UG and God-sent Terror on Numb Mumbai

December 10, 2008

Then 9/11 for the US and now 26/11 for God Peace on Earth!India. The November 26 2008 terror attack on Mumbai – the financial capital hub of India shook the whole nation, “Both the enemy and goldmine are within you, search it not outside in vain.”

“Enough of shooting and counter shooting. Now is the time to touch the root.” and the pride of Mumbai city just went numb for 60-plus-hour of trauma, terror, horror ever witnessed in India and on the TV media screens beamed non-stop on a minute-to-minute coverage with all rage and outrage live. This bizarre act of terror killed and injured hundreds of innocent lives, including both Indian and foreign nationals – the trail of trauma, sorrow, and panic syndrome is to go a long way to be healed and forgotten. We pay our respectful homage. May the unity and brotherhood of humanity live long.

A Humorous Anecdote – God-sent Terror: Part I
The other day all the Angels up in the Heaven went on a lightening strike threatening to vacate their heavenly abode and go to earth. Their only complaint was that their heavenly life is quite suffocating compared to the thrill and joy of the damsel bitches at the Taj and Oberoi Night Hubs in Mumbai. They wanted at once to pack off, vacate Heaven and escape to Mumbai. All the male Gods worried and couldn’t figure out what to do. Finally the head God called our crazy UG for help. You know our UG, he suggested the God to send at once the Terrorists to blast the Taj and Oberoi in Mumbai. And the rest is news, and now what you call it ‘26/11 India’. Don’t think that now our UG is a happier man either. No, we’ll tell it later, in Part II.

The Hard Facts – Condemn Terror, Not the Terrorists:

Mumbai RedIndia is a country ruled, ruined and raped by a broad bandwidth of greedy politicians, all included irrespective of party affiliations and labels. When your own house is weak, even a bunch of trained potatoes or mosquitoes can come and attack you. It may be true that the terror attack is always by surprise.When your own house is divided and weak, even a bunch of trained potatoes or mosquitoes can come and attack you. But still can’t we see the failure of the minimal expectancy of our system there: Our honest, finest police officers fought affront and succumbed to the bullets of terrorist guys. Initially our police officers thought that they were fighting with some routine tough mafia gang or so. But it was too late, when they realized that they were fighting with the toughest internationally trained hardcore terrorists. Even though the National Security Guards force from Delhi arrived on the scene a bit late, they fought in full valour the terror war with 10 or so terrorists for almost 60 or 62 hours non-stop and ended the operation with all the terrorists killed except the lone terrorist captured alive. Of course, unlike the terrorists, our NSG commandos had the added responsibility of saving the citizens in their fight. A scene sprinkled with hundreds of innocent lives of men, women and children killed or injured; bloodshed, bullets, fires, explosions – a perfect terror and horror scene. It was a perfect scene of a rape of human psyche there.

Mumbai HighRiseLet our politicians and leaders stop preaching the bad patriotism in terms of religions, caste, color, class and also in terms of their so called classic rhetoric and histrionics – all just for their selfish and short term gains and survival.

Today, it’s truly a global world. So is the terrorism menace. We need a multidimensional, psychosocial humanitarian approach on a global level to tackle this issue.Erase the terrorism, not the terrorists for they are no different from our own brothers. ‘Bullet to the bullets’ is not the answer. We need to end the terror, it is never possible by the act of or by a mere killing of a few bundle of terrorists. We need to touch the root of the issue in a larger and broader perspective, and then mend or heal it. We need to repair and heal the broken threads of humanity. May not be an easy task, but it is not too late. Terrorists are no different from our own fellowmen. Erase the terrorism, not the terrorists for they are no different from our own brothers. A political solution alone is not enough. A multi-faceted approach is needed.

All the people have a stake and role in it. The fact is that the terrorists have no dirty religion there, they have only a clean mission, and they do it with best precision.Please don’t blame our politicians alone for it. Please don’t blame a particular religion alone for it. Don’t forget the reality that today the hands of our all religions and leaders or politicians across the globe are blood-stained. The fact is that the terrorists have no dirty religion there, they have only a clean mission; and they do it with best precision.

The Taj GloryOur global political leaders, especially the leaders from the super power countries, need to unlearn and relearn of lot of things to bring the true peace and prosperity on this globe. Let us all facilitate to allow this globe and humanity towards emerging into its own natural course of evolution – and it’s bound to happen and nobody can stop it.

A Humorous Anecdote – God-sent Terror: Part II
On the aftermath of this terror attack the Head God called UG and thanked him that now all the male Gods are very happy as now the Angels – the battalion of God, never want to go to that bloody earth thanks to the terrorists’ acts on the night hubs of Mumbai. But sadly the Head God alerted that now all the Angels are very angry at UG and think that he must be a big bad asshole for having played the spoil-sport role. In fact the Head God told that now all the Angels demand UG alive in their Heavenly Palace so that they want to gang rape him (UG). We know that UG must not be perturbed over this demand of the Angels. But still one close associate from Bangalore phoned UG to enquire. UG told, “They know that I don’t fuck and I am of no use. Those bitches are so desperate, what else can they do? Don’t worry, I manage them too!”


It is terror, not love, not brotherhood that will help us to live together. Until this message percolates to the level of human consciousness, I don’t think there is any hope.
– UG

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