Do: Disorder is the only Order

This time our friend Sanjay M has emailed me a funny link: OrderOfDisorder.

Yes, laughter and fun is the only way to nirvana, it seems. Empty is BountyOrder of the disorder is the way. Burden of seriousness and sermons has deprived the mankind of the simple abundant joy and juice of life. Fun is the only antidote to these cancerous serious things called god and holy heaven. Who knows, now someone says there is nothing to know or even not to know? Laugh as much as you like, that’s the only way to life and to God (if god exists). Even in your tear you can laugh. Only in our thoughts life is a big deal to be burdened with. Otherwise life is just a child’s play. Let’s play child a moment from our otherwise wild life.

The strange sermons they play under ORDER OF DISORDER there –


TheThree Treasures –

The Three Tenets –
Not even not knowing
Just wait
Belly laughter

The Ten Guidelines –

1. Don’t kill anything by taking it seriously
2. Don’t steal anything unless you can get away with it (and you can’t)
3. Don’t worry about promiscuity; no one would look twice at you- you clown
4. Don’t lie by pretending to know anything
5. Forget about intoxicants, you are already a mess
6. Laugh at yourself at least as often as you laugh at others
7. If someone makes a fool of themselves, pay your respects and join in the fun
8. If you can, smile. If possible, giggle. Whenever there is a chance, laugh with all your might.
9. Have fun.
10. Don’t laugh at Bernie, Yoowho, or Kuku….

And I also admired the following sayings there –
(bowing backwards):
LONG LIVE eCcentriCs,
absUrdists, NONSensiCs,
levitYnistiCs, and eXuberostiCs

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