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In the height and heat of his flared up conversations with people around him, UG suddenly breaks a pause by waking up Robert Carr, calling him, ‘Bob, come on!’ UG’s pausing or High Moments of UG Gathering: [PhotoAlbum] (Bangalore 22 Mar 2010)balming bell in Bob on the Best of UG DVDbetween his heated conversations with people around was his favourite call: ‘Bob!’ Yes, the other day (on 22 Mar 2010) the admirers and friends of UG from India and other parts of the world gathered at Chandrasekhar’s residence or rather ‘UG place’, in Bangalore. There I glanced at this guy – this Bob (Robert Carr) is really a ‘live bomb’, still living or looking like a 16 or 17 even in his 70s or more – one of the closest associates of UG from the US, now happily batting or living in Mumbai, it seems. At last Bob (Robert Carr) has paid a rich tribute to his ‘barking master’ by bringing out a DVD that contains mind-shattering conversations with UG Krishnamurti, which got released on this occasion with much applause.

Bob and Julie - reminiscing UGSuguna and Chandrsekhar: to serve UGMahesh Bhatt and Dr Guha: Urgent Call

22 March 2010 BangaloreDr Guha and Mahesh BhattMind is a Myth (German edition)

Guha - Julie-Pushpa - DineshKamal Grover: Guru Stuti

About this DVD:
The Best of UG
‘This DVD contains mind-shattering conversations with UG Krishanmurti.’

In 1995, UG spoke with a variety of spiritual seekers, self-styled gurus, teachers and just ordinary people from all over the world. The collection of nineteen interviews presented in this DVD offers the viewer a unique look into UG’s insights into life and living. They have been edited in Mumbai, India in 2009.

And a UG quote:
‘Thought is the self-protecting and fascist in nature, and it will use every trick under the sun to give momentum to its own continuity. Thought controls, moulds and shapes our ideas and actions. Thought is not the instrument to help us live in harmony with life around us. That is why we create all these ecological problems such as pollution, possibly destroying ourselves with the destructive weapons that we have invented.’

Over the past twenty years, several persons have worked selflessly and silently to record UG’s conversations with people in different parts of the world. I wish to thank the following friends: The Late Terry New Land, Raj Mehta, Julie Thayer, Andy Neddermeyer, Narayana Moorty, Kunal Sharma, Abhishek Sharma, Ghanashyam (Sam), Mahesh Bhatt and Paul Arms for their help in this production. The recording sessions were unrehearsed and spontaneous, resulting in a reflection of UG’s natural state.

Produced and directed by Robert Carr
Editing and video enhancement by Abhishek Sharma

Exclusively Manufactured, Marketed and Distributed by Mandar Productions, A-805 Oberai Park View, Thakur Village, Kandiwal (East), Mumbai – 400101
*This DVD video is also now available on face book there:Watch Best of UG DVD

A new book titled Stopped in our Tracks – Second Series by K Chandrasekhar also got released on this occasion.

About the Book:
Title: Stopped in our Tracks – Second Series
(UG – Anecdotes, Comments and Reflections)

From the Notebooks of K. Chandrasekhar
Translated from the Telugu by
J.S.R.L. Narayanamoorty
The Firsthand Publications
Bangalore (India)

Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘foreword’ to this book:

Whether it is happy or unhappy, hopeful or devastating, the ending brings the story to what it itself is … the inevitable, the complete end.

K. Chandrasekhar: Lost in Our Tracks, 2nd seriesOn a quiet afternoon of March 14, 2007, in Vallecrosia, a quaint town in Italy, on the coast of the Mediterranean, Babu Chandrsekhar’s guiding light and the love of life, UG Krishnamurti, shouted out an order, “Leave now and get on with your life,’ said the light. “I want to die the way I lived … all alone, with no one looking over me.”

