Living is Instant, Believing is Distant

Me the WiseDeath is not the opposite of life, it is belief that is the very opposite and negation of life. The flow of life is always notwithstanding our knowing or not knowing. We kill our life in our beliefs and knowledge bundles.

We exhaust more and most of our years in knowing and believing, and least or never in ‘living our life’. The crescendo of living our life always lies in transcending and traversing beyond our attempted knowing or believing. Knowingly or unknowingly we postpone our life in our attempts to accumulate borrowed knowing or believing. Life in its full penetration and expression is always irrespective of and beyond our borrowed knowledge, experiences or beliefs.

Not that we don’t want knowledge and belief, but our life strives straight without even a small connection on our borrowed and accumulated knowledge and or belief. We do necessarily need know-how, certain belief in our mundane, routine world of utility and worldly survival. But the revival and living of our life force is always spontaneous, instant, and now. It doesn’t have even the tiniest taint of our borrowed knowledge or belief.

This existence moves, lives and functions with all thriving force and precision, not because there are scholarly dictionaries or encyclopaedias or accumulated data banks. For our manufactured or established utility world, we do need knowledge banks and beliefs. But the existence is the very instant non-split living paradigm of instant spontaneous wisdoms and actions. We can never copy or store it. Only dead things and corpses are stored or preserved. Living force and life as it is always transcends everything at one stroke or swing.

Grow, Green and GlowA vibrant morning mist there; birds are chirping with all actions; budding flowers shedding their fragrance amidst the whispering whistles of cool blowing breezes; tiny growing transparent green leaves and plants penetrating the lights there; withering falling floating expired dry leaves; flowing water and river; remote yet connected mountains and floating clouds up in the skies – are these not the wonders of wonders to our virgin naked eyes?

Yes, living is instant, believing is distant.

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10 Responses to Living is Instant, Believing is Distant

  1. saranblog says:

    Cool buddy. Nice thought about life. But my point is that life is entirely based on beliefs and gaining knowledge. If we don’t take any steps for gaining knowledge then how can we survive in this rat race world and knowledge is the major thing which differentiates man from animals. Instant life is not all possible because if we don’t consider future then we will not be able to tolerate our ups and downs. Actually i don’t wanna contradict your point.just my point of view on life. Be practical!!!!

  2. sulochanosho says:

    saranblog, your point to contradict too is noted. Thanks. Infact, you are not contradicting, you are telling what’s going on. You may be right in that way.

  3. deep purple says:

    are you an ascetic? 🙂

  4. Going with the recent interesting view i heard, some one was telling me that a lot of knowledge is harmful and makes you become closed minded. To prove his point he said that children absorb so much at that young age because they are open minded and that is because they know so less.

    This is becoming more of a paradox – We want to learn and be open minded but when we gain more knowledge, we may become closed minded due to the very knowledge we have obtained!

    Destination Infinity.

  5. sulochanosho says:

    deep purple says there, ‘are you an ascetic’?.
    For sure, I don’t know. At least I am not static; I am quite chaotic – that much I know. Thanq!

    Destination Infinity makes a very vibrant and valid point there that’s going on in the name of our so called ‘imposed’ knwoledge. The imposed and blindly borrowed knowledge may tend to be the very blocking and burden on us.

    Somewhere the Buddha says:

    Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

    Junk food is not good for our health, so is the junk knowledge.

  6. chris says:

    Good words. It is a great tragedy that man would try to extract rationalism from common sense. common sense, reason, and our real-time awareness are together the whole of our wisdom. (Chris no longer “Cafedog”)

  7. sulochanosho says:

    Our ‘cafedog’ has been ‘transforming’ ‘rejuvanating’ all these days. His blogs too – changing places. Now it’s very difficult to ‘catch’ him. Finally, cafedog has transformed into ‘chrisgod’ – a quantum jump. Looking foward to listening more and more from chris. Thanq.

  8. Heidegger’s Fourfold Concept:

    I remember Heidegger’s fourfold concept of dwelling on earth, under the sky, as mortals, and with the divinities. In living as mortals, the ultimate act of letting go and renunciation of control lies in the acceptance of our own death. The ability to reach unto a point of concession, a sense of yielding into life’s natural course, that we will soon come to pass gives us ultimate freedom. The act of letting go of the only thing that we cling into–our own lives.

    It’s really sad that people (the past and of the present) have this irrational fear of death. Yes, irrational because we’re all gonna die anyway, and they react to it as if it’s something that is an unusual event in a human being’s life.

  9. chris says:

    Great refferance.
    Heidegger is the greatest European philosophical thinker of the twentieth century. — in my humble opinion.

  10. bloggersiva says:

    oh nice words, it seems to be a sound experience in life, have a nice day …

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