The Biology of Enlightenment

The Enlightenment of Biology

The much awaited new title on UG, The Biology of Enlightenment by Mukunda Rao [is now released in Bangalore, on 8th January, 2011].

Title of the Book: The Biology Of Enlightenment
Unpublished Conversations Of U. G. Krishnamurti After He Came Into The Natural State (1967-71)

Author: Mukunda Rao
Publisher: HarperCollins, India, 2010
ISBN: 9350290095
ISBN-13: 9789350290095, 978-9350290095
Binding: Paperback
Number of Pages: 430

About the Book

In this book we meet with the modern sage, U.G. Krishnamurti, and listen to his penetrating voice describing life and reality as it is. What is body and what is… mind? Is there a soul? Is there a beyond, a God? What is enlightenment? Is there a life after death? Never before have these questions been tackled with such simplicity, candour and clarity. In these unpublished early conversations with friends (1967-71), U.G. discusses in detail his search for the truth and how he underwent radical biological changes in 1967. Preferring to call it the natural state over enlightenment, he insists that whatever transformation he has undergone is within the structure of the human body and not in the mind at all. It is the natural state of being that sages like the Buddha, Jesus and, in modern times, Sri Ramana, stepped into. And U.G. never tires of pointing out that this is the way you, stripped of the machinations of thought, are also functioning.

About the Author

Mukunda Rao is a professor of English and has been teaching in Bangalore for the last 31 years. He has participated and presented papers in several seminars on wide-ranging subjects such as Gandhian philosophy of social action and non-violence, Ambedkar, culture and politics, communalism, spirituality and religious harmony, and has been associated with organizations involved in the area of social justice and human rights. Among his previously published works are Confessions of a Sanyasi (1988), The Mahatma a novel (1992), Babasaheb Ambedkar: Trials with Truth (2000), The Other Side of Belief: Interpreting U.G. Krishnamurti (2005), and The Penguin U.G. Krishnamurti Reader (2007).

HarperCollins Publishers India
and Crossword Bookstores
Invite you to the launch of

The Biology of Enlightenment
Unpublished Conversations of U.G. Krishnamurti
After he came into the natural state (1967-71)

Edited by
Mukunda Rao

On Saturday, 08 Jan 2011 at 3.30 pm
At Crossword
ACR Towers, 32 Residency Road
Bangalore – 560001

Mahesh Bhatt, Noted Film Director and Activist
will release the book

Frank Noronha, Director General, DAVP
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Government of India
Chandrasekhar Babu, Educationist
Mukunda Rao, Author

Vinay Anchan 9164377824/ Anita 25582411

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Important Contact for the Book Info:
D. Sai Nath
Customer Service Executive
Harper Collins Publishers India
A-53, Sector 57, Noida 201301, Uttar Pradesh
Tel: +91-120 – 4044800 Direct: 4044837 |
Fax:+91-120 – 4044850
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Mahesh Bhatt Releases
‘Biology of Enlightenment’

Media News Report:

UG: Biology of Enlightenment, book released by Mahesh Bhatt

Educationist Chandrashekhar with Film Director Mahesh Bhatt, Mukunda Rao, Editor of the book and AP Frank Moronha, Director General of DAVP releasing book The Biology of Enlightenment, an unpublished conversation of UG Krishnamurti after he came into the natural state, book release programme held at Crossword, in Bangalore on Saturday 8th Jan 2011 Photo Credit :

UG: Biology of Enlightenment

Film-maker Mahesh Bhatt releasing ‘The Biology of Enlightenment'

News Report [Courtesy: The Hindu, 09 Jan 2011]

Life of a person like UG knows no full-stop: Mahesh Bhatt
Bangalore: Film director and director Mahesh Bhatt released a book on his “teacher, master and God”, the late philosopher U.G. Krishnamurti.

Edited by Mukunda Rao, a Bangalore-based English professor of 30 years, the book “Biology of Enlightenment” compiles 200 hours of tapes and recordings of the late philosopher’s talks and discourse. “In being a watchman for my master, I have already played the role of my lifetime. I believe that the life of a person like U.G. knows no full-stop and no endings which is probably why I have had no sense of parting. My master left me without a sense of farewell,” said a visibly moved Mr. Bhatt.

Later, Mr. Bhatt refused to take questions on anything but his association with and sentiments for his “master”.

He declined to comment on the ongoing tussle between him and lyricist and poet Javed Akhtar on the issue of copyright for lyricists and film producers. “I am not here to discuss these issues,” he said.

Educationist Chandrashekhar Babu and A.P. Frank Noronha, Director-General of the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity, Union Government, also spoke at the event.

Speaking of his association with U.G. Krishnamurthy, Mr. Noronha said, “He was the highest point or destination of my life. I am very privileged to have come in touch with him”.

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(The Hindu, 09 Jan 2011)
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18 Responses to The Biology of Enlightenment

  1. Igor Stanislav says:

    Is there really any new material in this book? I request anyone who has read it to post a short review.

