Nityanandas and Mythyanandas: Sexploitations

March 14, 2010

Our Nityanadas and Mythyandas preach spirituality Sex Solaceand moksha bliss3000 Sex Abuse Cases by the Catholic Priests
The cases of sex abuse or sex scandals are not unusual and they are the very ‘born cousins’ of almost all of our religions and the institutions. For example, a recent Vatican News reported that over 3000 sex abuse cases, including child molestation cases, have been reviewed by the Pope in the past nine years, some cases dating back even 50 years. Of course, this is the ‘vatican officially’ reported case figure; God alone knows how many of His Catholic Priests indulge or indulged in sex abuse ‘blissful’ acts. An interesting article on ‘Catholic Sex Abuse Cases’ there on Wikipedia.
 in day light and as the night comes they indulge into the reality of their bliss source: sex. Better these phoney Nityanandas and Gurus start preaching that sex is the only solace and sex is no sin. Have they ‘guts’ to do that? No. Under the holy shadows of Bible, Quaran, Gita, Veda, Vedanta, Upanishad, these so called pretending to be ‘enlightened’ gurus try to satiate their ‘sex’ greed. These gurus are really misleading and derailing the precious life of our gullible people, in the name of ‘turia’, ‘enlightenment’, ‘eternal bliss’, ‘samadhi’ and many other false sacred shits, which never existed in the first place. Through this ‘spiritual business’ these gurus earn themselves an easy but undeserved respect, holy soul status, name and fame, money and luxury, serving followers and disciples to carry their glory even after their death. What else is needed?

UG puts it in an interesting way:
‘Prostitutes are the only people who deliver the goods’ and the ‘Holy business is the only business where you can get away without delivering any goods’.

The recent sex scandal news of one Swami Paramahamsa Nityanda [LINK] is in fact no news at all – now a days it has become so routine and frequent; and it is time to relook and re-reflect on God and Spirituality. Many comments were made on this site, even earlier also on this so called enlightened guru: Swami Paramhamsa Nityanda. All the comments made elsewhere on this site are listed here for an easy access:

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Some of the interesting blogs on the recent sex episode of Swami Paramahamsa Nityanada (or Nithyananda):
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“God is in the Vagina” – Sri Ramakrishna

February 23, 2010

Sri Ramakrishna PramahmsaSri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (1836 – 1886) is considered as one of the most respected spiritual masters of the modern time in India. The story or saying is that he attained the highest ‘nirvikalpa samadhi’, state. He empowered Swami Vivekananda as his most powerful disciple in the 20th century. He experienced ‘trances’ at the age of six. He was born to a poor but pious family in a village in Bengal, India. He never bothered to learn even to write his name, such an implicit ‘illiterate’ he was. Ducked and bunked the ordeals of school learning. He was a true ‘rebel’, but still remained rooted in the tradition of the soil and time. He took over the priesthood profession for his livelihood to worship Goddess Kali. He revolted against the senseless caste and class discriminations, in his own ways. He was initiated to other religions also – Islam, and Christianity. He has no qualms about the religions. Initially he was initiated into ‘tantra’ tradition by Bhairavi Brahmani, an orange-robed, middle-aged female ascetic; later on initiated into non-dual meditation and Vedanta. This is the briefest description that is given here just as a reminder about his holy personality.

Sri Ramakrishna was also known as a ‘tantrik’; he worshiped even his wife Sarada as Goddess. It is not unknown that many a class spiritual masters go eccentric and erratic (or erotic or mystic?) in their utterances, gestures and teachings. It is told that Ramakrishna used the most rustic, colloquial, classic, gross Bengali language to communicate or abuse with his disciples and people – in the larger mission of spreading the spiritual consciousness. He often used filthy, sexy words to convey the message of clarity. These masters or mystics often reveal ‘Vedanta’ in the very ‘vagina’, so to speak. They know not what is holy or unholy. It’s the middle class mortals and minds that drum beat and blow the siren of morals and holiness; and our Gurus make good ‘harvest’ out of it. Otherwise, God knows no bounds of morals or sermons. It seems, the morals are for the mortals, never for the immortal ones.

