Parveen Babi: a Perfumed Body

seductress vs duress

We heard that the ‘fire’ friends of UG couldn’t resist meeting at the residence of K. Chandrasekhar, in Bangalore on 22nd March (2008), the day a year ago UG said good bye to his mortal body. As we all know, Chandrasekhar is a pious and long-standing UG’s brand friend and well-known UG’s archiver, and in a sense he is more like a catalyst to bait UG brand to a larger chores of people in Bangalore. For Chandrasekhar, now UG is more alive and his (Chandrasekhar’s) actions and enthusiasm would speak it well.

Among other things, on this occasion a Kannada version of UG’s (Uppaluri Gopala Krishnamurti) brand book, ‘The Mystique of Enlightenment’ was brought out; one Mr Shama Rao rendered this Kannada translation, it seems. Mahesh Bhatt’s presence on the occasion was glittering and glitzy, as I guess.

U.G. with Parveen Babi in Pebble Beach, California

Another proud moment was that of the release of an interesting booklet on Parveen Babi’s account as well as encounter of her own life after she met that fire UG. This booklet was compiled by none other than our friend Madhusudhana Rao (Madhu), with the full support of K Chandrasekhar. Interestingly and fittingly this glittering booklet of Parveen Babi’s encounter with her life and UG, was released on the occasion by Mahesh Bhatt and the first copy was received by none other than Mrs. Suguna Chandrasekhar – a most pious and admired lady of UG. In New York, 1983, with Parveen Babi and ValentineI understand, many of us may not know the other side or face of Parveen Babi,who was projected and portrayed as a lust-brand actress, seductress and Bollywood star in the glamorous glittering glitzy Hindi film world. But very few people know the duress of her life. Thanks to Mahesh Bhatt, her encounter with UG was just her encounter with her own life. The Booklet brought out by Madhu, may shed a new phase of light on Parveen Babi’s life, in the context of UG. I understand, there are millions of Parveen Babis’ amongst us.

Ours is a mad hypocritical holy shit society. In a sense the whole spirituality and duality stuff is the biggest filth and lie on this earth. UG says, “we are not created for any grander purpose than the ants that are there, or the flies that are hovering around us …”

As long as this world wont take the hard reality that first and foremost and forever we are neuro-biological, the whole humanity is bound to end up in a state of neurosis, as UG somewhere points out quite sarcastically.

Download/Access this Booklet [PDF]:
This beautiful handy booklet* contains two articles in Parveen Babi’s own words. Thanks to Madhusudhana Rao D., the PDF versions of the same are made available here for easy access and download:
(1) Parveen Babi’s Confessions [PDF]
(2) Parveen Babi on UG [PDF]

Some rare excerpts in Paveen Babi’s own words on her encounter with UG and her life trauma that also appeared in the then Illustrated Weekly of India in 1980s and more may be explored on the following link:
U.G. Krishnamurti: A Life
Read the biography of Parveen Babi and more on: Wikipedia

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8 Responses to Parveen Babi: a Perfumed Body

  1. Tom Lams says:

    UG also said I see nothing wrong with this society. It seems like you have accepted the words of UG as your new belief system.

    Throwing away your belief system and putting nothing in its place, that was in my opinion his message.

    Kind regards,

  2. sulochanosho says:

    Tom Lams, you are very clear there that in the so called spiritual journey, and in our search for right Gurus, we are simply chasing and changing from one rotten cage to another brand new golden cage. Yes, it should not happen with UG too. UG lived and gone. No true Master wanted or wants it that way. Thanks.

  3. sulochanosho says:

    Talented woman Parveen was:

    Ketan Tanna, Times of India Journalist, emailed the following words,

    Thanks for the link. Downloaded both articles. She was a very good writer. Far better than many journalists like us. An undoubtedly talented woman Parveen was. Hope she is happy whereever she is.

    Please do visit:
    Ketan Tanna’s blog and a post on Praveen Babi

    Thanking you Ketan Tanna, for sharing.

  4. sulochanosho says:

    There a good related reading:

    UG Krishnamurti – The Confessions of Parveen Babi

  5. I met ” Parveen Babi in Bombay . she was sitting behind me at a film “Premier” I think it was at “Blaze”
    She was with Protima Bedi both dressed in Hippy style [ Bombay Boutique ] earlier i had sen Protima in a cheap nylon sari ].. They had fabulous bodies ; i thoght ” If I had that kind of figure I would have been a dancer .. They had both stood still and just stared at me ?? little did i realize that one day U. G. would mean something to me . I saw through him but what he said and did [ that is more important] meant something at that time ..

    U. G.’s case in my opinion is self- mutilation .. and habit of speech .. he did not mean much of what he said …
    He talked about Parveen’s mother.. ..?.. ! ! did remark about the former’s command of english language .. their connection had something to do with space / time . sad part Parveen lay dieing alone and stinking.

  6. ugmadhu says:

    She is a wonderful and great lady. She had understood UG in her own way and narrated it in her own style.

    Unlike Mahesh Bhatt’s narrations in his books on UG, here there are no dramatic descriptions, no heavy and costly words.

    A simple and super description about UG and UG’s integrity.

    Hope her soul forgives those who abused and exploited her.

    May her soul rest in peace.

  7. OmmyOmmyOmm says:

    Thanks, very helpful and interesting for me to read. – Tys

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