UG is for life

UG friends and admirers gathered at ‘Hridaya Vihar’ – UG House – Bangalore UG Krishnamurtion 22 Mar 2011 thanks to the splendid hospitality extended by Mrs. Suguna Chandrasekhar and Mr. K. Chandrasekhar Babu, to mark or make ‘the 4th UG Aradhana’ event; not for UG, but for the sake of UG friends themselves, so to say.

Meetings and manthans (churnings) are always the best parts of our life. It’s not just an occasion to pay our respects or remembrances to UG, which he never wanted to happen. At least as far as UG is considered, we may take it as an occasion to hit our backs as to see whether we are living our ‘life’ in its freshness and fullness. And that’s all that we may do to UG.

An interesting part of this gathering was the varied and candid exchanges of views on the newly published book, “My mission, if there is any, should be, from now on, to debunk every statement I have made. If you take seriously and try to use or apply what I have said, you will be in danger.”
– UG
The Biology of Enlightenment: Unpublished Conversations Of U. G. Krishnamurti After He Came Into The Natural State (1967-71), edited by Mukunda Rao. [More about this Book] Even though a more common view is expressed there that now UG is more approachable and reachable, as in this book UG moves on a sanguine and sane way unlike his hardcore utterances of the later period – through 1980s, 1990s and till his death-bed statement in March 2007; but for those who have really read in between the lines of this rare new book, there is absolutely no different UG – it’s the same hardcore staring UG. Only the lingo may be a little traditional and not aggressively radical, otherwise it is the same UG.

This book may be considered as the ‘essence’ phase of UG; and the later period till the physical death of UG may be considered as the ‘enforcement of the essence’ phase, where the only focus of UG was to push an individual to the dead end of the hard wall so that there is no escape and he can directly stare into the very life force on his own. It is in this second phase that UG used his own inimical lingo of slang and extreme abuse. He used the worst possible kind of filthy language, only to make us healthy so that we may ‘see’ life directly here now and ‘free’ ourselves from the dead burden of the so called hell lot of the past holy heritage and knowledge shits.

It is absurd and may not be of any use to say that UG was either against or for the traditions or holy scriptures or gurus or religions. UG’s only focus is to see that there is no space or screen between you and your life. It’s so straight and simple. But the words may again spit and split – no end there.

Another point of discussion was as to whether UG proposes or gives any ‘technique’ for arriving at the natural state. Absolutely no ‘techniques’ we find in the utterances of UG there to hang on to it. Techniques and tools may never dare to touch ‘life’. We are left entirely naked and alone here now in the life. The so called gurus, hopes and techniques may only add to more and more hurdles and blocks to life there.

For all those of us who have had the continuous hardcore doses of the UG of the later period, this book may give a sudden little soothing touch; but the hardcore UG always remains in the forefront.

(On the other day, one best and aggressive contributor of this blog, Mr. Madhusudhan D. Rao (Madhu) has had a detailed exchange with me of his ‘way of seeing’ as to whether the hardcore UG is in anyway diluted due to this new book (The Biology of Enlightement). He firmly says NO. It is hoped that Madhu may be posting his way of perceiving this new book and UG out of his own trauma and journey of life, here in the pages of this site, shortly.)

UG “Aradhana” 22 March 2011, Bangalore, India: a view from
Mr. K. Chandrasekhar’s Photo Album [Link] 

8 Responses to UG is for life

  1. Mukunda Rao says:

    Your report of the 4th UG Aradhana is to the point and brilliant. I agree with your observation that the UG in BIO is not very different.
    ‘For all those of us who have had the continuous hardcore doses of the UG of the later period, this book may give a sudden little soothing touch; but the hardcore UG always remains in the forefront.’ So true!
    Thanks, with best wishes,
    mukunda rao.

  2. sulochanosho says:

    Thank you Mukunda Rao, your words are more soothing!

    We once again appreciate your brilliance and painful patience in bringing out this book with an equally befitting introduction there. Otherwise this almost abondoned and stranded tapes of UG conversations might have missed or gone forever down the time there.

    And Mr K Chandrasekar also needs a ‘pat’ for his efforts to fetch these tapes from remote sources and fully supporting and guiding to bring out the same in the form of book published – The Biology of Enlightenment.

  3. Madhu says:

    UG wants us to get rid of the Deadwoods and get into the Freshness of Life:

    I remember the Vedic chantings and the people talking about UG and their acquaintance with him on that day (22 March 2011).

    Dr. Narsinga Rao who was part of the Vedic chanting group there, talked a few words in a very soft and humble voice about “Chaitanya” mentioned in Vedas and Upanishads.

    In the afternoon session there was this discussion about the new book (‘The Biology of Enlightenment’) by Mukunda Rao and a new image of UG emerging from it.

    Many people were startled and perhaps some have sighed relief after knowing that UG interpreted (in that book) his “calamitous enlightenment” that occurred to him in terms of ancient Hindu terms.

    And also there was UG’s parallel opinion on JK in that book.

    Firstly, Do we want UG in terms of what we like or dislike?

    Do we want to paint the picture of UG as we like it to be?

    If we make such an attempt what we get is the most grotesque and distorted form of what actually UG was and is.

    The central question in everybody’s mind is whether the so called new UG of very old time (way back in 1967) has confirmed the tradition and ancient religious scriptures or not.