The teachings of Ramakrishna are preserved in the work called ‘Sri-Sri-Ramakrisna-Kathamrta’ compiled in Bengali by his house-holder devotee, Mahendranath Gupta. This book is more realistic and less filtered, it seems. But the English translation of this book was never a true translation or rather the translation was made to depict the Personality Ramakrishna as an ‘avatar’ and ‘holy’ person; or rather it was impossible to translate the ‘original’ as it is due to the best kept reasons or impulses.

All the above paragraphs I scribbled just after incidentally reading a passage from the book, ‘Stopped in Our Tracks’ (third series, on UG) originally compiled in Telugu by K. Chandrasekhar, a close long associate of UG, (translated in English by Narayana Moorty). There may be several scholarly great books available on UG, but my favorite passion is always, Chandrasekhar’s ‘Lost in Our Tracks’ (First series ; Second series ; and Third series), an informal inner circle open chit-chat or tidbits on UG and in UG’s own informal spontaneous words too. Many instant diamonds of wisdoms we may strike there in the jungle of informal UG journey in these books (first, second, and third series).

The random passage I got in this book (‘Lost in our Tracks: third series’) reads:

“God is in the Vagina” – Sri Ramakrishna

The other day, Guha was reading the Bengali original of Sri Ramakrishna Bodhamrtam, translating it into English for us. “I will remove all my clothes and dance before the women; what do you care about it?” Sri Ramakrishna had scolded one of his disciples. Guha continued, “God is in the vagina. God lets me see him in the copulation of two dogs.” Ramakrishna had used much more obscene and vulgar language [than this] in his conversations. But Nikhilananda, in translating, had corrected all that, changing it so that people would be presented with the image of a holy man to hold in their minds.

And another passage I happened to get from Chandrasekhar’s ‘Stopped in Our Tracks’ (first series) reads:

“The source for both God and sex is the same. As long as you think of God, there is always sex in its shadow,” says U.G. I now understand the value of this saying. But in those days I was very confused. “Why am I so deluding myself? The mind which freed itself from so many attractions, why is it pining so much for such a trifle? Is this a test? O Lord, please give me strength. Please get me out of this mire.” Just as I was praying thus, I felt that I was sinking deeper into the mire.

Some of the interesting passages taken from the article [Wikipedia] on Sri Ramakrishna are reproduced here:

The Bhairavi initiated Ramakrishna into Tantra. Tantrism focuses on the worship of shakti and the object of Tantric training is to transcend the barriers between the holy and unholy as a means of achieving liberation and to see all aspects of the natural world as manifestations of the divine shakti.

In 1866, Govinda Roy, a Hindu guru who practiced Sufism, initiated Ramakrishna into Islam. Ramakrishna said that he “devoutly repeated the name of Allah, wore a cloth like the Arab Moslems, said their prayer five times daily, and felt disinclined even to see images of the Hindu gods and goddesses, much less worship them—for the Hindu way of thinking had disappeared altogether from my mind.” According to Ramakrishna, after three days of practice he had a vision of a “radiant personage with grave countenance and white beard resembling the Prophet and merging with his body”.

At the end of 1873 he started the practice of Christianity, when his devotee Shambu Charan Mallik read the Bible to him. Ramakrishna said that for several days he was filled with Christian thoughts and no longer thought of going to the Kali temple. According to Ramakrishna, one day when he saw the picture of Madonna and Child Jesus, he felt that the figures became alive and had a vision in which Jesus merged with his body. In his own room amongst other divine pictures was one of Christ, and he burnt incense before it morning and evening. There was also a picture showing Jesus Christ saving St Peter from drowning in the water.

According to Malcolm Mclean, the principal source for Ramakrishna’s teaching is Mahendranath Gupta’s ‘sri-sri-ramakrisna-kathamrita’. Kripal calls it “the central text of the tradition”. The text was published in five volumes from 1902 to 1932. Based on Gupta’s diary notes, each of the five volumes purports to document Ramakrishna’s life from 1882–1886.

