Searching for Happiness is the Sure Way to Miss Happiness

Myth of Happiness

The fish deep in the sea thriving for water to quench its thirst; or a fish deep down in the sea striving to see the sea itself – these are the very acts of paradoxes of perversions and divergence from the very flow of life force or life abundance.

Men from down the ages are on a path of collusion and illusion to seek or catch a much cherished precious thing called ‘happiness’. Thanks to his endless capacity of imagination and fantasy, and thanks to the added up vast store of bountiful and beautified literary fiction, sermons, scriptures and discourses – the humankind is on an endless path of friction to find that ‘happiness’. Call it whatever you fancy like – ‘nirvana’, ‘eternal bliss’, ‘eternal freedom’, ‘liberation’, ‘moksha’ or ‘enlightenment’ or a vast host of many other endless profound junky-hunky holy words. The whole mankind is gripped in their greed to attain this ‘happiness’ – it’s more intense in those people whose pockets and stomach are full. And so are there a whole bigger bunches of ever growing numbers of spiritual gurus, saviours, popped up to help the gullible people attain the falsified things like ‘enlightenment’, ‘eternal happiness and power’ and all such kind of utter nonsense. An ever growing bigger fertile land of business is presented out there for these thriving glorious gurus to feed on the ‘fouls and souls’ of gullible mass people. The otherwise sane and happy people are nicely trapped in noble holy cradles of these gurus in the name of so called noble cause. These gurus have taken a great mantle of so called sacrifice and responsibility to liberate the humanity from their miseries and restore peace and harmony on this earth – the biggest lie and myth ever floated on this beautiful planet earth by these greedy gurus.

The biggest strategy of these gurus and messiahs is ‘to never allow the gullible people to live as they are, but to stir and turn them to live as it should be’ – the most false and life-insulting foundation. Is there any bigger lie or myth than this? The whole humanity is suffering because of this wrong foundation. Our nature loving sane children are made to think otherwise to strive and struggle. Earlier there were wars and fights for the simple gross survival and food needs. Now the nations, political powers, priest platforms are continuously waging wars day in and out for the so called far more sophisticated vested trivial issues and ideologies. Weapons of mass destruction are in the hands of blood-thirsty petty politicians and the powers that may be. Today the biggest threat to this planet earth is from the ‘unholy’ alliance between these power politicians and spiritual gurus.

Our life is like ‘as it is’, it is less like ‘as it should be’. Once many of our false problems, false solutions, false searches, false seeking are dropped, a major chunk of ‘friction’ that we are witnessing today may at once disappear and we may breathe in a fresh air of relief. Life is more like an eternal cycle of change; and never may we desire for the so called ‘eternal happiness’ – that’s the very opposing and conflicting tenor of the flow of this life force.

Bait of Happiness

Some Quotes to uproot the Happiness Search:

Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time dead.
– Scottish Proverb

Happiness grows at our firesides and is not to be picked in strangers’ gardens.
– D. Jerrard

The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you’ll never find it.
C. P. Snow (1905 – 1980)

A lifetime of happiness! No man alive could bear it: it would be hell on earth.
George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950), “Man and Superman” (1903), act I

To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.
Gustave Flaubert (1821 – 1880)

The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp.
– John Berry, Flight of White Crows

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.
– Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.
-James Oppenheim

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15 Responses to Searching for Happiness is the Sure Way to Miss Happiness

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  2. chris says:

    Happiness can be strange addictive drug. Running desperately to happiness is as peculiar as running desperately to discomfort.

  3. Miki says:

    What a great post! I think I never read such a clear and intelligent analyze of what these “greedy gurus” are and do… a deep wisdom, but kindness too, emanates from your words.
    I am happy to meet you… and I REALLY have found happiness in life 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Will be coming back to read more.

  5. saranblog says:

    Hii buddy!! Really you are a standing buddha as you said !! I appreciate you for your great post!! Not only me even the whole world can!! you are telling your point so deeply and in a great manner!! Just now i ended up my life part of “Being happy” that is my college life!! Now i am gonna to enter of my life part of “Running”!! This post really moved me!!i wanna discuss a lot with you!! Hope you can come online often!! Great work!! Keep on doing!! Take care !! Will expect another post soon!! With regards!!

  6. Spot on Guru = Scam artist.

  7. Joseph Manavalan says:

    Very interesting post. What struck me particularly is that even if the quest for happiness is an illusion, what does not seeking happiness get us. I believe you are saying that it will preclude supposed Gurus from taking advantage of the susceptible. Which is probably true. However, let me pose this question to you: If the human race did not seek happiness, what would drive it? Unfortunately or fortunately, the pursuit of happiness and its most visible incarnation as ‘desire’ in humans is probably what has brought us technology and arguably societal advances.

    What do you think?

  8. chris says:

    @ Joseph Manavalan.: other things that have driven technology: Fear as in the drive of the creation of the Atomic bomb, the dispair of famine has driven argricultural technology.

    Technology and society improvements has brought comfort to us, but they come with consequences so the word “advances” is nothing more than an illusion.

    happiness, dispair, fear… they all move us… But the All out pursuit of Happiness is as distorted as an All out pursuit of dispair or fear.

  9. chris says:

    We are always at our best when we let our feelings come, not seek them out.

  10. sulochanosho says:

    Thanks, Chris, Miki, Rachel, Saran, Escapedmentalpatient, and Joseph for sparing your presence here and expressing yourself.

    Joseph raised a good query there. I have been just musing on the same line of view vividly expressed by Chris. Yes, we the human beings have been striving and excelling and proving under different drives and directions. Sure we might have increased our so called convenience and comfort level, thanks to the innovation of our scientists, workers, thinkers and the whole mankind at large. Our level of entertainment has increased. Conveyance and communication increased. In one corner of the world people are over fed; and in another corner of the world people are starving and dying. We wage wars against our own bretherns for our so called happiness. We have invented nuclear weapons for our so called happiness. We have inherited AIDS. The driving forces behind us are many and varied: fame, name, money, pleasure, salvation, service and so on … there’s no end. A strange topsy turvy curve there. Still our world is great! Love it.

  11. afteryouwakeup says:

    The last quote says it all.

  12. vikgrt says:

    Well said, I really liked the way you talked about happiness! Runing after it will chase it away..

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  14. Jarrett Hyske says:

    Hey may I quote some of the information here in this blog if I provide a link back to your site?

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