: “Once you see the ‘moon’, then no more there exists separate entity called ‘moon’ or ‘you’ or ‘finger’.

    Its not a paradox… rather, it is a belief statement.

    Your previous statement: “An individual is always unique and he/she has abundant freedom in that sense.”

    This whole “nothingness” or “oneness” is the problem. How can it be that unique ‘you’ suddenly become nothing? Living our life to become nothing doesn’t make sense. Again, as I said in my first comment, this is just a play of words.

  15. sulochanosho says:

    Life is full of riddles and it can never be a set of rules, however hard we use our ‘Himalayan brain’ to frame rules, chain and impose on it. And that is the very essence and beauty of life.

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