  2. Goodarz-sh-davani says:

    I Would like to have The Biology of Enlightenment
    I am living in sweden ,can you tell me more about
    The Biology of Enlightenment
    thanks goodarz

  3. Igor Stanislav says:

    I purchased this book from Flipkart. there is indeed new material here. The text is transcribed from 96 hours of audio tapes recorded after his calamity during 1967-1971. UG comes across as a very different person in these talks, more open and approachable regarding his experiences. There is none of the later bitterness regarding JK or other gurus here. It might be useful in understanding UG.

  4. sulochanosho says:

    @Igor Stanislav, thanks.

    A sage in UG is a live rage that preserves nothing:

    Yes, the 1967 – 1971 is a ‘sanguine sober take on phase’ of UG. He acknowledges the line of Jesus, Buddha, Ramakrishna, Ramana and others who transformed themselvs onto the same kind of ‘mutation’. It’s a complete ‘death’ and a new ‘birth’ kind of ‘thing’, as UG points out. As such clinging to the left out culture-knowledge base doesn’t arise. It’s a unique unparalleled phase of the evolution of the humans. The expression of that ‘natural state’ in an entirely ‘afresh’ and ‘non-continuity’ way is revealed in UG – that is really something very ‘rebel’ there. He termed this state in a very physiological, physical way that it could happen to any human – he totally absolved himself of giving any ‘holiness’ or ‘godliness’ business to it. No ‘technique business’ there.

    It’s only this natural state that can bring a transformation and end to the unnecssary miseries and wars that we are suffering from in this world.

    It’s a kind of physiological penetration that mutes the mind and self – the ‘natural state’ that UG expresses through his gestures and words, eventhough he says more frequently that this state can not be explained in words and one has to ‘live it’.

    As somewhere pointed out in this unique book, our biologists and scientists need to have relook at the possibility of the flowering state of the human, as UG stumbled on to that state – that state being a live example in a very practical, physical physiological terms.

    We need not, and it is not necessary to paint the ‘life energy’ as god, moksha, turia, and such other ‘beyond’ terms. And that’s how the humanity evolves, without much clinging and drowning into the past knowledge base and glory. A sage in UG is always a live rage, it never preserves and that is the dynamism of the life force.

    Yes, it is 1980s and later that UG exploded and a different kind of explosion took place, and here he used a different kind of lingo of slang and abuse in his own inimical style. UG alone knows what was the ‘play’ or ‘ploy’ to use this kind of lingo or gestures, so to speak.

    But onething is always sure, UG spoke out of ‘fragrance’, and never out of ‘arrogance’ – this point should always be seen by us when listening to UG.

    UG destructs mercilessly all the holy or otherwise ‘thought structure’ empires built around there for centuries, and not only that he in his very next breath destroys his own words uttered there. That is the dynamism of life here, now.

  5. […] The conversation happened between David Brohm and U.G. Krishnamurti is also featured in the recently published book, ‘The Biology of Enlightenment’, edited by Mukunda Rao. [Link] […]

    • indiayogi says:

      is it true David bohm had conversation with ug or J krishnamuthy ?

      • ugmadhu says:

        No doubt David Bohm was a close friend of J Krishnamurti. But he was devastated by the JK’s attitude towards him at sometime. He went into depression (as per Mr Bohm biography written by his associate)

        But David Bohm met UG during the period when UG was ‘recovering’ from the ‘calamity’.

        As per the audio tapes I have listened, UG was trying to explain him about his recent calamitous experiences.

        David Bohm was already well brainwashed by JK and he was perhaps unable to follow him or understand him.

        I think he continued his relationship with JK till he was devastated by JK.

        David Bohm met Dalai Lama at the end of his life.

        My personal opinion is he should have continued his research in some laboratory rather than moving around the spiritual leaders.

        Except some intellectual clarity, he achieved nothing by being with JK and engaging himself in dialogues with JK.

      • sulochanosho says:

        Thank you Madhu, that’s a gud otherside insight info.

      • dev says:

        Yeah d=David Bohm had coversation with UG, its on youtube also. You can check

  6. […] Of U. G. Krishnamurti After He Came Into The Natural State (1967-71), edited by Mukunda Rao. [More about this Book] Even though a more common view is expressed there that now UG is more approachable and reachable, […]

  7. […] another book on UG page: Goner: The Final Travels of UG Krishnamurti, by Louis Brawley And also: The Biology Of Enlightenment: Unpublished Conversations Of U. G. Krishnamurti After He Came Into The… GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  8. Mar says:

    Remembering U. G. Krishnamurti: A collection of his Talks, Quotes, Audiobooks, Photos and Videos

  9. dev says:

    U.G. is vastly misunderstood by many because of his expression but this book (read biology of enlightenment) exposed a very different side of U.G. Must read for those who are interested in U.G.
    I had the privilege of meeting with the author Mukund Rao and spend a day with him in his home amidst valleys and hills. He has tremendous insight and understanding on U.G unlike other U.G. admirers who just repeat U.G.

  10. During initial talks that is immediately after calamity UG mentioned about shakti and he also had mentioned that there is a thinker and the energy he had is that he could create another universe ( immediately he says why I am telling this?). Later on he never spoke about all these.

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