The Very Happiness is the Hindrance

Who told you to be happy? There is no illusion greater than happiness. Happiness can neither happen, Happiness Persona nor one can attain it – you can only play and dream around ‘perfect happiness’, postponing the very gift of life. Life killers like philosophers, fiction-peddlers, spiritual messiahs may only vainly talk and write volumes and volumes of profound but never found thing called ‘happiness’. Life knows no happiness; life knows no unhappiness. Life has nothing to do with toys like happiness and unhappiness. Life is so self-expressing and flowing, it doesn’t need anything. Life is never short of anything.

All the so called hocus-pocus circuses, spiritual Popular ideas about happiness are misleading, inaccurate and are directly contributing to our current epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression. And unfortunately, popular psychological approaches are making it even worse!
– Dr Russ Harris
messiah techniques and sadhanas are at best mere phoney pebbles before the very face of life force. Our phoney spiritual gurus have perfectly polluted the humanity and this world beyond repair, and now it is business as usual for them. In a sense, a terrorist act is more fresh, fragrant and action-exploded, more live and life-friendly – it may shake life; but the so called ‘appears-to-be’ life-friendly sermons of attaining the unattainable ‘eternal freedom and bliss’ from our spiritual and philosopher messiahs are the worst kind of and most severe terrible blows to life force, ever played on this earth. Hard to see or speak, but it is the stark reality.

We say, ‘a flower is beautiful’. Flower cares nothing, it just does its job and forgoes. We say, ‘sun-rise there is beautiful’. Sun cares nothing, it just does its job and goes on. We say, ‘a bird is beautiful’. The bird doesn’t care anything, it just flies here and there; grubs on some nuts or fruits or worms, and fucks and freaks out, when it feels like it. That’s all life. Life is innocent, simple and mere survival, and there is not an iota of eternal or holy sermon in it.

6 Responses to The Very Happiness is the Hindrance

  1. 1minionsopinion says:

    I just made this exact same case about the flower in a comment elsewhere yesterday. I was trying to make the point that our experience with beauty is limited to how we happen to define beauty. A flower’s purpose is not to be beautiful to human eyes, no matter how many gods one might think designed it.

    Happiness is an interesting thing, too. I haven’t checked it lately, but one of my favourite blogs is one by Steve Salerno – – and he wrote a book discussing how the self-help industry has hindered people far more than it’s assisted them with anything. The concept of happiness is one of many things he’s brought up, that the quest for happiness gets in the way of appreciating what you have, or at least finding a way to accept what you’ve got. The assumption that there is more and better to be had “if only” business really gets in the way of actually living.

  2. The word “is” provides the re-bar used to reinforce and sustain beliefs…like this one for example: “Life IS innocent…there IS not an iota of…” By definition, beliefs define the boundaries of one’s imagination. And what lies beyond those boundaries? Only that which hasn’t been imagined because of them. Consider, for example, the statement: “Life IS simple and mere survival.” Then compare that statement of belief to this: “Plant an acorn in a small pot and you get a small oak tree.” Think about it…

    Also, you may want to consider adding the following to your collection of quotes:

    “The less you pretend to be, the more you are.” – Queng We

    “I’m not young enough to know everything.” – Oscar Wilde

  3. This is some good information, I just wrapped up my paper for school and wish i would had found this article sooner. You may have just made me a regular 🙂

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