Babu Chndrasekhar was devastated, but he has also sensed that the end was near. Thus, he began the process of wrenching himself away from his own heartbet. He prepared himself to break away from someone with whom he had spent more than three intense decades of his life, and who was not only the basis of his very existence but was also enshrined in his heart.

I still remember vivdly what Babu did after hearing UG’s command. He broke into Sanskrit shlokas, sat down at UG’s feet. Then touchng his feet, Babu prostrated his entire being before him as only a true devotee or lover would do. When he got up he looked closely at UG as if he were absorbing him completely in that one long look. Then turning his heel, Babu left the room where his master lived, never to return again.

As I led Babu out of the villa, where UG spent his last days, I can clerly recall the words I spoke to him, “This is death Babu, the end of your love story …” but little did I know that a love story like theirs never ends. I am not sure why, but whenever I think of the love story of Babu and UG I am reminded of Abu Bakr and Prophet Mohammed.

The story goes that when Abu Bakr saw the Prophet of God lying dead, he uncovered the mantle of the Yamani cloth that covered the Prophet’s face and, kissing his forehead, said, “You are dearer than my father and mother. You have tasted the death which God had decreed, but oh Mohammed, a second death will never overtake you. You will never die again.” And how right he was, because the emptiness which was created in the life of Abu Bakr with the passing away of his Master, could only be filled with the evangelistic fervour with which he went about spreading his word.

Chandrasekhar reads out from his book, Lost in our Tracks, 2ndStopped In Our Tracks, Series Two, originates from the same impulse. In this fascinating document, K Chandrasekhar has spun honey out of his encounters with UG. Whenever he was overwhelmed with UG’s crazy wisdom or became shattered by his own sheer subversive behaviour, he documented it in a diary, which he has now generously made available to all of us. Indeed, this book to savour and read over and over again, because it is from the heart of a man who has bent low enough to hear the voice of his God.

Also the following new books have been released on this occasion:

(1) A Book on UG in Bengali by Dr Guha, a close associate of UG.
(2) Hindi version book of Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘A Taste of Life’
(3) Another book got released on this occasion: ‘Self Realization: With Special Reference to UG’ by Mr. Satya Simha*. [Note:* The late Satya Simha had in fact been doing the Ph.D. on UG from Mysore University, and had worked half way till his (Satya Simha) untimely death that happened in 2008; so the present book is the outcome of the works he had done in this regard, not necessarily the completed work, and is brought posthumously.]
(4) The German Book of UG’s ‘Mind is A Myth’, tranaslated by Daniel (Note: A copy of this new book was sent all the way from Germany to K. Chandrasekhar just to get released on this unique occasion.)

Biology of Enlightenment:

Mukunda Rao with UG, but UG was not in that body!Another interesting happening is that Mukunda Rao has taken great pains and drilling works to dig into the tapes of UG conversations (of 90 plus hours duration altogether) that were for decades remained stranded or locked up with some UG friends. Now the tapes got unlocked and thanks to Mr. K. Chandrasekhar’s concern and siren, Mukunda Rao has successfully completed the ‘transcription’ work of these rare UG tapes recorded some where down the lines and the recorded words of UG in those tapes have gone into a metamorphic process in the unbiased scholastic hands of Mukunda Rao and soon the resultant book titled, ‘The Biology of Enlightenment’ may hit the lights of the world now. May more and more UG ghosts haunt the world there!

Thanks to Mrs. Suguna and Mr Chandrasekhar – they never stop or feel tired of spreading the ‘fragrance’ they received from the very ‘monster mouth’ of that God.

15 Responses to The Best of UG

  1. Madhu says:

    At Last Tremendously Alone:

    More than UG’s teachings, UG’s statements about the practicalities of life helped me more.

    His shattering statements have cleansing effect on you and they bring better clarity.

    If you are really hit by UG, you do not need any Gita, Quran or Bible nor you would make an attempt to emulate some role models.

    When UG is deep in your heart, you feel tremendously alone.