The main translation of the Kathamrita is The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna by Swami Nikhilananda. Nikhilananda’s translation rearranged the scenes in the five volumes of the Kathamrita into a linear sequence. Malcolm Mclean and Jeffrey Kripal argue that the translation is unreliable. Philosopher Lex Hixon writes that the Gospel is “spiritually authentic” and “powerful rendering of the Kathamrita”

Ramakrishna’s explicitly sexual language shocked 19th-century Westerners, even scholars Max Müller who were otherwise his admirers. Müller wrote that his language was at times “abominably filthy”. He admitted however that such direct speech was natural to contemporary hindus, “where certain classes of men walk stark naked”, and should not be considered intentional filthiness or obscenity. Citing examples of classical poems like Bhartrihari, the Bible, Homer, and Shakespeare, Müller felt that few of the sayings would have to be bowdlerized.

Many great thinkers including Max Müller, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sri Aurobindo, and Leo Tolstoy have acknowledged Ramakrishna’s contribution to humanity. Ramakrishna’s influence is also seen in the works of artists such as Franz Dvorak (1862–1927) and Philip Glass.

Indologist Heinrich Zimmer was the first Western scholar to interpret Ramakrishna’s worship of the Divine Mother as containing specifically Tantric elements. Neeval also argued that tantra played a main role in Ramakrishna’s spiritual development.

Philosopher Lex Hixon writes Ramakrishna was an Advaita Vedantin. Postcolonial literary theorist Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak wrote that Ramakrishna was a “Bengali bhakta visionary” and that as a bhakta, “he turned chiefly towards Kali.” Amiya P.Sen writes that “it is really difficult to separate the Tantrik Ramakrishna from the Vedantic”, since Vedanta and Tantra “may appear to be differ in some respects”, but they also “share some important postulates between them”.

The dialogue between psychoanalysis and Ramakrishna began in 1927 when Sigmund Freud’s friend Romain Rolland wrote to him that he should consider spiritual experiences, or “the oceanic feeling,” in his psychological works. Romain Rolland described the mystical states achieved by Ramakrishna and other mystics as an “‘oceanic’ sentiment,” one which Rolland had also experienced. Rolland believed that the universal human religious emotion resembled this “oceanic sense.” In his 1929 book La vie de Ramakrishna, Rolland distinguished between the feelings of unity and eternity which Ramakrishna experienced in his mystical states and Ramakrishna’s interpretation of those feelings as the goddess Kali.

Christopher Isherwood who wrote the book Ramakrishna and his Disciples (1965) said in a late interview,”Ramakrishna was completely simple and guileless. He told people whatever came into his mind, like a child. If he had ever been troubled by homosexual desires, if that had ever been a problem he’d have told everybody about them.(…) His thoughts transcended physical love-making. He saw even the mating of two dogs on the street as an expression of the eternal male-female principle in the universe. I think that is always a sign of great spiritual enlightenment.”

Some scholars of Indian religion, including Narasingha Sil, Jeffrey Kripal, and Sudhir Kakar, analyze Ramakrishna’s mysticism and religious practices using psychoanalysis, arguing that his mystical visions, refusal to comply with ritual copulation in Tantra, Madhura Bhava, criticism of Kamini-Kanchana (women and gold) reflects homosexuality.

Jeffrey Kripal’s controversial Kali’s Child: The Mystical and the Erotic in the Life and Teachings of Ramakrishna (1995) argued that Ramakrishna rejected Advaita Vedanta in favor of Shakti Tantra. In this psychoanalytic study of Ramakrishna’s life, Kripal argued that Ramakrishna’s mystical experiences were symptoms of repressed homoeroticism.

Other scholars and psychoanalysts including Romain Rolland, Alan Roland, Kelly Aan Raab, Somnath Bhattacharyya, J.S. Hawley and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak argue that psychoanalysis is unreliable and Ramakrishna’s religious practices were in line with Bengali tradition.

In his 1991 book The Analyst and the Mystic, Indian psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar saw in Ramakrishna’s visions a spontaneous capacity for creative experiencing. Kakar also argued that culturally relative concepts of eroticism and gender have contributed to the Western difficulty in comprehending Ramakrishna. Kakar saw Ramakrishna’s seemingly bizarre acts as part of a bhakti path to God.


