Life needs nothing

March 14, 2011

Human Greed Beyond NeedLife needs nothing, and the whole mankind is busy chasing their false greeds.
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We are All One: a video message to save us

May 13, 2009

This is a wonderful eye-opening video on The Nature. the Environ and the Universe with mesmerizing message entitled, WE ARE ALL ONE on Youtube, [Video Link] from

The trees there breathe out, and the same we human beings breathe in. Each and every living and non-living entities are very much interconnected and interdependent in the web of this existence. But we human beings under the grip of our superiority and ego trip, turned our blind eyes and failed to see the ‘fine print’ of the existence. We have turned ourselves so greedy and aggressive that we are continuosly challenging the very simple law of the existence. We are now almost on the brink of endager and extinction. The paradox is that this existence knows how to regenerate and sustain with or without human species, inspite of all kinds of rapes and aggressions we have been committing on this earth. It may not be too late to act before the existence wipes out the entire endagering human species from the face of this earth. LET US ACT NOW.

I stumbled upon this beautiful video on ploinkie’s blog,

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