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Soak in the intense of this moment: tribute to UG

The only ten virtues for enlightenment


This Dog is Barking: A Comic Epic on UG

God never spoke

Unholy God


A child

All our loves


UG is for life

Static shits

Life needs nothing

Bodhidharma called Buddha a barbarian

Living life

A Conversation between David Bohm and U.G. Krishnamurti

Mass deaths of birds, fish, animals across the globe: a sign of apocalypse?

Life is

From disease to divinity

Sermon of life

The Biology of enlightenment

Wipe out all Gods, God men, and Shankaracharyas from the face of the Himalayas

Celebrating British eccentricity

UG: ‘Yes, I shall maintain Sankara was a bastard! Mandukya is shit!’

If Einstein Were Here Right Now, I Could Shut Him Up In One Minute

Even an ant can beat us

A cockroach may reach God

Religion and sermon

Global warming/ warning

Foes are friends too: Osho’s trubute to J. Krishnamurti

Height of discourses

Knowledge obesity

Height of Wisdom

Gods and Guns

Tao: being natural

The best of UG

Enlightenment is (no words)

UG: ‘Never make me a religious man’

Nityanandas and Mythyanandas: Sexpoitations

No more mistakes

Even the Gods’ own food could not protect the ancient Egyptian priests from killing

“God is in the vagina” – Sri Ramakrishna

Mankind’s hunt for more extra earth-like planets to loot and pollute

Best wishes

Pissing and superconsciousness

Matthew is in India on his UG Documentary Film Mission

No commandment but this moment

The very happiness is the hindrance

Divine is to go alone

Pleasure peddling Gurus (by D. Madhusudhana Rao)

Why are all our bees dying: sure sign of apocalypse or eclipse

Do: Disorder is the only order

A lone flower in the Kashmir valley of violence

Time to Align with the Aliens

A Taste of Life in Bangalore

UG left my Father with A Taste of Life: Daughter Matters

A Taste of Life by Mahesh Bhatt – excerpt

A Taste of Life: Last Days of UG

We Are All One: a video message to save us

What the fuck this life is all about

We Are All One: a video message to save us

The Only Truth

UG Gave No Last Scene to Mahesh Bhatt

Dead Scripture and Live Nature

Obama Inaugural Speech

Manic Mankind, Mind and God

Bush should be awarded ‘Best International Sportsman of the Century’: Duck to Buck the Flying Shoes

UG and God-sent Terror on Numb Mumbai

Feel the Pulse of the Body

Underneath the Feet

Body is God, Nothing Beyond

A Monk and a Monkey

The Eccentric Essence

Myth of Striving to Become Great: there is no greater myth than that

Life Listens to No Words

Searching for Happiness is the Sure Way to Miss Happiness

Parveen Babi: a Perfumed Body

Living is instant, believing is distant

Count on Essence, and Discount all Peripherals

Scrap those Crap Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Wisdom Stored is Wisdom Frozen

Religions: Godly Garbages

Life is Here and Now

A Philosopher’s Symmetry and Poetry

Meditation is to Float and not to Fight

Godly Garbs to Grab: height of hypocrisy

Sexuality: A Triviality

Gurus: the best businessmen of the era

UG: a Unique Guy

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