  2. Madhu says:

    Derivatives from UG’s Teachings:

    1)U R so unique that U need not change to become someone else.

    2)Morality is the horrendous creation of humanity.

    3)The world around U is the only reality and no other reality exists and U need to deal with this reality in UR own unique way.

    4)Love is the futile effort to integrate two divided souls.

    5)Beauty is the creation of thought. All forms of arts are pleasure movements.

    5)Man created God to justify his control over the rest of the nature’s creation.

    6)The humanity is in such a precarious situation that any movement to save mankind only hastens the process of the total destruction.

    7)To hope is to create another hopeless situation.

    8)The desire for God and Sex stem from the same source.

    9)Meditation is inner warfare destroying the sensitivity of the organism.

    10)Food orgies are worse than sex orgies.

    11)The heart is functioning harmoniously and smoothly without waiting for Buddha or Jesus to tell it “ How to Function”.

    12) Stop thinking and Start living.

    13)When the nature cannot take it any more it will finish off the mankind in one stroke and that is the only Moksha.

    14)The divisions among human beings are natural reflections of the divisive human consciousness. It’s impossible to integrate the humanity.

  3. sulochanosho says:

    Thanks, Madhu, I have no words to express there.

    But one thig I need to say that I have always considered Madhu and Ikuru as the true two pillars of this site. This site never belonged to me, I mean it. Madhu and Ikuru have thrown countless ‘gems’ in various places and contexts across the pages of this site. But of late they got ‘divorced’ from each other, for the best reasons known to them alone. Ikuru has gone ‘silent’ like a sage now. I always wish they remain contributing their best on these pages. In fact I love hearing from all – no bar or censor at all. Thank you.

  4. raj gowami says:

    can you tell me from where can i get ‘Self Realization: With Special Reference to UG’ by Mr. Satya Simha? in mumbai?—raj

    • sulochanosho says:

      raj, thank you. *Particularly this book was brought out with very few copies and not for distribution yet. They may bring out the copies for distribution later. Right now it is not available with the book sellers. However you may contact/clarify with Mr. K. Chandrasekhar on email, which is given under the UG Documentary Film post elsewhere on this site: [Link]

  5. vbha says:

    Can I get ‘The Best of UG — DVD’ from outside stores or please give me conact details or guidelines to reach Mr.Robert Carr to get that DVD other than Mandar productions or in the same by online.
    Thank you,

    Ever yours,

  6. ikuru says:

    Quoting UG from the Video Promo:

    “The Best thing that You can do, to me and to all of mankind, is to burn all the memories you have of me and about me (along with this body) when I´m dead”

  7. Madhu says:

    We cannot but quote UG !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even to get rid of his memories.

  8. Madhu says:

    Unfortunately, we cannot but quote UG, even to get rid of his memories!

  9. sulochanosho says:

    Robert Carr has sent the following message:

    this is from Robert Carr, the fellow who made best of UG, just want to thank you for your blog and the information that is getting out to people.

    The DVD is on sale in theUS but getting it on the market here is a bit of a job. got a web page which has a pay pal account for ordering the disk in India. So again if you have any ideas that might help in this project please let me know.
    Al the best
    Robert Carr

  10. sulochanosho says:

    Bob Bombs:
    On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 1:17 AM, Robert Carr [] wrote:

    Dear Friend , thank so much for help and interest in UG products, just kidding: people need some real direction, they are lost in the mumble jumble of religious thinking for that matter all thought is useless to solve any problem other than going to the post office or catch a train.
    – Bob

  11. josh rain says:

    Hello, anyone know where can i download ‘the best of ug’ for free? any way to buy this in Philippine or singapore? upload to google video?

  12. Rake says:

    UG idolatry in exhibition , the very thing he hated..

  13. phuqueyoo says:

    “UG idolatry in exhibition , the very thing he hated..” – and yet here you are too. 😉

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