Body is God, Nothing Beyond

August 7, 2008



We have exchanged enough of UG garbages or sermons in that sense, under UG: A Unique Guy, the very first post of this forum. UG was very adamant and one-pointed in his utterances and convictions. We find no split of ‘mind versus body’ stance in him. For him everything is a non-split one entity. He debunked all splitting spirituality, philosophy, sermons and religions – because a made of or mode of UG just can not ‘see’ any ‘sense’ there, rather all these stuffs are good enough to sermonise, philosophise and commercialize without an iota of glimpse of life force there.

For UG everything is a body phenomenon – no holy sermons required there. No guru has any business there. Our body is embodied with everything that is needed. For we people it’s very hard to digest or conceive. But UG just ‘sees’ it, ‘lives’ it. He is not putting any intellectual efforts – borrowed or otherwise, to ‘see’ the things, to ‘say’ the things. He shatters all our sense and logic at one stroke. UG often says that he incidentally entered upon a new biological transformation state without any effort or expectation from his side – which he says is beyond words and explanations; it is simply acausal. He says, I dont see any psychology there. He simply says mind is myth. He says we are trapped under the borrowed accumulated holy sermons and experiences and there remains no knowledge or experience that truly of an individual. Everything is perverted and converted.

It’s true that it is very hard to digest UG for us. But UG was very adamant in his convictions and seeings till the very last breath of his life. Even in a split of second UG never splits his one-pointed state of seeing. For UG all the holy words are the most ugly and dirty scars on the face of humanity. He always used to say in the most gross terms that our body is interested only in two things: survival and fucking. All the rest is mere empty philosophies and sermons, which can only make the people swerve from the life force there, in their vain search of a mirage there up in the heaven.

The following Video link on UG’s parting message from his ‘death’ bed may make this point very clear:

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