Tao: Being Natural

April 10, 2010

Tao has no methods, it is anti-method, Do Dog Naturalbecause Tao means that which is natural. The method always creates the artificial, the method is always against nature. Nature needs no method, nature means that which already is. You need not discover it, you need not create it. You need not practise it; in fact, if you practise it you will miss it, because all practising will be of the mind and will create more conditionings.

A Taoist life can be lived but cannot be Nature Bountifulpractised. It is a sheer understanding. These trees are Taoists, the animals are Taoists, and they have never heard about Tao, they have not been reading Lao Tzu. They are not following any path, they are not trying to enter into any way: they are simply in it! We are also in it. Relax, rather than practising. Allow nature to take possession of you; don’t try to grab nature, don’t be active, be passive.

And that’s where everything has gone One Leg One Universewrong: those methods. If you practise them too long you will go very very far away from Tao. Live it but don’t practise it. Enjoy the small things of life — food, sleep, walking, working, loving — and just forget all about goals.

There is nowhere to go and no one to go. Nature SplendourFrom the very beginning we are there. And there is no way to enter into Tao because we are in it. Trying to enter Tao is like a dog trying to catch its own tail: he will go crazy! And Taoists go crazy because Tao is one thing and to be a Taoist is another. Tao is not Taoism. It has no ism, no philosophy, that’s the beauty of it. It is not a religion either: it is just pure life!

But it White Petalsis very difficult for the mind to be natural. That’s why I have given you the name: if you practise, you will be conditioning yourself. Go beyond all conditioning — good and bad, moral, immoral. Just relax and be a child and suddenly you will find: Tao is here, Tao is now.

Sourced from:
OSHO Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing, Chapter-26

Living is Instant, Believing is Distant

March 3, 2008

Me the WiseDeath is not the opposite of life, it is belief that is the very opposite and negation of life. The flow of life is always notwithstanding our knowing or not knowing. We kill our life in our beliefs and knowledge bundles.

We exhaust more and most of our years in knowing and believing, and least or never in ‘living our life’. The crescendo of living our life always lies in transcending and traversing beyond our attempted knowing or believing. Knowingly or unknowingly we postpone our life in our attempts to accumulate borrowed knowing or believing. Life in its full penetration and expression is always irrespective of and beyond our borrowed knowledge, experiences or beliefs.

Not that we don’t want knowledge and belief, but our life strives straight without even a small connection on our borrowed and accumulated knowledge and or belief. We do necessarily need know-how, certain belief in our mundane, routine world of utility and worldly survival. But the revival and living of our life force is always spontaneous, instant, and now. It doesn’t have even the tiniest taint of our borrowed knowledge or belief.

This existence moves, lives and functions with all thriving force and precision, not because there are scholarly dictionaries or encyclopaedias or accumulated data banks. For our manufactured or established utility world, we do need knowledge banks and beliefs. But the existence is the very instant non-split living paradigm of instant spontaneous wisdoms and actions. We can never copy or store it. Only dead things and corpses are stored or preserved. Living force and life as it is always transcends everything at one stroke or swing.

Grow, Green and GlowA vibrant morning mist there; birds are chirping with all actions; budding flowers shedding their fragrance amidst the whispering whistles of cool blowing breezes; tiny growing transparent green leaves and plants penetrating the lights there; withering falling floating expired dry leaves; flowing water and river; remote yet connected mountains and floating clouds up in the skies – are these not the wonders of wonders to our virgin naked eyes?

Yes, living is instant, believing is distant.

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