Scrap those Crap Psychologists and Psychiatrists

December 20, 2007

There is no second thought that the contribution of our psychologists and thinkers in their devout attempt to understand the life and behaviour of the humanity is great – whether it is Freud fries your Sex Libido Sigmund Freud’s (‘Sick Mind Fraud’) Psychoanalysis (‘sexoanalysis’) or Pavlov’s Conditioned Learning (‘dog’s saliva’) or Positive (‘pose’) Psychology or Existential (‘extinct’) Psychology or in terms many (e)merging current innovative psychological thinking (‘stinking’) theories. But all great things are not necessarily great when the paradigm of the flow of our life and existence is focussed in its totality – no one can stand there. Life is always beyond these defined theories and boundaries of ‘Psychology’. ‘Psychology’ can never touch LIFE. Our psychologists and psychotherapists are dangerously playing with the ‘lives’ of the humanity.

This great army of bookish, hawkish, rhetoric, repetitive and robotic psychologists in the name of ‘healing’ is always harming and fooling the life force and the humanity at large. Our outer psychologists and psychiatrists are so programmed and trained that they can never touch the subtle petals or layers of life – they are there profoundly programmed and stuck to play with the grosser layers of the lives of the people. Today the so called ‘psychology and psychiatry sermon-like junks’ are so much pumped in our daily life style that even a common man has forgotten to know that he has a biology and body there! It’s a dangerous situation there. First thing first – the simplest reality is that we are biology and body imbibing with tremendous force of intelligence and sensibility. Our body and biology are so unique that they never need to learn the so called ‘junk psychology’ from the mouths of psychologists and psychiatrists – it’s an insult and assault to our body force and life. Even the so called Biological Psychology floated by the psychologists, would tend to study the human beings in a robotic and so called scientific ‘lab rat’ way.

It may appear that our psychologists and psychotherapists are playing a very vital role in the maimed world there, but it is not so when conceived from a larger perspective of our life force and existence.

Today our psychology and psychiatry industries are so well founded and established that we can never escape from their iron clutches and claws. On the sidelines it is construed that the ‘psychology elements/ evils’ are in great demand by the politicians, the priests and the commercial establishments to tame and maim the minds of the people, in the larger run of harvesting the ‘vested/ twisted interest’.

We understand, U.G. Krishnamurti was very vocal, vociferous and aggressively inimical in rejecting this so called ivory tower ‘psychology stuff’ forced on the life. We do need a rethinking, just not to be carried away by many ‘profound junks’ that are unintentionally or otherwise floated on our life.

Our small dissenting voice here may appear amusing and abusing. But many similar voices are already there – things are bound to emerge. Randomly one or two links are given below in support of this singular minority view:

Why Psychiatry has Failed?
Dr. Tana Dineen: a renegade psychologist
Are We Manufacturing Victims? by Dr. Tana Dineen
Psychoanalysis & Sigmund Freud: A skeptic’s view of Psychoanalysis

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A Philosopher’s Symmetry and Poetry

August 24, 2007

Remote PhilosophyI preach philosphy to the people
For philosophy alone is my breath and truth
I show them the right and bright path
I preach and make them reach a new height.

Cute Philosophy
But at the end of the day
In the hard night, it’s the sight
Of a remote girl’s breasts and buttocks
That takes me to a new real delight!

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Sexuality: A Triviality

May 7, 2007

Sexuality bites everybody,  was more so with the then US President Bill Clinton. The then ‘Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky Sex Scandal’ (way back in 1998) Sky is the Limitmay be a history now, but it speaks a lot even now, even now it’s more relevant in this emerging 21st century too. As you all know by now, I am a very crazy or lazy hard nut, at that time I  did shoot an e-mail (not female!) to: from my account and of course I received the formal acknowledgement against the receipt of the same from the White House. I don’t think the content of that email is far from the theme of this blog topic. There fore,  let me reproduce the text of that email here:

Mr. Bill Clinton:

For me it is terribly amazing to watch the way you have been managing the whole Monika Lewinsky affair! I swear! Congrats. You are bold and open. I admire you.

