Myth of Striving to Become Great: there is no greater myth than that

Ant Giants

Existence doesn’t know what is small, what is big or great. It is mankind’s trap and crap way of categorising things and themselves into a kind of confining comparative ‘superior – inferior’ mode. There in the world of existence the life of an ant is as unique or significant as that of the life of an elephant. Neither one is smaller, nor greater. Everything and everyone is equally significant and interrelated in the being of this existence. Everything is a spontaneous expression and expansion in the ‘nature world’ there. A small tree never worries looking at a taller tree, nor does a tall tree take self-pride in seeing at a smaller tree. Contrary and variety are the very essence of the expression of living and non-living entities that altogether merge and emerge into a single cohesive arena of the existence. That’s the grace of the existence.

Braving Great

But men have come off that grace and flow of the existence. He is constantly engaged in duality and duel. He wants to prove and shove his cerebral as well as muscular greatness. He is in the maze of attaining and exhibiting the false pride of greatness and fame. Humankind is always caught up in the dream desire of becoming great and famous. He is always on his feet and fleet of mind to become extraordinary, famous and great, as if to remain just ordinary were the forbidden defeat or debacle of life. Constant comparison and competition mode of our lifestyle has turned our life into an unnecessary saga of struggle and stress, eating into the very vibration and vitality of the life force. Our poise and balance of life is poisoned in this wrong ordeal of attaining greatness and extraordinary status. This false greed is in its full grip at all levels, may be at an individual level or a nation as a whole. Over prosperity in one place and dire hunger and poverty in another corner of the globe; exploitation and aggression; violence and war – these are all the ugly faces of this greedy virus.

We have so moved off the track that now for us the only ‘mantra’ of life is: ‘How to become great; how to become extraordinary; how to become famous; how to grab national and international awards and ecognitions?’ As far as the existence is considered the desire to become great is the most childish and false moving of the mankind. This false force of drive can only make our life an ordeal of misery and battle with no end of this madness anywhere in the sight. The value of the so called recognition of greatnesses, awards, honours are no more than the value of the toys to amuse the kids.

It needs tremendous courage to remain ordinary and doing nothing to grab that so called ‘greatness’ tag. Creativity and expression of this existence (human species included) is functioning in its natural order and flow. It’s most ugly and trivial of mankind to strike and work to grab greatness and superiority tags/ toys. Existence doesn’t care a bit about our status and stature. Whether a scavenger or a scientist, whether a toilet cleaner or an enlightened guru, whether an illiterate tribe or a Nobel laureate – the existence doesn’t make any difference there. Everyone and every particle there is unique and never to be compared in terms of ‘great or small’. That’s the way of this existence.

Striving for GreatnessFrom our set pattern of perception it may appear stupid or inconceivable to say that there should not be much difference between the pay cheques of a laboratory scientist and a field farmer, or a toilet cleaner or a man on toil in the soil – but that is the reality of the existence and respect for might or labour.

“We are not created for any grander purpose than the ants that are there, or the flies that are hovering around us …”
– UG

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14 Responses to Myth of Striving to Become Great: there is no greater myth than that

  1. SanityFound says:

    How true, thanks for this one! 😀

  2. […] spirit of Do Do often can lead us into believing the myth of striving to become perfect which in reality is only our perception turning into a deception at the end of a really long hard […]

  3. sulochanosho says:

    Thanq SanityFound for your presence and view here; hope u dont mind some ‘insanity’ brushes here in these pages. Thanks.

  4. SanityFound says:

    we love insanity 😀

  5. AFriend says:

    Come on Sulo…this sounds nice and all in words, but without our ‘Striving’ or “The Myth to Strive’ you and I would not be communicating our thoughts across this electromagnetic spectrum would we? We are creature(s) filled with limitless imaginations. Let’s not stop dreaming and creating.

    sulochanosho adds:
    Dear AFriend, thanks for your presence and view.
    May be!

  6. torasham says:

    good words. somehow i got a feeling that human are so difficult to control their passion.

  7. Tissue Girl says:

    “He is always on his feet and fleet of mind to become extraordinary, famous and great, as if to remain just ordinary were the forbidden defeat or debacle of life.”

    I love that line. ❤

    I don’t really mind the “striving for greatness” part of our living. I think it becomes bad when people start comparing themselves to others. I personally believe that I should only be competing with one person: myself. And even that has conditions like knowing my personal limitations.

    I think there are people out there who are scared of being nobodies; as if being a nobody is being a failure. To be a nobody takes as much courage as trying to be a somebody.

    Another thing that bothers me is that people really do forget that there is greatness and wonder in even the most ordinary and mundane things.

  8. sulochanosho says:

    Thank you torasham!
    Thank you Tissue Girl!

    ‘As it is’ we are ok and beautiful. ‘Strive for and prove Greatness syndrome’ may manytime grind our life and tend to take us on a superimposed plane.

  9. If someone is bad, like a thief, then he could strive to become better by taking a proper profession, right? I think this pow is subjective. How about not having contempt on being ordinary but still trying to become great?

    Destination Infinity.

  10. sulochanosho says:

    It’s a kind of syndrome peculiar to human species to prove ‘otherwise’, in a sense a flower in the nature there never contemplates of putting some cosmentics and doing some circus to become more beautiful or great. Beings are as they are. We may talk or utter same words but it may mean different as we may be uttering from different subjective, objective, perspective dimensions. Perhaps, all may be pointing some sense in a way.
    It’s not that we should not work, it’s not that we should not perform, it’s not that there should not be action on our part.

  11. enviroart says:

    Survival of the Fittest:

    Love that post but am a bit disturbed by the word “existence”. To me you are talking about life and if existence is the continuance in living, it does not entail any quality of life, but mere survival. You are talking about the beauty and cohesion of life. You should probably talk about the beauty and cohesion of nature. I think a large part of humankind is happy to remain so called “ordinary” although nothing is life is ordinary as you point out.

    It is because of the very essence of life and the principle of survival of the fittest that we are in the present world situation. Yes man is greedy but if we accept all beings as part of life, then that’s the way it is. Just like the wolf eats the deer, the shark eats the smaller fish, man wants to rule and the greediest elements of society seem to be stronger, cunningly or otherwise. It is in nature to want to obtain status and greatness, look at the lives of lions, of wolves, of any species that has a societal system. Animals are also cruel with each other, rejecting the maimed and sick. The biggest difference I see is with the means available to them. It is true life is unfair to the poor and hungry, and not everybody starts out equals, but who said life was fair?

    I agree with you that greatness and recognition are empty values when compared to others but what about the greatness of an athlete or of an artist and the joy they bring to their fellow human beings? What about the famous person who becomes a philanthropist and in this way helps the world?

    I don’t see the desire to remain “ordinary” as courageous. Sometimes, there is no desire to push yourself. Sometimes, you are just happy with your life the way it is or are not interested in furnishing any additional effort. Finally, I totally agree with your statement regarding the value of the laborer versus the scientist if both are doing their best in their field. But you said it when you talk about respect for might or labor, no matter what. It is well deserved. Unfortunately, it is not the ordinary man, but the lazy man, who takes advantage of the very system put in place to help the less fortunate. If it is true that each and everyone of us has a place, just like the ant, the elephant and the tree, in this existence, we have to accept that the shallow and greedy one has a place too, not that I agree with their values or their pursuits.

    Love this site!

  12. sulochanosho says:

    Enviroart, your comment and view ia quite apt and self-revealing. Thank you.

    Somewhere I heard the following lines:

    “A flower falls, even though we love it; and a weed grows, even though we do not love it.” – Dogen

  13. AlexM says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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