Gods and Guns

April 24, 2010

God and Guns

There is no much difference between Gods and Guns. God: remote fear; Gun: instant fear.
– –

A Lone Flower in the Kashmir Valley of Violence

August 20, 2009

Along with friends I recently (in the first week of Aug 2009)Amarnath Cave made a trip to Kashmir valley thanks to Amarnath yatra. The whole world knows the grandeur and wonder of this nature’s snow valley. It was a hot summer there, but the valley down there flowing with the whitest water and splendour gave a cooling breeze to my eyes and senses. Pray to PeaceMy emphasis here is not to write about the good old splendour and beauty of the snow-clad hills and flowing valleys there, but the mundane daily life of the people there in the context of the highly hyped terrorist blot between Pakistan and India. We deliberately interacted with the people in the street and also with Infinite flow of lifethe army personnel deployed at strategic points there. Everybody expresses friendship, love and harmony there. We spent two chilling nights as guests in the Army head quarters, thanks to one of our friends’ proximity with some staff there. Everywhere it’s the breeze of friendship and life. “Kashmir Valley knows only harmony, but Pakistan and India play only dushmani.”True human nature unfolded everywhere: Muslims or Hindus, people move and mingle beyond the barriers or borders of religions or rituals there. People are interested in their life and business, never in the dirty politics or rhetoric. They are interested in their daily bread and butter, better life style, and it has less to do with colours, religions or sermons. We visited both the Hindu and Muslim shrines there and paid our respects. Even though one of Lidder Valley Pahalgamour friends belonged to the traditional pious Kashmiri Pandit family, we have had no qualms about the labels and religions. In fact this friend has had lost his father’s own house in Srinagar, as it was sold way back in 1990s under the compelled circumstances.

On this occasionTerrorist Acts our friend made it a point to visit his old sold home in Srinagar. We accompanied him on this historic emotional revisit, that too after a gap or lapse of almost over twenty years. The whole lane there was being guarded by the police personnel for Kasmir Valley for Peacesecurity reasons. It was his father’s house, where he had grown up. Finally he located it – front gate closed with high walls. The new name of the house read, “786 Noor Manzil”. It is now owned by an equally pious cultured Muslim family. Our friend’s father was a highly admired personality in the entire area there, loved by all the people there beyond religions or community labels. Even though there was a shade or veil of fear or suspicion in the thin air up, a young lady opened the door and welcomed our friend inside along with us. Our ConnectionOur friend recollects: the same good old big house, the only change that now it is painted with different color. The new owner of the house has had known our friend’s father, and he along with his pious wife started connecting the things well and a whole saga of communication and communion surged there to the pleasant surprise, emotional bond and happiness of our Kashmiri Pandit friend and all of us there. On hearing the arrival of our friend there, many neighbours and Muslim friends came there from the backyard; when the Muslim men and women hugged our friend in a bond of love, we saw there not an iota of religion, but just life and its force in its purest form. An unforgettable event of get together there. The whole family members sat with us on the floor in full reverence in the living room and served us the high tea snacks. There was no religion in it but the natural human communion. Our friend’s gesture of lifting a small kid there up and kissing was a scene of transcending the manmade barriers of hate and discriminations. Love knows no religions. To the surprise of all of us, our Muslim friend gave rather Flag Pridereturned a book, ‘The Gita’ (Urdu version) to our friend as parting gift. I could sense the moist in the eyes of our friend while receiving back this holy gift from the Muslim brethren. Our friend’s father has had this Gita book left in this house, incidentally. Our Muslim friend – the newly occupied house owner – preserved this holy book all these years with all reverence, only waiting to be safe returned to the right owner and finally now it reached the right hands. What a best example of mutual trust, respect and tolerance of human nature in its finest color and flavour, indeed. It may appear to be a small stray incident, but this is a miniature of true innate human nature that may naturally unfold in all human beings, irrespective of our religious or otherwise affiliations.