Sex is just a cup of tea! I don’t understand why a cup of tea dips the strongest man of the strongest country? I am the last person to blame you. this whole episode represents the replica of retarded cosciousness and growth of the humankind, amidst our boasting of super technology and attainment at the verge of entering into the 21st century. It is a clear case that outer transformation is shallow unless it is balanced with inner transformation.

In this vast saga of infinite consciousness and existence, our so called sex is just a tiny toy! Even on the eve of 21st century, human consciousness is not evolved, it is a painful paradox! We are just playing with toys and being trapped, just like kids!

Mr. President, when do we grow a little higher and taste a little bit of freedom and joy?

I thought your country is liberated from sex! In my country (India) the people are not liberated from sex, either. The only difference is, our people are suffering from extreme suppression, and your people are suffering from extreme expression. Both are clear slaves and hypocrites.

Indulgence or non-indulgence, the humankind is not Sins of Sex!going to be liberated from sex. No legion, no religion can help it. It is the “awareness’ that liberates the humankind from sex. Mr. President, just “meditate” a little bit. “Witness” a bit. And you come to know the stupidity of sex. Then and there the false curtain of sex falls down! And that’s going to be the greatest evolution of human consciousness, perfectly pitched to take a quantum jump into the 21st century.

Mr. Clinton, would you do something in this direction for the evolution of the consciousness of the humankind as a whole and taking them for the quantum jump? Because you are the right person.

Mr. Clinton, don’t worry even if you are going to be impeached, for I am sure you are going to reach Heaven and most beautiful lady angels are waiting for you at the door wide open!

Mr. President, please do something. I do help you. I do admire you!

With great regards,

Sw. Prem Aseem

So this was the exact copy of the email. Anyway,  sexuality is an elusive mystery, who’ll demystify it, who ‘ll unfold the mystery? 

Please understand, this blog is not intended for entertainment , but for an enquiry towards attaining enlightenment, rather than entanglement.
What is the sanity of our society visa vis sexuality? What’s the root cause of our perversions of sexuality; what’s the repercussions of the repression of sexuality? How do we attain the freedom of sexuality? These are some simple basic questions to ponder over. Let’s do a bit of enquiry: this is the billion dollar pointer answer that we can ponder over to arrive at rather than blowing up the balloon of this ‘Bill clinton Monika Lewinsky Scandal”!

Some Random Thoughts on Sexuality: let’s churn out some truth

There is no much difference between a civilized man and a gross pig, as long as he has no choice but to engross himself in gross sex.
— Anonymous

Intellectual sodomy, which comes from the refusal to be simple about plain matters, is as gross and abundant today as sexual perversion and they are nowise different from one another.
Edward Dahlberg [1900-1977, American Author, Critic]

The prostitute is not, as feminists claim, the victim of men but rather their conqueror, an outlaw who controls the sexual channel between nature and culture.
— Camille Paglia [1947-, American Author, Critic, Educator]

It’s very liberating to be naked in front of a hundred people, but there’s nothing sexual about lovemaking on a movie set.
Bill Paxton [1955-, American Actor, Director, Musician, Producer, Screenwriter]

Understand that SEXUALITY is as wide as the sea. Understand that your morality is not law. Understand that we are you. Understand that if we decide to have sex whether safe, safer, or unsafe, it is our decision and you have no rights in our lovemaking.
— Derek Jarman [1942-, British Filmmaker, Artist, Author]

It is essential that we realize once and for all that man is much more of a sex creature than a moral creature. The former is inherent, the other is grafted on.
Emma Goldman [1869-1940, American Anarchist]

It is a sign of a dull nature to occupy oneself deeply in matters that concern the body; for instance, to be over much occupied about exercise, about eating and drinking, about easing oneself, about sexual intercourse.
— Epictetus [50-120, Stoic Philosopher]

I can live without it all — love with its blood pump, sex with its messy hungers, men with their peacock strutting, their silly sexual baggage, their wet tongues in my ear.
Erica Jong [1942-, American Author]

