Body is God, Nothing Beyond



We have exchanged enough of UG garbages or sermons in that sense, under UG: A Unique Guy, the very first post of this forum. UG was very adamant and one-pointed in his utterances and convictions. We find no split of ‘mind versus body’ stance in him. For him everything is a non-split one entity. He debunked all splitting spirituality, philosophy, sermons and religions – because a made of or mode of UG just can not ‘see’ any ‘sense’ there, rather all these stuffs are good enough to sermonise, philosophise and commercialize without an iota of glimpse of life force there.

For UG everything is a body phenomenon – no holy sermons required there. No guru has any business there. Our body is embodied with everything that is needed. For we people it’s very hard to digest or conceive. But UG just ‘sees’ it, ‘lives’ it. He is not putting any intellectual efforts – borrowed or otherwise, to ‘see’ the things, to ‘say’ the things. He shatters all our sense and logic at one stroke. UG often says that he incidentally entered upon a new biological transformation state without any effort or expectation from his side – which he says is beyond words and explanations; it is simply acausal. He says, I dont see any psychology there. He simply says mind is myth. He says we are trapped under the borrowed accumulated holy sermons and experiences and there remains no knowledge or experience that truly of an individual. Everything is perverted and converted.

It’s true that it is very hard to digest UG for us. But UG was very adamant in his convictions and seeings till the very last breath of his life. Even in a split of second UG never splits his one-pointed state of seeing. For UG all the holy words are the most ugly and dirty scars on the face of humanity. He always used to say in the most gross terms that our body is interested only in two things: survival and fucking. All the rest is mere empty philosophies and sermons, which can only make the people swerve from the life force there, in their vain search of a mirage there up in the heaven.

The following Video link on UG’s parting message from his ‘death’ bed may make this point very clear:

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11 Responses to Body is God, Nothing Beyond

  1. Alex says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

    sulochanosho adds:
    Thanks Alex.

  2. Nidhi says:

    Hey Sulochan,

    Once again, thanks for the comment on my post. I am amazed at the ocean of spiritual links you have gathered at your blog…. its a great read any day! : )

  3. neilina says:

    One of the most striking thing that I got from here is, “Body is God”. I have one doubt…Do you take body and soul seperately? Where should life be taken….in the way of body or soul? May be I am not getting how you are making the difference between them.
    I am glad I landed here, my mind is vibrating with many questions……..a nice way to explore life!

  4. sulochanosho says:

    Thank u neilina, for landing in here. Soul or soup, it’s a big question. Many things are told and carried on and on from generation to generation. The body knows it; the knowledge knows not. Good to hear from u.

  5. Tom Lams says:

    It is also interesting to check out Robert Adams. He states: There is no body. The words of UG and Robert Adams are sometimes completely the opposite of each other, yet the same energy seems to have been operating in both of them.

    Kind regards,

    • Tom says:

      Even the body is an imagination as is the reality we seem to perceive. There is only energy and even that word does not describe it. I think UG mentioned that as well.

  6. Tejas says:

    I’m sure U.G. Krishnamurti will be remembered many years from now as the first real human being that walked on earth.

    Is UG Nature’s first step towards the creation of a radically free
    human being? Who knows.. I think he deserves serious attention, why are the great thinkers quiet about him? Who can challenge his crucial insights?

    After I first read UG, I was lost for sometime trying to digest this guy and his experience. In my search for some reference point I came across statements made by Mirra Alfasa (the Mother) in the Agenda that seem to mirror UGs worldview.

    Here are a few comparison of quotes of UG and the Mother.

    UG on Cause and Effect:

    “It is thought that has invented the ideas of cause and effect. There may not be any such thing as a cause at all. Every event is an individual and independent event. We link up all these events and try to create a story of our lives”

    The Mother on Cause and Effect:
    (From: Mother’s Agenda, April 25 1961)

    “The sense of connection has gone, the sense of cause and effect has gone – all that belongs to the world of space and time. ” … “But what is clear, completely clear, is the total absence of cause and effect and of goal, of intention – purpose. There is no … (Mother makes a horizontal motion) this kind of connection doesn’t exist; ”

    U.G. on innate intelligence of the body:

    “All that is necessary for the survival of this living organism is already there. The tremendous intelligence of the body is no match for all that we have gathered and acquired through our intellect.”

    “The extraordinary intelligence of the biological organism is all that is necessary for good living, but we are all the time interfering with its natural operation through the medium of thought.”

    Mother on innate intelligence of the body:
    (From: Mother’s Agenda, October 17, 1957)

    “But with the supramental manifestation, something new has taken place in the body: it feels it is its own master, autonomous, with its two feet solidly on the ground, as it were. This gives a physical impression of the whole being suddenly drawing itself up, with its head lifted high – ‘I am my own master.'”

    “During the flu epidemic, for example, I spent every day in the midst of people who were germ carriers. And one day, I clearly felt that the body had decided not to catch this flu. It asserted its autonomy. You see, it was not a question of the higher Will deciding, no. It didn’t take place in the highest consciousness: the body itself decided. When you are way above in your consciousness, you see things, you know things; but in actual fact, once you descend again into matter, it is like water running through sand. In this respect, things have changed, the body has a DIRECT power, independent of any outer intervention. Even though it is barely visible, I consider this to be a very important result.”

    Sorry for the longish post, but I think there are parallels here worth exploring.

    Cross posted at

  7. sulochanosho says:

    Tom Lams, there makes interesting notes. From the site on Robert Adams the following words sounded more synchronizing:

    In fact, there is no looking within. Within and without only arise with thoughts which are the world which create the conceptual duality of within and without. There is no beyond either, as the concept implies the opposite of not-beyond, or here. You are neither beyond, nor not-beyond. You are not real or unreal. You are not mortal or immortal, because immortal implies eternal presence or existence. You have nothing to do with either. You are beyond all measures, beyond all dualities and opposites, beyond even the concept of beyond, beyond freedom and enlightenment. This you must grasp at some point.

    The following link there throws some light on Robert Adams:

  8. Greenwall says:

    Nice blog, keep up the good work

  9. Tom says:

    UG’s body (just before and after his ‘calamity) was not interested in fucking (anymore). If that’s the natural state (of the body) how do you explain that?

    When thought controls the human body it is interested in fucking. When thought does not control the body anymore it is not interested in fucking.
    Is it not so that thought is interested in fucking and not the body?

  10. dr prayag hs says:

    thanks mam for this blog ,ug is one person i have met who has been highly influence in my life for me he is my buddha and when i do vipassana even he is a contamination we may love or hate him but we cant ignore him

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