Perhaps, the isolatedWhitest flow of Water terrorist and extremist acts, however systematized it may appear to be, should never be equated with the will and wisdom of the people on the street there. The high towering Himalayan mountains stand there as a monumental but mute testimony to the saga of human consciousness and freedom infinite. The infinitely sequenced white snow clad Kashmir hills and valleys Can Manmohan and Obama Balm or Bomb it?flowing down with the purest whitest water in its fullest grandeur and splendour there may affirm a hundred times the ‘life force’ that knows nothing of hate or love. If we fail to sense it and indulge in petty ‘our water our soil’ quarrel, then the existence will never excuse us, it’s just self suicidal to all of us. Both Pakistan and India need to mend and end their ‘hatred and bloodshed’ game for the new young generations and our children to come. The water flowing down the Kashmir valley is so sacred that it’s inhuman to convert into bloodshed.

I asked my Kashmiri Pandit friend, Coexistence“Do you see in a near future any once for all solution coming to this Kashmir land fight between Pakistan and India?” I could see only his tearful eyes as he whispered, “May be we may not be there to see the solution. May be in fifty years time there may come a solution once for all.”

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UG and God-sent Terror on Numb Mumbai

December 10, 2008

Then 9/11 for the US and now 26/11 for God Peace on Earth!India. The November 26 2008 terror attack on Mumbai – the financial capital hub of India shook the whole nation, “Both the enemy and goldmine are within you, search it not outside in vain.”

“Enough of shooting and counter shooting. Now is the time to touch the root.” and the pride of Mumbai city just went numb for 60-plus-hour of trauma, terror, horror ever witnessed in India and on the TV media screens beamed non-stop on a minute-to-minute coverage with all rage and outrage live. This bizarre act of terror killed and injured hundreds of innocent lives, including both Indian and foreign nationals – the trail of trauma, sorrow, and panic syndrome is to go a long way to be healed and forgotten. We pay our respectful homage. May the unity and brotherhood of humanity live long.

A Humorous Anecdote – God-sent Terror: Part I
The other day all the Angels up in the Heaven went on a lightening strike threatening to vacate their heavenly abode and go to earth. Their only complaint was that their heavenly life is quite suffocating compared to the thrill and joy of the damsel bitches at the Taj and Oberoi Night Hubs in Mumbai. They wanted at once to pack off, vacate Heaven and escape to Mumbai. All the male Gods worried and couldn’t figure out what to do. Finally the head God called our crazy UG for help. You know our UG, he suggested the God to send at once the Terrorists to blast the Taj and Oberoi in Mumbai. And the rest is news, and now what you call it ‘26/11 India’. Don’t think that now our UG is a happier man either. No, we’ll tell it later, in Part II.

The Hard Facts – Condemn Terror, Not the Terrorists:

Mumbai RedIndia is a country ruled, ruined and raped by a broad bandwidth of greedy politicians, all included irrespective of party affiliations and labels. When your own house is weak, even a bunch of trained potatoes or mosquitoes can come and attack you. It may be true that the terror attack is always by surprise.When your own house is divided and weak, even a bunch of trained potatoes or mosquitoes can come and attack you. But still can’t we see the failure of the minimal expectancy of our system there: Our honest, finest police officers fought affront and succumbed to the bullets of terrorist guys. Initially our police officers thought that they were fighting with some routine tough mafia gang or so. But it was too late, when they realized that they were fighting with the toughest internationally trained hardcore terrorists. Even though the National Security Guards force from Delhi arrived on the scene a bit late, they fought in full valour the terror war with 10 or so terrorists for almost 60 or 62 hours non-stop and ended the operation with all the terrorists killed except the lone terrorist captured alive. Of course, unlike the terrorists, our NSG commandos had the added responsibility of saving the citizens in their fight. A scene sprinkled with hundreds of innocent lives of men, women and children killed or injured; bloodshed, bullets, fires, explosions – a perfect terror and horror scene. It was a perfect scene of a rape of human psyche there.

