Mass Deaths of Birds, Fish, Animals across the Globe: A Sign of Apocalypse?

Apocalypse 2012?

There has been strange reports of massive cold waves, ash waves, snow waves, and sudden mass deaths of animals, “Our pattern-seeking brains and desire to be special help explain our fears of the apocalypse.”
Michael Moyer
fish, birds and bees across the globe in the recent past. Is it a sign of Apocalypse or mere stranded cases that are yet to be studied by our scientists and prove otherwise?

  • Blue stain believed to be sign of poisoning or hypoxia – lack of oxygen that is precursor to altitude sickness
  • Cold weather and overbreeding blamed for deaths of two 2million fish in Chesapeake Bay
  • Disease behind deaths of 100,000 fish in Arkansas River
  • At least nine incidents of mass animal deaths across the globe
  • Hundreds of confused birds plummeted to their deaths in multiple locations in the U.S.
  • Rapid movement of Magnetic North Pole towards Russia may have caused bird deaths

Here is a recent news report on [the], reported on 10 Jan 2011.
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By Michael Moyer

5 Responses to Mass Deaths of Birds, Fish, Animals across the Globe: A Sign of Apocalypse?

  1. mr potato boy says:

    Interesting… Living life is an urgent priority.

  2. sulochanosho says:

    Living ‘here, now’, is the answer to many of the ‘cancers’ out there.

  3. red life says:

    The Earth is Transforming – all are transforming – for the new cycle. This is the beginning of teh 1000 years of good health and prosperity and harmony.
    As part fo the transformation change is necessary and so we see much.
    rejoice that you are here now in this time of change. to lift others you must life yourself as you can lift others to the vibration you are at. All is energy and a clean vibration from healthy mind, body and good intnetions will help many get through the transformation time – even flourish in it. Watch that all your actions and thoughts are in harmony – that is being of good. meditate with intention of Earth Harmony. She is listening. With Love to You

  4. mr potato boy says:

    I think we should all look north for the astral unicorn rainbow.

  5. Daniel says:

    zephaniah chapter 1 verse 3 in the bible

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