Chastity does not mean abstention from sexual wrong; it means something flaming, like Joan of Arc.
— Gilbert K. Chesterton [1874-1936, British Author]

Life is a sexually transmitted disease.
Guy Bellamy [Author]

What holds the world together, as I have learned from bitter experience, is sexual intercourse.
— Henry Miller [1891-1980, American Author]

The backseat produced the sexual revolution.
Jerry Rubin [1938-1994, American Activist, Author, Entrepreneur]

A man’s eroticism is a woman’s SEXUALITY.
— Karl Kraus [1874-1936, Austrian Satirist]

SEXUALITY poorly repressed unsettles some families; well repressed, it unsettles the whole world.
— Karl Kraus [1874-1936, Austrian Satirist]

Philosophy stands in the same relation to the study of the actual world as masturbation to sexual love.
— Karl Marx [1818-1883, German Political Theorist, Social Philosopher]

The great mass of women throughout history have been confined to the cultural level of animal life in providing the male with sexual outlet and exercising the animal functions of reproduction and care of the young.
— Kate Millet [1934-, American Feminist Author]

Of all possible sexual perversions, religion is the only one to have ever been scientifically systematized.
— Louis Aragon [1897-1982, French Poet]

Everyone probably thinks that I’m a raving nymphomaniac, that I have an insatiable sexual appetite, when the truth is I’d rather read a book.
— Madonna [1958-, American Musician, Singer, Actress,]

Punishing the prostitute promotes the rape of all women. When prostitution is a crime, the message conveyed is that women who are sexual are ”bad”, and therefore legitimate victims of sexual assault. Sex becomes a weapon to be used by men.
— Margo St. James

If repression has indeed been the fundamental link between power, knowledge, and SEXUALITY since the classical age, it stands to reason that we will not be able to free ourselves from it except at a considerable cost.
— Michel Foucault [1926-1984, French Essayist, Philosopher]

Of all the sexual aberrations, perhaps the most peculiar is chastity.
— Remy De Gourmont [1858-1915, French Novelist, Philosopher, Poet, Playwright]

SEXUALITY poorly repressed unsettles some families; well repressed, it unsettles the whole world.
— Karl Kraus [1874-1936, Austrian Satirist]

Philosophy stands in the same relation to the study of the actual world as masturbation to sexual love.
— Karl Marx [1818-1883, German Political Theorist, Social Philosopher]

The great mass of women throughout history have been confined to the cultural level of animal life in providing the male with sexual outlet and exercising the animal functions of reproduction and care of the young.
— Kate Millet [1934-, American Feminist Author]

Of all possible sexual perversions, religion is the only one to have ever been scientifically systematized.
— Louis Aragon [1897-1982, French Poet]

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UG: a Unique Guy

April 7, 2007

Spiritual Ashes U G Krishnamurti, popularly called and known as UG by his admirers is no more, but in a sense he is “more” now in this world, such is the power and penetration of his words and wits that he has left and impacted on the trackless track of this world. It just catches “fire” and nothing less or more. Eventhough through rotten traditional lense UG appeared to be a Useless Guy, in a clean lense UG is forever a Unique Guy. As a humble admirer, at least I felt like expressing these words, not for praising UG, but just for my conviction, for that crazy UG doesn’t want people to remember and worship him both when he is alive as well as dead.

The contemporaries JK, Osho , and UG are unique in their own way in hammering this mad world. May the breed of these Unique Guys live more on this beautiful earth.

The links:
UG Obituary: Final Remembering
UG Swan Song

An Artistic Sketch of UG:

Ikuru's artistic conquest of UG! This is the art work ‘lovingly’ created by IKURU, who I understand, is an attached as well as detached remote admirer of UG too. Remote in the sense, he never had a chance to meet UG physically, only once he spoke with UG on phone, it seems. That reflects in this UG painting that he has created here. Ikuru always loves and adds more humors amidst the so called tumorous journey of our life. I would like to add a note that this ‘art piece’ is not hosted here in appreciation or ‘worshipping’ of UG, but rather as an appreciation of human expression of art and beauty. May long live our ‘heart and art’!

P Sulochanan

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My Friend U.G. Krishnamurti on

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