Dead Scripture and Live Nature

enviroscience.uconn.eduoutdoors.webshots.comNever Learn from the Dead Scripture, Always Learn from the Live Nature there.

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Please note: Nothing is oneman’s work or mission. Please be part of this small ‘hammering’ mission and be part of the move and moment. Your views may speak more than you assume in this mission. Do air and share your views/comments in these pages. Let’s do it together.

6 Responses to Dead Scripture and Live Nature

  1. ggw_bach says:

    life springs its lessons eternal. All around us is all the catalyst we need for spiritual growth. No need to turn to musty old books steeped in a bygone culture. Just look around. other people; these are your greatest teachers.


  2. sulochanosho says:

    ggw_bach a BIG namaste to you all there too from us! You have put the divine tune on a perfect pitch, as good as your live musical creations.

  3. Sanjay M says:

    good photo of the flower blooming in the middle of nowhere… that’s really how amazing we can observe survival and color and life in nature, even at times in places where if we were to speculate we might conclude there appears to be no chance of any! Learning from nature is more like first-hand, hands-on learning! 🙂

  4. Suresh Panje says:

    Mankind claims to be the sole intelligent caln in the world. Indeed, it is an illusion. Mother Nature has so much to offer. Even the animals in the wild where life is dubbed as might is right, do possess better acumen than we men. Thanks to certain television channels like the National Geographic and Discovery, we urbanites are able to visualise the enchanting Mother Nature.
    As for other media on nature, upto 1970s, LIFE a periodical published from the US was truly an educative magazine. So much so, without meaning to boast about self, I had a collection of over 43 issues of LIFE apart from special integrated issues on specific topics like the Desert, Africa and Asia. Another prized edition was Mysteries and Marvels of the Animal World brought out by the Readers’ Digest. Sad to say while travelling from Calutta to Bangalore, in 1981, I lost my entire luggage including the trunk containing these precious books and magazines.
    All said and done, we can never undermine Mother Nature and the beautiful bounty.

  5. sulochanosho says:

    Thank you Sanjay. Thank u Suresh Punje. Our expressions, our observations are so unique. Nothing to compare.

    Madhu just sent in the following words of UG:

    UG says,

    ”Nature is busy creating unique individuals, whereas culture has invented a single “mold” to which all must conform. It is grotesque.”

  6. Tom says:

    What is there to learn?

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