Mumbai HighRiseLet our politicians and leaders stop preaching the bad patriotism in terms of religions, caste, color, class and also in terms of their so called classic rhetoric and histrionics – all just for their selfish and short term gains and survival.

Today, it’s truly a global world. So is the terrorism menace. We need a multidimensional, psychosocial humanitarian approach on a global level to tackle this issue.Erase the terrorism, not the terrorists for they are no different from our own brothers. ‘Bullet to the bullets’ is not the answer. We need to end the terror, it is never possible by the act of or by a mere killing of a few bundle of terrorists. We need to touch the root of the issue in a larger and broader perspective, and then mend or heal it. We need to repair and heal the broken threads of humanity. May not be an easy task, but it is not too late. Terrorists are no different from our own fellowmen. Erase the terrorism, not the terrorists for they are no different from our own brothers. A political solution alone is not enough. A multi-faceted approach is needed.

All the people have a stake and role in it. The fact is that the terrorists have no dirty religion there, they have only a clean mission, and they do it with best precision.Please don’t blame our politicians alone for it. Please don’t blame a particular religion alone for it. Don’t forget the reality that today the hands of our all religions and leaders or politicians across the globe are blood-stained. The fact is that the terrorists have no dirty religion there, they have only a clean mission; and they do it with best precision.

The Taj GloryOur global political leaders, especially the leaders from the super power countries, need to unlearn and relearn of lot of things to bring the true peace and prosperity on this globe. Let us all facilitate to allow this globe and humanity towards emerging into its own natural course of evolution – and it’s bound to happen and nobody can stop it.

A Humorous Anecdote – God-sent Terror: Part II
On the aftermath of this terror attack the Head God called UG and thanked him that now all the male Gods are very happy as now the Angels – the battalion of God, never want to go to that bloody earth thanks to the terrorists’ acts on the night hubs of Mumbai. But sadly the Head God alerted that now all the Angels are very angry at UG and think that he must be a big bad asshole for having played the spoil-sport role. In fact the Head God told that now all the Angels demand UG alive in their Heavenly Palace so that they want to gang rape him (UG). We know that UG must not be perturbed over this demand of the Angels. But still one close associate from Bangalore phoned UG to enquire. UG told, “They know that I don’t fuck and I am of no use. Those bitches are so desperate, what else can they do? Don’t worry, I manage them too!”


It is terror, not love, not brotherhood that will help us to live together. Until this message percolates to the level of human consciousness, I don’t think there is any hope.
– UG

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UG: a Unique Guy

April 7, 2007

Spiritual Ashes U G Krishnamurti, popularly called and known as UG by his admirers is no more, but in a sense he is “more” now in this world, such is the power and penetration of his words and wits that he has left and impacted on the trackless track of this world. It just catches “fire” and nothing less or more. Eventhough through rotten traditional lense UG appeared to be a Useless Guy, in a clean lense UG is forever a Unique Guy. As a humble admirer, at least I felt like expressing these words, not for praising UG, but just for my conviction, for that crazy UG doesn’t want people to remember and worship him both when he is alive as well as dead.

The contemporaries JK, Osho , and UG are unique in their own way in hammering this mad world. May the breed of these Unique Guys live more on this beautiful earth.

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An Artistic Sketch of UG:

Ikuru's artistic conquest of UG! This is the art work ‘lovingly’ created by IKURU, who I understand, is an attached as well as detached remote admirer of UG too. Remote in the sense, he never had a chance to meet UG physically, only once he spoke with UG on phone, it seems. That reflects in this UG painting that he has created here. Ikuru always loves and adds more humors amidst the so called tumorous journey of our life. I would like to add a note that this ‘art piece’ is not hosted here in appreciation or ‘worshipping’ of UG, but rather as an appreciation of human expression of art and beauty. May long live our ‘heart and art’!

P Sulochanan

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Please note: Nothing is oneman’s work or mission. Please be part of this small ‘hammering’ mission and be part of the history. Your views may speak more than you assume in this mission. Do air and share your views/comments in these pages. Let’s do it together.