Time to Align with the Aliens

July 29, 2009

Alien - the Last HopeOur friend Ikuru, it seems, is good at hunting the net, and this time he sends in the following Video on YouTube: Top Secret UFO’s with Bob Lazar – 1 of 6
As all of us know, the mystery behind the UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object) remains a mystery till today for the larger mass of mankind, and the main science just rubbishes or suppressess it. Many vital threatening information, especially of extraterrestrial origins are deliberately kept as a guarded secret by the global politicians and power there in the ‘best interest’ of mankind (they alone know what’s this ‘best interest’). There’s a strong notion that there may exist an alien world with alien species and our earth is connected to it. Whenever there is any imbalance thanks to the most destructive selfish acts of human beings on this earth, these aliens do try to silence it or if need arises may not hesitate to wipe out the whole human species from the face of this earth on a final phase. This is the last threat that may trigger the mankind to mend and move on with the existence. More mystery and stories are taking rounds around the globe there. It’s only a matter of time for the so called chilling science fiction to turn into a hard and loud reality in front of the very eyes of the mankind.

American scientist Bob Lazar there sheds some amazing first hand science light and facts in a most cool gear. Here is the video on Youtube, a best pitch to touch the aliens and UFOs (a disc-shaped flying craft supposedly piloted by aliens) there. Bob Lazar passionately dreams of using the mysterious UFO technology for the good of mankind on this earth. It seems the video belongs to 1990s.

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