Matthew is in India on his UG Documentary Film Mission

We may remember that our friend Ikuru not long ago did mention elsewhere in the pages here about Matthew Dougherty’s adventurous project of creating a unique documentary film on U.G. Krishnamurti.

It is really amazing that a young guy, hardly 26 years of age, Matthew Dougherty who supposed to be peddling the Matthew Dougherty in Bangalorebest pleasures of life elsewhere in some other worldly luxury way, has taken up the mission of clicking a unique documentary film on UG. What attracted this guy to go for a ‘useless guy’ called UG is still a mystery. He started working on this project in September 2008. He has already visited the crucial places and people both in the US and Europe, in gathering and churning the UG essence and scenes. Looking at the zeal and the professional commitment and passion, and also the meticulous search and research that Mathew has been putting in, one can easily assume that this documentary on UG is going to be a unique as well as a well researched one towards spreading the UG ‘message of no-message’ to the world.

As scheduled, Matthew is already in India visitingAbout
New York based filmmaker Matthew Dougherty graduated from the New School University with a degree in philosophy. Matthew has contributed to numerous documentaries with an international scope as an Editor, Composer and Cameraman. Projects of note include MardiGras: Made in China which garnered over 30 awards and competed at The Sundance Film Festival; and the 2007 Danish documentary, The Battle for Rabbittown which has screened at some of Europe’s most prestigious film festivals. Matthew has directed many of his own short films and continues to work as a freelance editor and producer in New York City.
Sourced from:
the UG connected places and people and also sacred shrines and organizations on a shooting spree to have a first hand feel of the spiritual quest and UG ripples. He has already interacted with many people who literally rubbed their shoulders with UG when he was alive. Who is this UG? What is his message or no-message for the humanity? In a sense is it that UG points out very clearly how all our so called respected religions, sermons, and systems have just turned out to be a part of the ‘lies manufacturing industry’ (LMI). UG’s words quite often reveal the redundancy of our spiritual industry as well as science industry on many fronts in direct face to the ‘life force’. UG’s most simple straight stroke in all his ‘unholy sermons’ is that it is the ‘culture-knowledge debris’ that is censoring all our actions or perceptions and in the process the natural man is lost long back to the extreme extent of no return.

Matthew has already met and interacted with Mahesh Bhatt in Mumbai. Mahesh Bhatt recognizes the ‘rightly focused eye’ in Matthew in creating this unique documentary film on UG and has showered all praises for this guy. Mahesh senses that Matthew knows his ‘business’ well, in terms of getting into the sense and essence of UG. Mathew has also met Mr. Subhash Birla, an admirer and close associate of UG, and a Lawyer, Supreme Court of India, in New Delhi, among many people.

Now Matthew is in Bangalore at Mr. Chandrasekhar’s residence. Who else Mr. Matthew with Mr. Chandrasekhar and Mrs. Suguna, Bangalorecould be a better first hand resource person other than Mr. Chandrasekhar? So finally Matthew has ‘come home’ on this UG documentary mission with his encounter with Mr. Chandrasekhar and Mrs. Suguna – a perfect host couple to UG in Bangalore; and this was a small clean residence where UG stayed and chatted the most unholy sermons with the people gathered around him there, whenever Mr Matthew with Mr Jayarama Reddy, Bangalore, at Chandrasekhar's place.he made a visit to India. He never opted for a bigger palatial luxury bungalow. So now Matthew is busy interacting with many people here in Bangalore and gathering stories and sequences pertaining to UG. It’s his first visit to India; Matthew plans to be here in India till March 2010. He is fascinated by Ramana Maharshi and his teachings as well. He plans to visit Tamil Nadu and Kerala next; he has already covered the northern part of India.

We congratulate and wish all success to this adventurous guy, Mr Matthew Dougherty and his entire team, in creating and clicking this unique documentary film on UG. Hope it’ll be out by the end of 2010 to watch. It is really a thrill as well as a challenge to capture the real UG in a 90 minutes reel, indeed. It is more so because, UG may not easily fit into any story or system to capture him.

Here is a small glimpse of this forthcoming documentary film on UG by Matthew, accessible on YouTube link:

Contact Details:
Matthew Dougherty
cell: 1 (917) 848-6254

Also Contact:
K. Chandrasekhar Babu

12 Responses to Matthew is in India on his UG Documentary Film Mission

  1. Madhu says:

    It is really awesome to find a young chap intensely working on the “sage who lived alone”.

    I have met Mathew in Chandrasekhar’s house on 12 Dec (Saturday) and listened to Chandrasekhar’s briefing on him and his works.

    I found him very well informed about UG and his teachings. I felt that he has clear insight into UG’s teachings.

    He is also keen to meet people who are affected by UG and listen to them.

    Above all, he is very professional and would seem to be making this documentary in a most professional way rather than in an emotional way. That is something unique and impressive aspect I found in him.

  2. Madhu says:

    Mr.Chandrasekhar and Mrs Suguna Chandrasekhar are the best people I have ever met.

    No one can match them in their hospitality and affection.

    The fact that UG has chosen to stay in their house during his visits to Bangalore for more than 30 years is a testimony for their love and affection.

    We can easily find people talking about the need for love and compassion but rarely find (people) with those qualities.

  3. sulochanosho says:

    At the end of the day exploring UG is exploring ourselves.

  4. tej says:

    “culture-knowledge debris” is an interesting phrase. Did UG ever explain it with those same words?

  5. yashodar says:

    whats the update half year later?
    many of us are curious
    all the best to Math. – so far so interesting and well done…greetings from Germany

  6. sulochanosho says:

    UG documentary film release date:

    Now it is learnt that the UG documentary film is slated to be released by Spring 2011 (Mar – May 2011).

    Let’s hope it comes true.

    • sulochanosho says:

      Yes, it hasn’t come true. The said UG documentary is still a remote hope.

      Under the post UG: a Unique Guy, elsewhere on this site some comment lines were thrown like these:

      What’s Life?
      “Eloping with your girlfriend!”

      What’s Death?
      “Repeating the wisdom words of some realized souls, even without an iota of understanding or experience of that!”

      Listening to UG is untruth; listening to yourself is truth.

      And now Matthew has eloped with his girlfriend on a remote land, it seems or it’s heard. So the documentary is on the back-seat, at least for now. Finally and now Matthew is on his ‘life’. Congrats and all d best.

  7. Brad says:

    I hope the documentary is not just 90 minutes. It should really be three hours to properly do UG justice.

  8. sulochanosho says:

    Latest update on the documentary status:

    Matthew writes on the facebook –
    Dear All – there are questions from time to time about the status of the documentary. I wanted to give a short update that the production for the documentary is still on, but that it is just taking longer than I had originally anticipated. This is mainly because, even though countless people have been irreplaceably helpful, right now it’s just me behind making things happen – which slows things …down some because the documentary has had to sit in the back seat while I work for money. At some point I may try to do more fundraising, but for the past few months my plate has been full! All that said, I still am making the documentary on UG. I still have some interviews to shoot in India and America, and then editing, but if you check back ever so often, I’ll try to keep the world more current about things as they progress. Thank you all for your interest in this project.
    – Matthew
    sourced from Facebook Link

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