    UG defined tradition by saying “Tradition is your unwillingness to change”.

    He gave a very new and non traditional meaning for the word ‘tradition’.

    Tradition need not be of ancient, it could be of yesterday.

    So tradition in his words is “dead-wood” which has no life in it and does remain static with no change.

    Whether UG agreed with ancient scriptures or to the teachings of Sankara or Ramana or JK is immaterial.

    UG wanted us to NOT to take the burden of them (the religious and spiritual teachings) in our minds and NOT to remain rigid with our unwillingness to change or move away.

    His ‘barking and rantings’ which he carried on till the end of his life are his passionate efforts to unburden us from the ‘dead-wood’ we are carrying on our heads and were dreaded to get disassociated with it.

    When someone asked UG that in what way they get affected by his teachings, he said “you will unburden yourselves”.

    Also he said “what you experience here is the freshness of life”.

    If I could interpret the word “Chaitanya” which that Vedic scholar has mentioned in the morning session, I believe ‘Chaitanya’ means ‘something which is ever living and changing from moment to moment and it is an anti-thesis of death and stagnation.’

    UG wanted to fill our beings with that ‘Chaitanya’ in every one of us.

    So he blasted everything that could easily turn into a deadwood and burden us thereby denying us the fresh lease of life.

    In my personal experience, JK’s teachings too gave such freshness and clarity after my first encounter with them.

    Before I came across JK‘s teachings, there was an intense battle going on within me between the natural me and the ever struggling me trying to conform to the studies, educational system and its ranking and achievements etc…

    During that time I never could imagine my life beyond my studies, college, excruciatingly painful cramming of the subjects, grinding work and slavery in the name of education.

    JK showed me an entire spectrum of life in my young age and I started feeling a new lease of life and a new taste of life.

    I started realizing that cramming the subjects and ever living in fear of exams and failures is a ‘petty little way of living’ and JK showed me a life existing beyond that ‘shoddy way of life’.

    Magically the fear, anxiety, guilt and nervousness disappeared during my young age and I stated feeling a new calmness and stability to listen and see the things as they are.

    Each of his statement resulted in a new set of wings emerging from within me.

    But I still used my mind to interpret his teachings and tried to understand them to get more from JK’s teachings and to taste more and more freshness.

    The moment I started using my mind, naturally I tried to make JK’s teachings into a system of life and standard of living which again resulted in a bitter battle within me between the natural me and the JK’s loyalist in me (who is addicted to JK’s teachings to experience more and more…)’.

    Every statement of JK had now created a new wall around me thereby by choking the natural me.

    I could not imagine a life beyond his teachings. I am back to square one.

    It took long time to realize that the natural me is neither interested in the rigid educational system nor interested in JK’s teachings.

    It wants to live in its own terms and it does NOT give damn for great and sacred teachings or for any value system.

    It is UG who demolished the entire structure of JK’s teaching which I have carefully constructed within me.

    I am not bothered about whether UG had full of respect or little respect for JK.

    I do not give damn for whether UG attained that state due to JK’s help or inspite of it.

    I am least bothered about what UG mentioned about JK in that book.

    The point is UG like a lord of destruction, Shiva, demolished the citadel of JK’s teachnigs (which I myself constructed) within me in which my uniqueness (which I call it as ‘natural me’) was miserably caught, chained and imprisoned.

    Perhaps it is what UG meant when he responded to Mahesh Bhatt when Mr Bhatt insisted on UG to answer his question about how anyone would get affected by being associated with UG.

    UG said “if any potential exists it would surface in you and if you are a murderer you would murder with extreme finesse”.

    If we are still thinking about UG in terms of tradition or ultra rationalism, then it is our tragedy.

    – Madhusudhana D. Rao

  4. Jenga says:

    I can empathize with Madhu becasue I too had a similar journey.Though JK’s teaching is fresh, it has tendency to buildup stuff in your head and makes more cerebral.
    UG destroys everything which is not “life”. After reading UG I am now totally unburdened.

    Due to force of habit I am visiting this site, I dont feel any need at all. One day may be sometime soon I will stop this too.

  5. ashy says:

    seems some people here like to make a religion or a saint even out of somebody who denied such …

  6. Madhu says:

    “seems some people here like to make a religion or a saint even out of somebody who denied such …”

    Yes, UG is God at least to me. I feel and express that with utmost honesty and sincerity.

    I admit that I have not freed myself from the machinery of making God.

    Have you? Please be honest at least to your self.

    If you really have freed, then you will ‘empathize’ with non-freed people like me rather than ridiculing or making sarcastic and half chewed statements.

  7. kvenkatraman says:


    very honest reply of yours..its really difficult to free from god-making.can we really “kill the Buddha”?.. i don’t know,but thats what UG wanted.

  8. Madhu says:

    “very honest reply of yours..its really difficult to free from god-making.can we really “kill the Buddha”?.. i don’t know,but thats what UG wanted.”

    In the first place, UG did not want anything from anybody.

    He did not expect people to get enlightened or unconditionally freed or liberated by agreeing or disagreeing or by following or by living his teachings..

    He was NOT hallucinating about any dramatic change happening from the people around him by listening and reading his teachings everlastingly.

    He was clear about the “becoming” as the real culprit.

    There is no movement in any direction for UG.

    So the question of what UG wanted or expected from us does not arise in me.

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